Clan Tarentum

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Clan Tarentum
Political Information
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Head of State:

Sith Bloodfyre

Head of Government:

Rax Von-Klug

Commander in Chief:

Rax Von-Klug

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Issa, Yridia II

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Historical information
Formed from:

House Tarentum of Alvaak


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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Clan Tarentum began as one of many Houses that comprise the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Originally formed by the legendary members of Tau Squadron under the command of Magnus Kaerner, Tarentum continued first as an independent House, and then a sovereign Clan of the Brotherhood. While Kaerner, Zero and the rest of Tau were long gone, Tarentum continued to maintain ties with and honor its history, while moving forward and growing under the activity and strength of its modern-day pillars. The members of Tarentum were both fanatics obsessed with life and death, as well as grizzled veterans and exuberant newcomers ready to conquer the enemies of the Clan of Life and Death.

While Tarentum was known to stand united with the Dark Council, in addition to opposing the ruling body of the organization or its Grand Master when they believed necessary, there was no questioning Tarentum's dedication and ultimately loyalty to the Brotherhood itself. Several former Dark Councillors or Grand Masters rose from the ranks of this Clan, and Tarentum was honored to continue producing powerful Force-users and warriors alike.

Despite a long and rich history, Tarentum as a clan was not immortal. It was ultimately dissolved following mass destruction in its dominion, the Yridia system, in the final hours of the Twelfth Great Jedi War in 35 ABY.

Brief History

Main article: Clan Tarentum history

Of all the Clans and Houses, Tarentum is the only one to be formed under direct order. Beset on all sides by the other Houses wishing them to join them, not wanting to tie themselves to any of the other Houses (thereby sharing their glory as the best of the best), and under increasing pressure from Grand Master Khyron to join or form a House, the pilots of Tau Squadron formed their own House: House Tarentum.

In the modern era, Tarentum is known to be obsessed with studying and understanding life and death, and seeking after the lost or forgotten arts practiced by the Nightsisters, and other such Sith and Dark Side orders. The Clan of Life and Death is focused in the Yridia system, centered around the planets of Yridia II ("Yridia") and Yridia IX ("Eden").

Government and Politics

Yridian Organization

The Yridian system was originally utilized by smugglers and criminal syndicates as a way station or base of operations on the fringes of space. During the Clone Wars, the Quarren sent explorers and armed forces to secure an outpost on Yridia II, a watery world ripe for their own habitation. After the Imperial conquest, the Yridia system went unused and ignored until shortly before the Imperial collapse. A segment of the Empire began to send their scouts and forces to assist the colonization by Dark Side forces. Tau had come to Yridia to settle a new home for the forces of Tarentum. Initially, the Quarren isolated themselves to the depths of the oceans, even though Tarentum constructed a mighty castle beneath the waves. Tarentum seemed unwilling to probe the absolute depths of the oceans, so the Quarren simply withdrew and isolated themselves further. The Imperial and their Sith allies settled various spots on the planet that actually contained land masses, mostly a few island chains.

The criminal syndicates were left to themselves. Smugglers and criminal organizations generally stayed to themselves in Eden, the main port of Yridia IX. Tarentum had little-to-no contact with the syndicates, except when the two organizations had mutual goals, or when Tarentum considered the inhabitants of Eden to be their foes. However, in the modern era, Eden is self-governing, ruled by "local government" that is truly nothing more than a puppet government system controlled by the money of the criminal enterprises that call the planet and her domed cities home.

Tarentum does not exhibit full control over the entire system, but does hold sway in certain portions of Yridia. Its main strongholds are Castle Tarentum on Yridia, the warehouse district of Eden, and other small outposts throughout the system. The Clan generally conducts diplomatic relationships with the other major entities within the Yridian system, specifically the Quarren dictatorship and the Eden syndicates.

Clan Authority


Among the members of Clan Tarentum, the Consul is a figure of terrible power and zealous fanatacism. He is the master of all things within the Clan, and the ultimate authority for Tarentum.

In the present era, Sith Bloodfyre is viewed much like an Emperor or "heavenly sovereign." The man styles himself as "The Ghost Dragon," the physical embodiment of the force of Death in the universe. As such, mortal matters are generally beneath his attention. He is still the chief mentor of all Force-users within the Clan, and the ultimate judge of Tarentum. His vision guides all of her actions. Much like previous Consuls of the Clan, Bloodfyre is a master of the Force and one of the deadliest Sith within Tarentum. Most Force-users, even among the Grey of Liath, seek out his training on some level.


