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Prophecy Phyle
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27 ABY


31 ABY

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"Bellum Supremus Totus Alius - War, Above All Else"
―Motto of Prophecy Phyle

"We have no need for librarians. This is a time when we must strike first and at the weakest point - we need information to do this. That's where you come in."
―Consul Sashar Arconae

Prophecy Phyle is a battle team attached to House Qel-Droma of Clan Arcona. In its brief history, the battleteam has had seven squad leaders. The current leader is Tetrarch Kant Lavar.


Prophecy Phyle has a long history of service to Clan Arcona, appearing at intermittent points in its history. During the pre-Exodus years, Prophecy served as a private bodyguard for the House Summit of House Qel-Droma and also acted as the military might of it. However, following the creation of the Clan Summit Guard, under the direction of Talos Vyranius d'Tana, the Phyle was dissolved and it's members reassigned to other posts. During the Incursion and the apparent lack of information between the clans, Prophecy was re-established to act as agents for both the Consul and the Summit proper. A member of House Qel-Droma known as Draco Maligo was given command of Prophecy. It's victories throughout this time period remain highly classified and are rarely spoken of outside of Clan Arcona.

Prophecy served House Qel-Droma a few months later in a conflict between House Qel-Droma and House Galeres, their valued espionage services against the enemy essential to the Quaestor. Within a matter of weeks, yet another conflagration erupted between the various squads attached to Clan Arcona. Unfortunately, Prophecy's victory eluded them during the contest, the award going to Soulfire. While it has never been known for it's effectiveness in combat, Prophecy is known for it's superior skills in subterfuge and reconnaissance proving invaluable during the negotiations between Clan Plagueis and Clan Scholae Palatinae. Again, records do not permit publication of the results of their activities, however it can be assumed that their actions were of a highly sensitive nature.

It is not known when the leadership of Prophecy switched from Maligo to Locke Sonjie. However, it is known that Locke Sonjie was a relatively inexperienced member of Clan Arcona. Little is known after the period in which he was given command of Prophecy to when he stepped down from the position. Currently, the squad is under the control of newcomer Kant Lavar.


The Clan Consul, Mejas Doto, gave Prophecy it's general mandate in 29 ABY. The battle team "is charged with foreseeing the future and taking action to ensure that the future is moulded to the benefit of Clan Arcona". The battleteam also practices a rather crude form of Krath sorcery in order to further this area. The team was also tasked with an additional mission. Following the Incursion, many holocrons and records of Clan Arcona and House Qel-Droma were lost, damaged or misplaced. Because of this, the mission of Prophecy Phyle was to use their prophetic powers to recover the lost history, and in time, build archives to house such knowledge.

New Orders

Under the leadership of Arcturus Xyler, the Tetrarch saw fit to almost completely dismantle his former master's mandate and fashion the team into something more useful than mere librarians. In preparation for the eventual reclamation of Antei following the Incursion, the Xyler Edict, a more personalised version of the Shadow Oath, was enacted. Within two weeks, almost half of Prophecy was removed from active duty, or in one or two extreme cases, killed. Utilising the full support of Consul Sashar Arconae, the team was reformed into a guerrilla intelligence unit, it's express orders to seek out any and all facets of information from whatever sources or methods deemed necessary "to the continuing victory of our mighty clan".

New training methods were formed, the current squad members undergoing rigorous testing and preparation exercises. Arcturus saw fit to wipe out any and all dissidents to his control, ensuring his total grip over Prophecy. With this solidified, he enacted the second part of his plan - the recapitalisation of Naruba Investments. Once completed, all squad members of Prophecy were designated as "exterior consultants" for the company, thus ensuring their pretext for operations nearer to the Core was complete and above board.

Commando Unit (NPC)

Prophecy Phyle has a commando unit at its disposal to help with espionage missions. The following are the leaders of the company of troops under the command of the Tetrarch.

  • Gulith Yarnn - Human Male

Member of the Special Forces for the government of Tarento, a sergeant in command of a squad. His unit was accused of graft and corruption, and to a being were condemned to death. The twelve members of the squad were awaiting the execution of their sentence in a maximum security prison on a desolate island on Tarento when Draco Maligo, acting on a vision from the Force, rescued them and made them the first members of Prophecy Phyle’s commando arm.

  • Zellie Forne - Human Female

A bodyguard for one of the princesses of the Hapes Consortium, Zellie is herself a beauty, trained in Echani fighting and an expert with knives. She is also practiced in infiltration with excellent stealth skills. An affair with one of her princess’ consorts resulted in a death sentence, and her escape from Hapes. She worked as an assassin until recruited into Prophecy Phyle’s irregular forces.

  • Wend Hilster - Human Male

Born on Vizcarra to an unwed, teenage mother, Hilster turned to a life of crime at a young age. He joined a gang and served as an enforcer due to his size, muscularity and viciousness. He betrayed and murdered the leader who inducted him into the gang and took over. The success of the gang increased tremendously, largely due to Hilster’s organizational and motivational abilities. Members of Prophecy Phyle abducted Hilster, and with a combination of alchemical potions and the use of the Force, they induced the gang leader to betray his followers. In a fit of guilt, over what was perceived as his own weakness, Hilster agreed to join the commandos.

  • Salss Lither - Zalorian Male

Born on the desert world of Zaloris, Lither was a mercenary for hire. There were constant wars between the desert tribes and the more civilized city dwellers, and Salss hired himself out to any of the tribes. He is a vicious warrior, self trained to use blaster pistols, rifles and edged weapons. Zalorans are bipedal Humanoids with light tan scales over their whole bodies, and a double set of eyelids. They can stand extreme heat well, but don’t fare as well in cooler climates. There they tend to become sluggish when the desire to hibernate overcomes them.

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