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Kel Antar
Biographical Information


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Physical Description

Human (Corellian)




1.78 meters


80 kgs





Personal Information
Fighting Style(s):
  • Shadow Fist
  • Hapan Boxing
Chronology & Political Information
  • Craft Designing
  • Flying

Sith Flight Member - Cabal Cronal


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

Personal Ship:

Hawk's Claw



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"This shall be my final sortie."
―Kel Antar

Kel Antar is a lost Corellian, banished from his home world and thrown into the Dark Side of the force. He was one of the Imperial Remnant forces and was in prison for 2 years and then escaped... Only then, he began to notice how life can turn around against you, he fought the pirates and the rebels, he is wanted by thousand of Star Systems and he's the enemy of a million. A strong yet ambitious man that seeks to find a way to control his unique abilities, He is currently a member of House Galeres of Clan Arcona. The young Guardian still searches deep inside him... To know more, about his dark ability.

Character History

Kel's Beginning

Kel Antar was born in Tyrena City, Corellia, 1 year after the Battle of Yavin. His father was one of the working men at the Corellian Engineering Corporation and his mother died when he was just 4 years old. Not much is known about Kel's family, his father's name was Kyle Antar and his mother's Anna Antar. His mother died in the Civil War. Kel have 2 brothers, Ben Antar and Toney Antar. They both later worked in the CEC until today. We also have information about Kel's uncle and his son. Kel's uncle was Kyle's brother, his name was Annesh. His son, Rylon was a couple of years older than Kel. Rylon had a Dark personality from the beginning, not like Kel that got his in the later stage of his life. More info about Rylon can be found here at the Hawk's Claw.

Tyrena City at Dusk.
Kel's father CR90 Corvette, one of the protoypes.

After he finished the Tyrena Flight School he went to work with his father in the Corellian Engineering Corporation. His father was a successful man that was one of the Major designers of the CR90 Corvette. Kel worked for the Corellian Engineering Corporation or CEC for 3 years and was one of the head leaders of the CEC. Then when the Galactic Empire fell and the New Republic took control, work was getting much harder and a lot of pressure was on Kel's shoulders. After the creation of a couple of Rebel Fighters and ships, Kel decided to disappear with his father to Kuat where they could continue working under cover.

The Imperial Remnant

Kel decided to join the Remnants of the Empire because he felt he want to be a helpful guy, he wanted to fight and learn the advanced way to fly. To fly with the most experienced pilots in the Galaxy, it was the Imperial Remnant. Before he had the chance to fly, he was assigned as a ship designer and helped repairing the famous models of the Star Destroyers. A couple of years later, Kel decided to start fighting against the Rebels and actually be a real help to the Remnants. He took the courses and the simulators, hours of hard work, and in the End, was a successful solider, managed to hold off all Rebellion forces with his own technique both at the Space and the Ground. When it came to space, Since Kel was familiar with the Corellian Corvettes, Gunboats and Destroyers, he used his design skills to shoot at the weak spot of the Rebellion ships and strike them down. And at ground, he always shoots at the head, remembering one or two things at the Academy…

Although Kel was a normal child in the Corellia world, when he was young he was sent to the Tyrena City Flight School. He was the best of his class, always shooting all the targets down like he is doing at battle... But besides of flying, Kel wanted to improve his melee skills, and that's how his career started.

In the age of 22 he was already the best at Flying, Craft Designing and a great solider of the Remnant. But this wasn't all Kel always felt different from his people, although his father and mother were normal people, Kel knew he had something inside him, that wanted to go out but just can't.

The Dark Side Path

When Kel's father died, Kel's anger was out... He started arguing with people and having fights... He's condition was only getting worse... He then started learning to fight, melee attacks and basics of dueling with a sword. After he was already good at both, Kel felt weird, like a force that every time that he goes mad, he gets extra powers...

One day, Kel has lost a competition with his fellow friends at Corellia, who felt Kel their friend is not who he was in his childhood. Now he was a Remnant solider and always angry… When he lost to his friend, he was so angry, he suddenly caused his best friend to fly in the air and choke up. He was so mad at himself that he killed is friend. The Corellian Authorities did not allow it. He was a danger to all his surroundings, and was banished from Corellia. He was sent to the Galactic Prison at Coruscant.