The Proconsul of Tarentum is usually seen as chief aide and adviser to the Consul, and one of the Clan's mightiest warriors.

Rax Von-Klug is seen as a sort of pseudo-shogun, and rules over the daily affairs of Tarentum, with the aid of the House Quaestors who act as his chief lieutenants. Rax maintains full authority and command over all military forces, with the commanding officers of all of Tarentum's armed forces answering directly to him. Rax is a veteran pilot and experienced officer, and has the respect and dedication of the military foremost, though all of the Clan's forces acknowledge his power and rule.


The Quaestors of each of Tarentum's Houses are the chief lieutenants of the Proconsul. Each of the Quaestors are nigh-omnipotent masters of their respective sects. While the Quaestor of Mortis is scene as a dark monarch and dictator over the Sith and predators of the House of Death, the Quaestor of Liath is often viewed as a grizzled veteran, and "no nonsense" master of arms who leads the mercenaries, bounty hunters and independent Grey Force-users of the Clan.

Thanadd Mawgath is known to be the brutal creation of the Consul, Sith Bloodfyre. Mawgath is a monster, a death knight, and is said to have been brought back from the dead much like Frankenstein's monster. He is known to be a loyal apprentice to the Ghost Dragon. Tahiri Drakon serves as his Aedile.

The jovial, yet fierce Cathar warrior, Ranarr Kul, stands as the head of Liath, and is a true combat veteran. He is fierce in battle, but more so in his loyalty to his brethren in Liath. Etah Kilij serves as his Aedile.

Grand Chamberlain

The Grand Chamberlain sits as the official head of the Tarentae fraternity. Where the Tarentae have a rotational system for electing a chairperson for group issues, the Grand Chamberlain oversees the succession and transition of each chosen lead. Additionally, the Grand Chamberlain is also seen as a veteran mentor and adviser of the Clan Summit, to be called upon for advice, training and service as needed by the Consul. Sith Bloodfyre was appointed Grand Chamberlain for life.


During periods of arduous or prolonged military engagement, the Clan Summit may call upon the services of an experienced, central figure to lead Tarentum's military. The "Marshal of the Armies of Tarentum" is a traditional title that is often shortened to "Marshal," and is a title only held by those who have been called to serve at this post. Presently, the only bearer of this title and holder of the office is Maxamillian von Oberst, one of the Tarentae. Those who are named as Marshal hold the ttle for life, unless stripped of the honor, and are bestowed with a Marshal's baton that is created according to the desires and specifications of each title holder. Military commanders are placed under the active Marshal and his/her selected command staff, though this general staff is removed to inactive status at the command of the Consul or Proconsul, and is only called into service at the discretion of the Clan Summit.


The Yridia System is an economic hub situated close to the Rimma Trade Route and a significant portion of the Brotherhood's trade funnels through Yridia in some manner or other. To that end, the few, true business fronts of the Brotherhood are hidden beneath the plethora of countless businesses and merchants situated on Yridia IX.

In addition to being a financial and trade hub for the Brotherhood, Yridia is also a major exporter of solid minerals and foodstuffs. The seas of Yridia II and the arable land of Yridia IV contribute greatly to the larders of the Brotherhood as a whole as well as the local sector.

Banking and Finance

A series of financial houses have been setup with their headquarters on Yridia IX. These houses serve as a laundering operation for the Brotherhood. Dealing in large sums (hundreds of millions of credits), these institutions muddle the paper trail leading to and from some of the most powerful members of the Brotherhood. Branches have been founded on other mid-level planets, away from the major financial centers of the galaxy. The fees incurred for laundering offset the operational costs of these branches.

It is unknown who runs these institutions and by what will they were originally founded. The only information available is that the deeds list one Trevarus Caerick as the seller of the properties in question. It is assumed that various key members of the Clan are aware who runs the institutions, however they are especially tight-lipped, claiming only that Tarentum has no direct stake in the financial interests aside from revenues garnered from taxation.

Society and Culture

Clan Tarentum is a part of Yridia. No more. No less. While the Clan is not Yridia's rulers, the Clan has integrated itself as a part of the system. Cultural practices and traditions vary from world to world based on innumerable factors, but especially environment (such as the ocean planet of Yridia II).

