San Korinar

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San Korinar
General information

35 ABY (Partially)


Habitable Zone, Amphor


Dlarit Corporation

Physical specifications

450,000 est.

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San Korinar, also known as the Amphor Colony or the Cloud City, is the primary settlement for Amphor and its surrounding moons while it operates as the secondary local for mining within the Orian system after Seng Karash on Aeotheran. Initial construction of the colony began in 21 ABY and was completed in early 23 ABY, in 35 ABY the platform was utilized by pirates in league with The Organisation and saw heavy damaged that threated complete destruction of the colony. With the threat to the Corporation's finances looming, the Board of Directors commissioned a full repair and refit for the colony to ensure the city would become more profitable for the Corporation.

The projected scope of the new city would be much larger than previously anticipated to support a larger workload for the Gas Mining within the atmosphere and from the planet's surrounding moons. With construction crews still strained from the work at Kar Alabrek and Kel Rasha, the estimated completition for the entire city is 44 ABY.

Historical Details

San Korinar before its attack.

San Korinar holds a population roughly a third that of the principle city of Seng Karash. Floating in the clouds of the gas planet of Amphor, the workers of the sky city harvest the atmosphere for various raw gases, which are then refined in the city before being exported to other systems, predominantly in the nearby Corporate Sector. A number of smaller mining outposts have also been established on the Amphoran moons, with mining teams being shuttled out from San Korinar to work shifts.

Due to its location just off the Hydian Way, during the Yuuzhan Vong War the Orian system was forced to accept many thousands of refugees, most of whom were assigned to the cloud city in order to maintain the high standards of Seng Karash. While initially the best efforts were made to accommodate the first waves of refugees, as the war worsened the Dlarit Corporation was soon faced with more pressing military concerns and the protection of the system as a whole, and so the colony was left to run wild with criminality becoming abundant.

It was not until the Dlarit Security Force was decimated in the Battle of Antei and the Invasion of Orian in 27 ABY that the corporation began to take the growing problems of San Korinar seriously. Desperate for new personnel, a military governor was assigned to bring the colony back under control and efforts began to enlist those old enough to bear arms in the Dlarit Security Force.


When the Orian system was first designated to be the future home of Clan Naga Sadow following the Exodus the initial funding went toward constructing the primary mining city of Seng Karash on Aeotheran and the military base of Kar Alabrek near Alabrek Castle on Tarthos.

Map of the old San Korinar

Initially a number of small mines were set up on some of the planet's moons with the workforce shuttling back and forth from Seng Karash each day. These outposts, such as the one found on Amphor 6 contained the bare minimum with all luxuries and living accommodation remaining on Aeotheran. As time went on Amphor's treasures started to appear more lucrative and construction of San Korinar began in 21 ABY and was completed in early 23 ABY.

After the outbreak of the Yuuzhan Vong War in 25 ABY the Orian system was soon forced to take in refugees from nearby systems which had fallen to the extragalactic invaders. Though work was done to expand the borders of Seng Karash, San Korinar was chosen to house the majority of the refugees.

Although the colony began as a grand venture the strain on the Dlarit Corporation's purse strings started to be felt with the growing number of refugees arriving. Life on San Korinar became mean and short. The city had been forced to grow at an alarming pace and generally became rather ugly, the architecture being purely functional without the thought going into the design that had gone into Seng Karash on Aeotheran.

With the Brotherhood Civil War at the same time as the influx of refugees the Clan was forced to turn a blind eye to many of the problems developing on the colony. By 26 ABY there was little in the way of law and order and the lower levels had become home to Orian system's criminal elements with gambling dens where errant miners went to lose their pay on a regular basis. A number of refugees turned to crime, with streetwalkers and gang members preying on the honest workmen. Homicide started to become common and a suicidal jump down into the crushing gases of Amphor became the only way out for many.

The situation on San Korinar did not improve during 27 ABY with losses during the Battle of Antei and the Invasion of Orian costing the Dlarit Security Force more men than it could afford and the colony remained a low priority. It was not until the turn of the year the Dlarit Corporation finally began taking the situation seriously and with the new fleet arriving in early 28 ABY men were needed who could not all be found in Seng Karash.

With construction ongoing on Tarthos to rebuild Kar Alabrek and men needed to restore the Dlarit Security Force to fighting condition since most of the veterans had already been transferred to the newly formed Dlarit Special Operations Group, San Korinar became seen as the solution to the corporation's problems. There were many refugees itching to get back in the action, eager to take the fight to the Yuuzhan Vong for having taken away their homes, and there was a mining colony the Dlarit Corporation wanted cleaned up.