The Remnant didn't want to lose Kel but he had to go to the Prison for his acts, The Remnant tried to release Kel, but it was too late, he was taken to the shuttle and it went off the Remnant base… All this killing the fighting, Kel just had to get away from the Prison; he didn't want to sit all his life in a chamber. He thought about a strategy to escape the shuttle using the escape pods but they already got to Coruscant, it was Zero hour and Kel had to get away! He was getting angry and felt the same as he attacked his friend… suddenly, it happened. Kel used his powers to knock off all the guards and tried to escape…

He ran for his life and finally, got into a hole and stayed there, until the guards will go away, after 3 hours, the area was clear and Kel got out… But before he managed to escape, the Guards set him a trap and caught him, this time, Kel couldn't escape the grip of a cortosis handcuffs… Kel was sent to the Galactic Prison at Coruscant and many people, including his friends and family thought he was dead… Life couldn't be any worse…

Coruscant from Space.

The Time in Prison

Getting to know the prison was hard for Kel. He didn't afraid the big scary-looking aliens and people, it's the lifestyle the Kel had to get used to. Many fights and killing in the Prison, not like peace and quiet of Corellia, the Prison was a hard place to live in. No heart and no mercy that was what Kel felt. Always getting into fights until one day, was sent to the underground of the Prison. Just the thinking of the Underground is horrible. Totally outcast from the Prison population, being in the Underground of Coruscant is one of the most terrible things a person can handle… Coruscant sky line is so big, the towers and buildings gets beyond the clouds layer and the atmosphere, 1 trillion people and hundreds of mass was on this ground, and of course, not only feeling it, Kel always felt he is being stepped on. Of course, do not forget the monthly torturing Kel had to pass through, until today you can notice the deep scratches on his back… Bleeding to death, the guards left Kel… He always thinks of his friend that he killed, Kel consider of rethinking his life. Most people get mad at Prison but not Kel. Kel was the only one that stayed calm. He was perfectly balanced. On one hand he was good and in the other a bad evil person that have a twisted mind and killing. I guess Kel's second spirit overcome the first one…

2 years have passed and Kel was no longer balanced. He was fully a Dark Side guy, although he didn't know about it, you could defiantly see it on his eyes… Looking creepy and all wounded, a person that never got a special treatment or medical attention. When looking back on the past from that little child on Corellia, Kel has begun his path to the Dark side… His eyes are half brown as he had on his childhood and half red from a disease. Stayed up all night for hours and days… The other day, after 2 years in Prison, Kel plan to escape was on its way. He waited for the perfect night to strike and get away. It was dark, it was late and the guards were asleep. Except for the night guard of course, patrolling the area with his flashlight. Kel practice this skill a lot of times. On both the guards and the people of the Prison. He didn't know if it is going to succeed but he tried. The guard was a fat old guy with a weak mind. Kel used a really basic mind trick to fool the guard… And what do you know, it worked. Kel was amazed… The plan went smoothly, he escaped the Prison and no one noticed until the early hours of the morning. He caught a shuttle and flew out to the Polis Messa Medical Outpost. He was healed and ready to go. A month later, Kel tried to get back into the Remnant, but they did not accept him. The New Republic was getting Kel mad, all these happiness and peace was really out of the question. Kel never liked this situation, he tried several times to attack New Republic followers but never succeed. And when one time he almost got caught, he decided to attack other places, but he was all alone, without any help The Remnant forgot him and tried attacking him as they thought he was working with the Rebels, Kel tried explaining them he was with them but it was too late.

Adult life


Kel needed money to survive, he sneak out to his homeworld of Corellia and stole his own money. The money that was supposed to serve his future learning and family. He flew to Taris in order to find a new job, not telling anyone his secret powers, Kel tried working in the local Cantina but he didn't got the job…Kel did not know what to do with his life… A lost Remnant Solider that has strange powers was in Prison for 2 years and was banished from this Homeworld… Kel condition was only getting bad… and even worse… But before he flew out of Taris he was just checking local Sith cantina, where they hang out…

You know how it's like over there, a couple of minutes and Kel was in the middle of a saber fight. Quickly got out his weapon and fight for his life.... Soon after a Dark Jedi Master spotted him in Action; he told him about the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and persuade him to join them...Kel missed so much to the military life style he asked more about it. And found out those guys have his ability, the strange powers! Kel did not know about the "Sith" And all that... But when they gave him the power to improve his skills... Kel joined them without any questions.