The Three Estates

The so-called "Three Estates" represent the castes of Yridia.


The Tarentae are the upper crust of society and often have the option of holding high positions in the government and/or military, should they so choose. In recent times, though, many of the Tarentae have gone off on their own. Though they remain loyal to the Clan, they no longer serve in the government as a member of the group.


The Tarenti are the members of Clan Tarentum. They fill a number of positions as officers and administrators and, on occasion, are some of the most respected members in the Brotherhood. Controlled by their individual battle team leaders, the Tarenti are spread throughout the entire system. They can often be found in major cities or settlements aiding local government and providing additional support for non-Jedi administrators. Tarenti represent a wide swathe of races and peoples, though they are all considered Yridians and most are devoted to their new home.


Native Yridians make up the bulk of the population in the system. They are bankers, poets, businessmen, artists, physicians, laborers, soldiers, officers and everyone else. The former colonists of Yridia II, and the fringe-outpost traders of Yridia IX have become the native population (the first to arrive on the various worlds), especially when they were discovered by the newly arrived Tarenti. Recently, in an effort to stimulate internal growth, the government has sponsored new settlements on Yridia III and Yridia IV with the intent to cultivate new agricultural regions and to stimulate the emergence of new industries. Citizenship within Yridia requires at least two years of residency in the system and the swearing of an oath of allegiance.

Clan Tarentum has long maintained that use of the Force should be used rarely in front of the native population, though there has been more use and incidents in recent times.

Chivalry and Clan Tarentum

At the end of the First House Wars, with the banners of the other great Houses at their feet, the historic members of the original House Tarentum swore their eternal fealty and loyalty to their House and the reigning Grand Master at the time - Justinian Khyron. In doing so, these early members created the first Chivalric order, and a tradition of service within the Clan that has been revived in recent times.


The Deathsworn

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The Viata

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Broken up into two distinct branches (army and navy), Tarentum's military forces are commanded by the High General and Fleet Admiral, who both answer directly the Quaestor. Below them are the respective Battlegroup and Legion commanders.


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Ship's captains are the ultimate authority aboard their vessel. Officers ranked below captain who command a ship are afforded the title of captain, but can also be referred to as "skipper." Visiting officers who rank as a captain are not addressed as such to avoid confusion on the ship; instead they can be referred to as "commodore," given the courtesy of higher status afforded to guests. Passengers who otherwise outrank the captain cannot override the ship's captain with the exception of the Fleet Admiral.


Rank progression in Tarentum's military is as follows:

Tarentum Military's Enlisted Ranks
E-1 E-2 E-3 E-4 E-5 E-6 E-7 E-8 E-9
Tarentum Military's Officer Ranks
O-1 O-2 O-3 O-4 O-5 O-6 O-7 O-8 O-9 O-10 O-11 O-12 (special)
Army: 2Lt 1Lt. Cpt Maj LtCol Col BrigGen MajGen Lt.Gen Gen Col-Gen Mar*
Navy: Ens LtJG Lt. Lt. Cmdr Cdr. Capt. Cdre. RAdm VAdm Adm FAdm Mar*
*Marshal is more a title than rank, and does not normally figure into officer scale.

For descriptions of the ranks, see Tarentum Ranks.

For more information on Tarentum's military structure, deployment and disposition, see Tarentum Military.

See Tarentum Order of Battle for more info on the available military forces.


Clan Tarentum is situated within the Yridia system. Further information on Yridia can be found by using the provided link.

It should be noted, that the Yridia system has an immense no-fly zone, that is agreed upon through treaty and enforced by the combined naval forces of Tarentum and the syndicates of Eden. Ships are not allowed past Yridia IX without clearance and military escort. Violation will result in ships being fired upon. Allied Clans and their vessels are generally cleared prior to entering the system. The only notable exceptions have been Dark Council forces that have been large enough to force their way through the blockade.

Allies and Enemies


Allied Clans earn privileged trade status and benefit from mutual defense pacts.

