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Kyrun Ashida
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16 ABY

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126 lbs



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Kyrun Ashida is an Dark Jedi Knight of House Shar Dakhan. Proficient with his swordsmanship, he constantly seeks to enhance his skills and abilities even further. In his mind there is always more thresholds to overcome and he plans to break through them all.

Character History


Kyrun is a young Miraluka that was born on Corellia in 16 ABY. Raised by his mother, Aridia, until the age of 9; his mother worked as a mercenary for Elite Corporations across the galaxy. From the moment Kyrun was of age to walk, his mother instructed him in the ways of the blade, and to kill those who stood in his way. With the purest of talent, he took to the sword as if it was meant for him and no other; to this degree, his mother began bringing him along on her assignments, so that he could further his training with real battle experience.

Path of Blood

"For blood is my salvation; I will reap until I am redeemed."
― Kyrun’s words to his master, Cethgus Tiberius Entar Arconae

By the age of 9, Kyrun had developed his skill to that of individuals far beyond his years. With the skills he now possessed, the companies his mother worked for turned their eyes to the child. Realizing the potential he had, the Corporations took him into their fold and began assigning him to his own jobs; assignments that always revolved around the assassination of high priority targets.

Taken from his mother, he was forced into a life of death, in which he excelled. But as he began growing more and more confident in his ability; killing all targets before him with such glee; the corporation sent him on what would be his final mission for them.

Realizing how much more of an asset the son was compared to the mother, the corporation decided it was time to downsize the company in personnel that was now unrequired. Thinking their choice wise, they sent Kyrun to the distant planet of Gwyer Krom. They explained to him that his mission was to go there and assassinate a prime target that had been murdering off members of their organization. Little did he know, that over these past months, his mother had been hunting down the members of the Corporation he worked for to try to save him.

Shortly after these orders were given, Kyrun travelled to Gwyer Krom, known for it being a den for all sorts of low lives, to find his target. It did not take him long to discover her location, a deserted facility, called the Black Pit by the Locals; she had recently taken refuge there to lay low from the Company. Blinded by the rush he obtained from the kill, he charged through the abandoned facility, reaching the location of his target in but a few minutes. Always instructed to react, he thought nothing of the appearance of his target as he charged forward, impaling her with the very sword she had given him.

Path of Revenge

" You will fear me; for I am your reaper, and your blood will be my life."
― Kyrun’s words to his first kill in the Brotherhoods name.

As his thoughts came back to his mind, he realized then who his sword had been pushed through. With this, an uncontrollable rage filled every fiber of his being; knowing full well who had come to make him commit this act. Leaving the planet behind, he travelled across the galaxy, trapped within his building rage; to where he finally set foot back on the planet of Corellia.

Kyrun stormed the fortress, that was home to the Corporation, surging with a power unknown to him. He knew that the rage he felt gave him strength, and with that strength he would rip apart the ones that sent him to kill his own mother. With little difficulty from the pathetic guards, he reached the chamber that housed the Corporations top executives. The thirst for their blood coursed through his veins as he set his gaze upon them.

What stood before him though, was beyond what he had thought could occur. The Executives sat within their seats, gazing at him in amusement, as his eyes locked with the Jedi that stood before him. Though the Jedi knew not of the cruelty of these men, he drew his lightsaber and advanced toward the ragin boy, with a look of determination for what he must do.

Still blind by the power Kyrun felt coursing through him, he lunged at the far more experienced opponent; not doubting himself for a second that he could destroy him. With a flash, it only took a moment for the Jedi’s lightsaber to cut deep inside Kyrun’s stomach. For a moment, he fell to his knees; gazing at the Jedi with a look of pure hatred; before he pushed the pain aside and charged once again. The Jedi forced his hand out towards the boy, expelling energy in to him.

The wave hit Kyrun like a tornado, as he was pushed out through the window to fall to his doom. Somehow surviving the fall, the hate engulfed boy crawled to his feet, fighting with all his remaining strength to survive. He staggered away from the fortress with a hate filled look of defeat; vowing that he would return, far more powerful than he is now.

Path of Shadows

" You can offer me power? Well then… Let us see how long it will take you to regret that."
― Kyrun’s message to the Shadow Academy’s Onvoy.

Kyrun spent the next ten years, traveling across the galaxy; engaging in every war and battle he could find. He strived to perfect his abilities; forcing through and fighting the strongest opponents he could find. Alas, he found his effort to be met by poor combatants and weak men with guns. As much as the now teenager wished to progress and master the way of death, he could find no route which would lead him to his goal.

Little did the assassin know, he had been watched for years now, by a hand far more stained in blood than his own. A Master from the Dark Brotherhood gazed into his soul, pleased with what he saw the boy growing into. Recognizing the potential, the master approaching the boy, one late evening at a Criminal Den. Though skeptical at first, Kyrun quickly grew interested in the dark figures proposal. The offer for greater strength was too much for the hate filled assassin to resist, so he accepted the offer to join the Master within the Dark Brotherhood. The Master then introduced himself to be, Cethgus Tiberius Entar Arconae, A lord of the Clan Arcona. With these words, he sealed the initiation and took Kyrun to the place where he would begin his rise to power, the Shadow Academy.