Kel learned about the Force and although he was very old to begin training, He got all the things very fast, the training was good and Kel was only a beginner at the DB an Apprentice, he felt this is his new home... Where he won't be banished, he will only be respected and honoured, as he is one of the Sith, the most powerful Dark Jedi in the Galaxy,

House Galeres Logo.

The Choice

Kel never regretted that he had the option to join the light side... After he got out of Prison, he could be balanced again, maybe forgetting the Remnant and joining the New Republic to destroy the ones that didn't accept him… His powers could be used for the good side... But Kel's anger controlled him, from the moment he got out of Prison he knew that. He knew the good side of the Force is not his path. And the Dark Side was giving him more power than ever before, Kel felt superiority and powerful...

He is now on his new home of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, and from now on, he won't be told what to do with his life as he already chosen a path, the path of the Dark side of the force...

In the End, Kel was assigned to House Galeres of Clan Arcona. There, he met other powerful Dark Jedies and Masters. He was only a New guy in the Clan, but soon enough, he got familiar with most of the people of Clan Arcona. He told them about his flying skills and was assigned to Cabal Cronal Battle Team. As a Sith Fleet Member, he helped fighting in space and until today, he serves in the Cabal Cronal Battle team, of House Galeres.

The "Hawk's Claw"

Kel Personal Fighter, the Hawk's Claw is a modified Firespray-Class ship that he bought in Taris. The former ship owner was Kel's cousin, Rylon Antar. He only found out about this after he saw the records of the ship. Coming from the Corellia sector, his cousin wanted to sold it to get money, but died without mercy by a group of Pirates, When he was orbiting Taris. Kel took the ship, repaired it and improved it. Hoping to get it to look like the old days. Writing in the middle of the hull Hawk's Claw. The Ship gets Kel to be proud of something in his life. He used it to go from a Planet to planet in order to find his life a meaning. Until he found the Brotherhood.

Kel Antar's Personal Ship - The Hawk's Claw.

The interior sections of the Hawk's Claw are cramped, containing only enough room for Kel's living quarters, his equipment locker, and the six prisoner cages, which includes a contraband Force cage to contain Force-using individuals. Such as Jedi.

The Hawk's Claw have a set of rotating twin blaster cannons, also contains a hidden set of forward-firing concussion-missile launchers and ion cannon. As well as a turret-mounted tractor-beam projector and a pair of proton torpedo launchers that are also on a turret. The hidden Concussion missiles and Ion cannon allows Kel to manipulate the enemy as he thinks that you have no backup for the laser systems, but Kel have a surprise... A Concussion missile launcher. Using this technique, Kel was able to destroy multiply Pirate Ships.

Kel tried fighting with the ship several times. Testing it's effective power. The Pirates were his first target after the Rebels. Sometimes, Kel just burst into a space Casino or a bar of the Pirates, killing their troops and stealing their money and equipment. He found out the ship was helping him alot. He tried to install a cloak device on the ship but he was unable to. Most of because he had no money to get it. But his Survival and the money after his Corellian cash, he took from the Pirates.

Until today, Kel is wanted by the most famous Pirates, and a great bounty on his head. Nevertheless, no one can find him. Or overcome him especially now. After he got his Flight members and Cabal Cronal support, not talking about the whole headquarters of his Clan - Arcona.

Whenever Kel needs it, the Hawk's Claw is on his side. He keeps it in the isolated planet of Gethsemane. One of the orbiting moons of Ereboros in the Dajorra System.


Kel Antar meditating.

Kel is 1.78 meters high, just a little bit below his father, the Antar family has always been tall people. At first, Kel had a nice look, wearing his Corellian Pilot uniform, and a short brown hair, with brown eyes. Like his mother and father, Kel have strong hands, used for heavy lifting of mechanical parts, such as ship parts. Over the years of Corellian Engineering, made the Corellians with strong hands to work with. As well as legs. Kel have a muscular body, he trains every day on his ship the Hawk's Claw, and when he have time, he jumps to the planet Eldar of the Dajorra System to train in the Training Grounds. Body, combat and pilot trainings, Kel always need to stay in shape so whenever he encounters an enemy, he will defeat it. Today, Kel still have the same muscular body, as well as strong hands and legs. But now, he has a long black-brown hair, he shaves it completely sometimes as a sign of mourning. He usually shaves it when he meditate. Then he waits a period of time to get his long hair again, and then he shaves it again. He have half red-brown eyes, with a scar on his left eye, Kel have troubles seeing things on his left. Although he manages to see most stuff, it's sometimes blur and unclear. He got his gray robes, with a red marks, to show off he is Sith. But when he is off duty, he just takes the gray robes. Kel almost never takes off his Cloak, only when he is asked to do so. He prefers to stay in the Shadow, and keeps hiding himself; he doesn't want people to look on his scar. Sometimes, when he is alone, Kel takes off his cloak, looking on himself, and wondering... Would I look different if I stayed on Corellia? He'll never know...