  • Clan Arcona - On opposing sides in the previous conflicts, neither Clan has spilt the other's blood willfully in some time. Instead, the two Clans have become closer in their socio-political and economic dealings. Arcona comprised one-third of the Tripartite Alliance with Clans Naga Sadow and Tarentum in the events leading to and through the Fifth Great Jedi War. It should be noted that up until recently, only the personal transport of Master Mejas Doto was allowed to violate the No Fly Zone and enter Yridia unmolested. Currently, Arconan craft are allowed through the Itanna Belt without issue. Arcona and Tarentum, together, make up the Estle-Eden Axis, a military alliance between the two Clans.
  • Clan Naga Sadow - Allies leading up to the Sixth Great Jedi War, relations between the two Clans have mellowed considerably, though CNS still benefits from preferred trading privileges.
  • Clan Plagueis - Although a formal declaration of Alliance was made in the early days of the Sixth Great Jedi War, both sides have cooled their association somewhat. Still, prospective attackers should take into account that both Clans individually have more modern fighters and bombers at their beck and call than most other Clans. In more recent times, Tarentum and Plageuis have begun working together, and the Clans are on friendlier terms than they have been in some time.


Clans listed here are neither actively hostile against nor favorable towards. Although not watched as closely as enemy Clans, neutral Clans are much more likely to be searched than allied Clans.

  • Clan Scholae Palatinae - While relations prior to the Sixth Great Jedi War were tersely cordial, the situation between the two Clan soured entirely. Third party diplomats from the Dark Council were unable to bring representatives together for more than a few days before talks break down completely. The modern era sees more of an "unconcerned indifference" between the two Clans that is probably the best diplomatic relationships that has existed between these two Clans in their history.
  • Clan Taldryan - The winner of many vendetta conflicts. While the situation between members might be openly hostile towards Taldryan, the Clan affirms a strictly neutral outlook and has since attempted to better relations between the two units.


These Clans are watched carefully while conducting trade upon Yridia IX. Ships are constantly screened by fighter and bomber patrols and any slight deviation from flight plans will result in said ships being brought down for violation of the NFZ. The tariff rendered upon trade for these Clans is often excessive, in order to discourage their presence on Yridia IX.

  • Clan Odan-Urr - It should be no surprise that the presence of Light Siders in the Brotherhood would not be well received by Tarentum. Whatever the motivation behind the Dark Council, and the Grand Master's decision to allow Odan-Urr a place in the Brotherhood, Tarentum has not always supported every decision made by the Council in the past. Members of this Clan are allowed no freedom or liberty within the Yridia system, and are watched even more closely than many of Tarentum's other enemies.

Typical Clan Actions/Reactions

When compared with the rest of the Clans, Tarentum is, economically, quite solid. While not as deep pocketed as Clan Naga Sadow, Tarentum controls a vast portion of the Brotherhood's markets. As such (and due to having a rather small fleet), retribution from the Clan is almost always fiscal in nature.

Historically, Tarentum has been the loudest and staunchest advocate for greater Clan and House autonomy, as well as a withdrawal of the Council from Clan/House policies and politics. The request by the Dark Council to house bases within each Clan's home system was met by the Tarenti with much disgust. Subsequently, the Yridian Government permitted the Dark Council base to be built in furthest reaches of Yridian Space, well past the Itaana belt.

Important Figures

  • Magnus Kaerner - Commander of the reconstituted Tau Squadron. Founded House Tarentum with the other members of Tau Squadron. First Quaestor, eventually became the first Knight Commander of the Brotherhood.
  • Master Zero - First Aedile under Kaerner, and second Quaestor of then-House Tarentum. One of the founding members of the House, and of the infamous Tau Squadron as well. Master Zero was one of the most revered members of the House, and one of the foremost agents of the Sith King, Khyron. Also served as a Deputy Grand Master to Khyron.
  • Maxamillian von Oberst - Marshal and feared Hound of the Sith King. Notorious military officer. One of the Tarentae.
  • Telona Murrage - Served as the last of the Krath High Priests/Priestesses. One of the Tarentae.
  • Darth Aeternus - Powerful Sith Lord and reputed member of the Star Chamber. Former Master-at-Arms of the Dark Council. Served as the last of the Obelisk High Commanders. One of the Tarentae.
  • Sith Bloodfyre - Sith Master and Death among the Dragons. Rumored power behind the Clan in all things, and head of the secretive Deathsworn. Served as the last of the Sith High Warriors. One of the Tarentae.

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Leadership Consul: Sith BloodfyreProconsul: Rax Von-Klug • Rollmaster: Darknyte

Quaestor: Thanadd MawgathAedile: Tahiri Drakon Night-Thorn
Quaestor: Ranarr KulAedile: Etah

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