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This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

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05.08.10 BBY

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Fet'ai'narun or "Etain," was a long-standing Jedi Hunter who spent most of her career in Houst Ektrosis of Clan Taldryan.

While her service with the Brotherhood seems long, Feta's progress has been stunted by outside loyalties that have steered her attention away from her chosen House and Clan, the last of which drew her away from the Brotherhood entirely, supposedly to never return.

Though her return to the Brotherhood was unexpected, Fet'ai'narun has found acceptance in Clan Arcona and with the help and support of her Houst and Clan, finally gained the rank of Dark Jedi Knight.

She now dedicates her time and loyalty in service to Clan Arcona.

Character History

Early life

Fet'ai'narun was born on Csilla to a family of lesser nobles. By the age of 12, she was formally educated, quite the exceptional pilot and enlisted in the military as soon as she came of age, eventually finding herself serving at the Nirauan base.

Exault and Exile

During her time served at the Hand of Thrawn, Fet'ai'narun managed to gain the attention of Admiral Mal'ari'carun who led the forces in Thrawn's absence, quickly becoming his favorite officer and eventually, his wife which, considering his reputation, caused turmoil between Fet'ai'narun and her family. By this time, she had already come to strongly believe in what the Admiral was trying to accomplish. To her, this goal was of utmost importance and she had vowed to defend her people, even at the cost of her noble name.

Purpose and Perseverance

When the news of Thrawn's death reached the Empire of the Hand, Fet'ai'narun's closeness to the Admiral granted her in-depth involvement in his efforts to unite the forces of the Unknown Regions against the Far Outsiders. The two worked closely toward this goal for 10 years awaiting Thrawn's promised return. But as time continued to pass with no word from Thrawn, Mal'ari'carun began to grow anxious and the two agreed to set out in search of him.

Unfortunately though, once arrangements had been made for Voss Parck to assume command in Mal'ari'carun's absence and the two made ready to strike out on their search, there was an unexpected attack on the base during which Fet'ai'narun was seriously injured, leaving her in a coma that lasted approximately 6 months. When Fet'ai'narun awoke, the heavy scars were enough to handle without the news that Mal'ari'carun had left in search of Thrawn as scheduled without her.

In His Wake

Determined that Mal'ari'carun had done the right thing to leave without her, no matter how it may have felt to know, Fet'ai'narun set out as soon as she was well enough to follow him. She knew her husband well and what signs he would leave for the proper eye to follow. Her search led her far and wide and finally, to Krr'Tal where she found him and discovered though him, her Force sensitivity.

Learning from Mal'ari'carun that he had been unable to find Thrawn was a setback but they could use this place, these abilities, to aid them in their continuing search.

So, Fet'ai'narun settled into the Clan of Taldryan and stayed there in support of her husband as he rose in ranks, holding various positions from Quaestor of House Ektrosis to Dark Councilor, standing steadfast at his aid until his abrupt and mysterious disappearance.

A Pendulous Fall

After the sudden disappearance of Mal'ari'carun, Fet'ai'narun left the Brotherhood to strike out once again in search of him.

As the years passed and she heard no word, found no sign of him and eventually finally accepted Thrawn's death, Fet'ai'narun saw her world, all she had worked toward for so long, crumbling and spiraled into depression, wandering the galaxy, as a smuggler, finding work where she could and watching for any sign of her missing husband, stopping back now and again back home at House Ektrosis in hopes that he may return there. Even through the first few years following her discovery that Thrawn truly was dead, Fet'ai'narun still held out hope of finding Mal'ari'carun. Still though, weeks became months and the months turned to years which stretched on until she received word that Mal'ari'carun had been seen in the Orion system and set a new course to Sepros. She had to know if it was true that her missing husband had joined the ranks of Naga Sadow.

Not long after this dark revelation, Fet'ai'narun learned of a faction of Light Jedi who were attempting to gather force to defend themselves against those who would see them dead.

So, Fet'ai'narun took a job smuggling weapons to the Disciples of Odan-Urr. But the timing was all amiss. When Fet'ai'narun arrived on Harokoa, she was immediately acosted and taken into interrogation by the Light Jedi who had managed to notice her sensitivity to the Force and commandeered her ship.

Realizing the severity of the situation as she noticed the presence of Mandalorians and overheard conversations suggestiong an impending occupation by a group of Dark Jedi, Fet'ai'narun attempted to escape in hopes of vacating the planet before things got any worse. But her efforts were in vain. The occoupation began soon afterward and she was caught in an explosion that she was sure would end her life.


After the occupation of Harokoa by Clan Arcona, Fet'ai'narun had been spotted by one of the Chiss members of House Quel-Droma and awoke to find that this member was had been Mal'ari'carun.

Soon though, Fet'ai'narun came to find that the man who had rescued her was no longer the man she had married. Invictus was a new man, one she cared for and respected but who had moved past her and she him.

Still though, he cared for her until she was well and offered her a place among the ranks of Arcona, taking her on as his apprentice so that she might be able to reconnect in her relationship with the Force and start again with new purpose in service once more to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.


The name Fet'ai'narun was built around the core name "Etain" by Invictus in real life.