Kel Antar's DC-15A

Kel Antar when flying, is only equipped with a normal Pistol, but when he is on ground combat, he is equipped with a BlasTech E-11 blaster rifle that was the standard weapon of the Imperial Remnant, but he rarely use it, only when his other weapons are out. Kel's weapons had the "Hawk" crest on them. Symbolizing, they are Kel's only. Although Kel, had many more Blasters before, his Blaster was a DC-15A blaster rifle. The blaster was largely based on the DC-15 blasters used by clone troopers during the Clone Wars, right down to the folding stock, allowing for increased range and braced fire. Kel also carried on an E-11 along with a SE-14r sidearm. Later on was a DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle, all these were used by Kel.

Kel Antar's DLT-19

Kel also had a cylindrical thermal detonator attached to his belt, like almost everything else on his armor, the detonator had the sign of the hawk on it. It's the crest of Kel. It was gray in color. Like many Remnant detonator, Kel's had a unique code to activate the detonator, It was only known to Kel. Kel's detonator code was 10 numbers long. The name of Kel in a numeric way, the number of the detonator, and the name "hawk" in numeric.

Kel Antar's DH-17 Pistol

Kel's pistol is only used while he's on Space. The small DH-17 Pistol have less firepower than a rifle or carbine cousins. Kel's pistol is one of the most common weapons in the Galaxy, but it's not usually Kel's weapon of choice. The Pistol have some Impediments. It has short range and lack of power. However, Kel's DH-17 Pistol, have incredible amounts of power and firing speed for a sidearm. He modify it soon after he bought it. When he tested it, and checked his lack of power. It's a combination of DC-17 and DH-17.

Kel almost never uses his Pistol, but in emergency situations, it could mean the difference between life, death, or worse.


Kel Antar's uniform he took from the Imperial Remnant service

Kel, when flying is equipped with his black uniform, his black helmet, and the life support chest piece with breather tubes to provide necessary gases.

The helmet design was taken from the old stormtrooper armor from the Imperial Remnant. Kel also had armor he bought in Tatooine, but he never used it. Kel's pilot armor is equipped with breathing tubes, a radio, and on the belt, a Pistol, and 2 detonators. A life support system as well. If in any case, he needs to evacuate.

Because Kel was up to many operations in the ground the odds of a crash were big, Kel is equipped with emergency rations and supplies. The uniform is not only the Remnant's style, its safe also. With heavy armor on it. Keeps at least one or two blasts of a rifle. Kel used this Armor in the time when he was a Remnant Soldier; he took it with him and kept it. He often use it when he fly the Hawk's Claw, and often when he fly with his Battle Team, Cabal Cronal. Today, when Kel is on rush, he just fly with his robes, but when he got some time, he puts on his Remnant Uniform, and he is proud of it. Reminding him of the old days, and his friends. When he fly to defeat the enemy, and gain victory. The uniform means a lot to Kel, and he will keep it for many years to come.

Character Info

  • Name: Kel Antar
  • Games Owned: RC, BF, BF2, EaW, KOTOR, XWA, TIE, JO, GB
  • DJB Profile: Kel Antar


  • Graphic Design
  • Mission Design (XWA, TIE)
  • Flying Skil (XWA, TIE)
  • Website Creation Skills (HTML)

Game Skills

Kel have 9 Star Wars games, here is a table of what he is good at and what he is not. From a ladder of 1 to 5.

  • EaW: 4,
  • JO: 3,
  • BF1: 4,
  • RC: 4,
  • KOTOR: 4,
  • XWA: 4,
  • TIE: 3,
  • GB: 5,
  • BF2: 5

Personal Info

  • AIM: GE Ryan Roche
  • mIRC: Roche, Kel or Antar
  • Homepage: Kel Antar
  • Quote: "Individual glory is insignificant when compared to achieving victory as a team."

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