Acaelus Del'aran

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Acaelus "Ace" Del'aran
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Hapes Cluster

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Wilderness Ranger


Marick Arconae

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Acaelus Del'aran, or "Ace" as he has started insisting others call him, is a member of the Fade Initiative selected from Arcona's Wilderness Rangers. He is loyal to Shadow Lord Marick Arconae and is building a reputation as one of the Shadow Clan's top slicers.

Fade Initiative - Operative #002

Physical Description

Ace is more lean and lanky than he is athletic, known more for his brains than his brawn. Despite training as a Wilderness Ranger, his skin retains a pale smoothness that speaks to his Hapan heritage. He wears his brown hair in a styled, centered Mohawk while keeping the sides immaculately shaved. He has a tattoo on his right cheek that straddles his right eye in a glyph-like pattern.


Ace was originally born in the Hapes Cluster. He grew up oppressed and told that he'd never amount to anything. He took that sentiment and used it as fuel to learn everything he could about technology. By age 14 he was able to slice into Consortium Databases. He was whipped repeatedly when caught in these endeavors, but never let it deter him.

At age 17, he finally ran away from his home and joined up with the Dukala Priates, a group of all-male Hapan Outcasts.

While on a mission with the Dukala Pirates a year later, he stumbled over the conflict between a Clan of Dark Jedi and the Del'Abbot estate. Ace was able to slice into the feeds and saw the damage wrought by Marick Arconae, a survivor of the Hapan culture as well.

Ace left the Dukala Pirates to follow the Arconae to the Dajorra System. Once there, he enlisted for the Wilderness Ranger program with the Arcona Armed Forces before being selected into the Fade Initiative.

He has now realized his dream in working under Shadow Lord Marick Arconae, whom he idolizes as the definition of what a Hapan male can achieve. As a result, his loyalty has, and always remains, with Marick.


There's An App For That

Ace is a cocksure slicer with an affinity for technology. While not as naturally gifted as other slicers, he has compensated over the years with an unbreakable work ethic and passion for learning and implementing new technology. He always has a new gadget he is showing off, and believes that wars can be won with technology instead of soldiers. As a result, Ace avoids direct combat when necessary, and can struggle in scenarios where he is separated from technology.

Back In The Kitchen

Having grown up in the Matriarchal society of the Hapan culture, Ace has developed a defiant male-chauvinism that he makes little effort to conceal. He believes that men are inherently superior to woman and is not afraid to sling those beliefs around freely. This causes him to anger most women he is forced to work with or engage. Despite the chauvinism, Ace will never let it prevent him from completing a mission or achieving his goals. He also won't hesitate to help a female in need, but don't expect him to ever let them forget that they needed his help in the first place. Ace keeps his selection of friends rather tight, and refuses to acknowledge that his behavior or beliefs have anything to do with it.

Combat Specialization

Make Tech, Not War

Despite basic military training and conditioning, Ace does not make a habit of throwing himself into the throngs of battle. He carries a standard-issue blaster pistol as a sidearm, but forgoes any other weapons. His pack is typically stocked with an assortment of gadgets that prove invaluable on missions.