The corporation installed Marshal Commander Xanos Zorrixor as military governor to clean up the colony. Members of the Dlarit Special Operations Group were assigned to shadow the Dlarit Police and bring an end to the criminality infesting the cloud city. With the governor spending much of his time supervising construction efforts for the Temple of the Void on Sepros, he had little time to tolerate insubordination or observe citizens' rights. For the better part of the next year, Zorrixor instituted a period of near martial law, granting the Special Ops teams full leave to take what action they deemed necessary, and left Delta-30 to supervise much of the day-to-day running with military precision and tenacity.

With the governor's disappearance at the start of 29 ABY, the colony began to fall back into its old ways, particularly with the ever growing influx of refugees from worlds left devastated by the war. A new crime wave hit the city, and once more San Korinar has become a hive of scum and villainy, leaving Seng Karash to shine as the one true jewel of the Orian system.

Construction of a wing of San Korinar.

The city once again fell into the shadows, largely forgotten by the Corporation outside of the resources it continued to provide until word that Pirates had taken control of large districts of the Colony. Acting swiftly, the Board of Directors sent in strike teams composed of Disciples of Sadow to eliminate the threat. While much of the information pertaining to the mission has been conflicting, the tale told from the city itself speaks of incredible damages; explosives destroying repulsorlifts meant to keep the colony aloft causing the most havok for the Corporation.

Understanding the risks of losing the colony, the Board acted swiftly and commissioned a reconstruction effort for the Colony in addition to an expansion for increased productivity. Plans were drawn up for the new city and construction began immediately despite the Disciples of Sadow being called away for the Invasion of New Tython, the Corporation's need for these additional resources driving the construction crews to move at a hurried pace.


With a larger footprint that it previously maintained, as well as the larger populous the colony now maintains, the city of San Korinar has undergone a rather striking transformation. As a "Cloud" or Sky City, San Korinar's resurrection had to ensure the city would have less of an impact on its own resources to ensure less traffic to and from the city while minimising its own costs. As such, the city is powered primarily through solar and wind solutions with redundant fusion generators should either of its primary systems fail. Outside of its need for power, the city does maintain a rather large hydroponic facility of its own to try and reduce the import of foodstuffs.

A mining platform for Amphor.

Public Core

Trying to take much greater care of its populous, the designers of the reborn San Korinar decided upon a focus on the comfort of home without taking large swaths of unavailable land. With towering skyscrapers housing the colonists while parks and other recreation centres allow for the public to enjoy their time upon the City.

  • Zelden Zlas Cantina

Ostensibly a low-life scummy cantina, this is actually a Clan Naga Sadow controlled mission and staging point for the Amphor areas and San Korinar in general. The location avoided the general destruction during the re-taking of San Korinar and has become a local hangout for scoundrels, pirates, mercenaries, and disreputable types. The holovids of sports shown by the bar are slightly old, the drinks cheap and strong, and the local "color" is very interesting. The bartender is actually a Zeltron female mercenary who works for Clan agents, and even she does not know that the Black Guard and Brotherhood agents are her immediate employers. Clan members who look for solace in these sort of places are often found here, either in disguise or in a darkened booth.

Corporate Wing

In keeping with their new design plans, the designers decided to separate the Corporate sectors from the Public. As this section would gain the greatest traffic they built San Korinar's largest spaceport onto this wing. The Dlarit corporation has a large presence, taking up most of the space along with a small TEAD Technologies outpost. This wing is easily reached from the Public Core so that the comforts of home are always accessible.

Industrial Wing

San Korinar is primarily a gas refinery, it was with this knowledge that the designers came to terms with the Industrial wing. Entirely closed off from the Public core this wing houses Dlarit's mining infrastructure. The separation was made for both security reasons and to keep the "industry" out of the "home". The majority of Dlarit's workforce can be found here in the form of droids and refineries.

Maintenance Auxilary

Composing the main body of the platform keeping the city itself aloft, the maintenance auxiliary is a series of maintenance chambers and corridors comprising the colony's power generation and hydroponic facilities. As the repulsorlifts maintaining the city's altitude can be accessed through the auxiliary, the region is heavily regulated by the Corporation and security is tight. Dlarit Police and Special Operations officials constantly patrol the auxiliary in addition to having several division headquarters located within to ensure swift deployment to different parts of the city.

Mining Platforms

As the city itself was enhanced and expanded, care went into the surrounding mining platforms as well. To help increase the productivity of the city, these platforms themselves were upgraded and expanded for swifter collection of the local gases while avoiding consuming all the resources in the area.


  • Revitalization of the City of San Korinar was pursued to offer further locations for role playing and story plots for members of Naga Sadow
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