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Battleteams are the most basic organizational unit within the Dark Brotherhood and fall under the command of a Battleteam Leader. These teams are grouped within a particular House and can either be aligned as either Light-sided, Dark-sided or Neutral. In the past, upon completing training in the Shadow Academy, new members were assigned to a Battleteam by their House Summit. More recently, however, members usually request to join a specific Battleteam or are headhunted by the Battleteam Leader.

In the past, specific ranks and roles were awarded by the Battleteam Leader for active participation however since the abolishing of single-Order Battleteams, terms such as Krath Tetrach and Sith Flight Leader were abolished. In their place, the simple titles of Battleteam Leader is available. Previously, Battleteams were limited to 12 members; this was a throwback from the days of Sith Battleteams being squadrons. This limit is no longer enforced. In the past, the Battleteam Leader was assisted by a second in command of the Battleteam Sergeant title.

Formation of New Battleteams

New Battleteams will only be approved when the other teams in the same House have reached an acceptable level of capacity. This level is determined by the Master at Arms. In addition, any changes to the name of a Battleteam must be approved by the Master at Arms.