Path of Knowledge

" Though I find the knowledge you impart, important; I don’t see how it matters when I have a saber striking down at me."
― Conversation with Shadow Academy Instructor.

At long last, Kyrun had found what he had desired. The newly appointed apprentice had begun his studies within the shadow academy. Eager to learn all he could to achieve more strength, Kyrun absorbed all the knowledge he could; gliding him through the ranks and classes he had to overcome. Before long though, he began to grow tired of the countless hours of lectures and studies. The Apprentice saw little point in the knowledge that was being provided; thinking that it would pose little use in open combat.

His efforts did not go unnoticed though. Just as he began to feel this growing sensation of unrest, he was approached again by the one who brought him to this place. Kyrun had proven himself through his dedication to his studies, and interactions with his fellow pupils; now he was to begin on yet another journey. Cethgus Tiberius Entar Arconae spoke to the young apprentice; inviting him to join House Galeres of Arcona as his pupil. There was a war approaching; and the time had come to true prove his worth.

Path of Darkness

" A crusade is coming, and with it, I shall reap the souls towards retribution."
― Spoken to Cethgus Tiberius Entar Arconae over the battle field.

The time had come for Kyrun to prove his worth; for he had come far in his short time with the Brotherhood, and would shed blood in its name. With the newly acquired freedom of studies, Kyrun was placed within an elite battle team known as Dark Forge; with whom he would work with in the upcoming battles.

Stationed upon the BAC Darkest Night by order of the Quaestor, Sanguinius Tsucyra; Kyrun travelled down to the planet of Bhargebba with his battle team to begin the engagement. The Dark Crusade had begun…

Path of Isolation

" I realize now that my methods can only bring me so far; for that I must reevaluate me standings."
― To Azasell Kirin after the Battle of Rhelg.

The battle lasted for a prolonged time; but lead Kyrun to understand a great deal more about his path. During the battle, he saw much from his comrades; which shown him that the path through blood he had chosen, may not be the path to true greatness. Coming to this realization, Kyrun slipped in to the shadows, after the battle. He went to the Tomb of Exar Kun to meditate; but the overwhelming forces of the tomb had a troubling effect.

As Kyrun sat in meditation reflecting on his path, he felt the overwhelming power of the tomb pulling him into a deeper trance. Fighting to maintain his willpower, the Journeymen finally broke free of the incredible force; but to his dismay, he discovered that a great deal of time had passed. The time had brought even more events to a closure, but in turn had given him a deeper understanding of where his true goals should lie. After such a long hiatus, Kyrun finally returned to his Arconan brethren; ready to aim even higher than just mindless bloodshed. Now he will aim to heighten the cause that the Brotherhood aims for. For his comrades are where his true power lies.

Upon his return, Kyrun realized that the Brotherhood he had once been a part of had changed. In his absense, his Clan and house had grown large and been populated with new, unknown faces. Arcona had turned in to a force beyond what the Dark Jedi had seen in his time. A realization struck Kyrun has he gazed upon the powerful Clan; their power did not require the assistance of one such as himself. Just as he were to turn away, an Old ally approached him. Cethgus, his old master, came to him; seeking his allegiance within his next conquest. Cethgus invited Kyrun to join his cause within another Clan, Naga Sadow; to aid in what was to be a glorious new expedition to raise a once proud and dangerous clan back to its former prowess.

Seeing the potential of what could be accomplished, Kyrun followed his old Master; ready to begin the next Grand Crusade,



Behind his light-crafted armor and flowing crimson cloak, lies a slim but muscle toned frame. His hair flows long and black beneath the crimson cowl. The cowl itself lays low past his nose, covering the tritanium plate that hides where his eyes should be.

Upon the back of his cloak, you will find the symbol of the House Galeres, proudly worn to show his dedication. While on his side, the sword his mother gave to him rests; glimmering as the light catches its slick, silver curves.


Stubborn but clever, is what most choose to describe Kyrun with. He bares his bloodthirsty nature on his sleeve, though he does not fear to show the wisdom needed for an occasion. Kyrun lusts for mastery over himself and his power; always striving to find new ways to improve on what he already has, or in what he lacks.

Some find him intimidating, due to his dark nature; but those that know him well, realize that it is a clever disguise; for he will go to any length to aid those that he bares care for. Though, his enemies may fear, for they will receive nothing but a monster that seeks to tear their very souls away.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Clever
  • Wise
  • Strong Willed
  • Excellent Swordsman


  • Stubborn
  • Horrible Pilot
  • Easily Angered
  • Sentimental


Kyrun possesses an uncanny affinity to the martial arts. Though by far not the best with a sword, his natural talent with it makes his ability all the more greater.



This was a sword gifted to him from his mother long ago for his natural talent. There are few moments where you will not see Kyrun with this in his possession, for the emotional attachment is far greater than the actual strength of the blade.

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