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House Ajunta Pall
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Supply Station Omega

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30 ABY


37 ABY

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New Order era

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Ajunta Pall was a House within Clan Plagueis developed by Tra'an Reith and Alaris Jinn di Plagia after the Horizons Crisis in 30 ABY. Originally created as a Battleteam, Ajunta Pall became one of Plagueis's two Houses following the return to Clanhood. It was dissolved by decree, as issued by the incumbent Dread Lord Ronovi Tavisaen, in 37 ABY.


In 30 ABY, Alaris Jinn returned from the Galactic Alliance Senate for the final time. Following the Horizons Crisis, Plagueis apparently ceased to exist. What is in truth is that Plagueis survived and rebuilt itself to strike from the shadows. Its location only known to the Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master, Justicar, and select members of the Dark Council meant that Plagueis could act decisively and with nearly no chance of any retaliation against them.

To this end, Alaris Jinn brought together a group of Plagueians and developed Battleteam Ajunta Pall. Never one known for subtlety in his quest to stamp out what he sees as corruption, the Obelisk was given the task by Tra’an Reith to act as the warbringer of Plagueis. Alaris, and BT Ajunta Pall by extension, were quickly sent out on missions to capture slaves and pillage supplies for the House as a whole. Whenever direct action was needed, Ajunta Pall would be the immediate go to for the House Summit.

Ajunta Pall stood with the rest of Plagueis as it emerged from the ashes of believed defeat during the assault on the Jusadih System, their former home. Taking part in the sacking of Nfolgai, Ajunta Pall was at the front lines of the engagement both in orbit and on the ground. Using sheer force, Ajunta Pall's forces were able to punch enough holes into any One Sith forces so that the rest of Plagueis' assets were able to capitalize. Claiming victory during the Battle of Nfolgai, Plagueian forces gained control over a squadron of Shadow Droids using the brain of the recently defeated One Sith Dark Jedi Yobd Nan as the units leader.

As Plagueis pursued the One Sith forces led by Xander Drax away from Nfolgai they found themselves easily besieging the frozen Outer Rim planet of Khar Delba. While a majority of Ajunta Pall's forces confronted the bulk of One Sith forces, Alaris and his second-in-command, Teylas Ramar, joined the Plagueian infiltration team sent to capture Drax alive, if possible. The team, while unsuccessful in capturing Drax, was able to deal a major blow to the One Sith forces on Khar Delba and defeat his dangerous and skilled apprentice, Fuuka Ashasti.

Ajunta Pall continued to serve essentially as the cannon fodder and the muscle of Plagueis throughout further campaigns of the year including the planets of Ch'hodos, Athiss, and Ziost. The Plagueian forces were unsuccessful against the One Sith on Kalsunor simply because of their unpreparedness against unconventional bounty hunter tactics that the hired One Sith help displayed against the Plagueian forces.

Throughout the campaign against the One Sith, Plagueis as a whole was able to accumulate additional forces and power so much so that they were elevated back to Clan status within the Dark Brotherhood. Because the assets of Plagueis had increased, so had the assets of Ajunta Pall which found itself in possession of the former Plagueian flagship the Ascendancy and risen to the level of house itself. Soon after the forces of Ajunta Pall attempted a campaign alongside Karness Muur on the planet Bosthirda to deliver the lost blade of Ferran, known as 'Revelation', to the Dread Lord. However, they soon found themselves locked into a drawn out two-pronged ground battle with both the One Sith and unknown Imperial forces that the One Sith appeared allied with. Plagueian forces eventually withdrew from the tactically unsound battle, unsuccessful in obtaining 'Revelation', but able to maintain a minimal loss of assets.

Unit Speciality

Ajunta Pall’s forces were lead by its Dark Jedi members the same way the Sith led the Imperial Military during the Great Galactic War. The Dark Jedi, at the rank of Dark Jedi Knight, were referred to as My Lord by any non-Force Users.

By and large, the Dark Jedi of Ajunta Pall were used predominantly as the “shock-troopers” of the Battleteam and theoretically were used sparingly during combat. In practice, however, given the aggressive nature of most Dark Jedi, specifically those in Ajunta Pall, these Dark Jedi would most often be found on the front lines of any battle.

Base Of Operations - Supply Station Omega

Main article: Supply Station Omega

Supply Station Omega is a facility operated by House Ajunta Pall of Clan Plagueis as its primary base of operations. Formerly a Separatist outpost that maintained the infrastructure of the complex now known as The Pinnacle, it was only discovered after further surveys of Aliso were conducted by the Ascendant Clan.

Assigned Forces

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Task Force Besh

Summit Chronology

Battle Team Ajunta Pall
Leader Sergeant Service Dates
Alaris Jinn di Plagia Teylas Ramar 36 ABY - 37 ABY
Silent Teylas Ramar 37 ABY
House Ajunta Pall
Quaestor Aedile Service Dates MM/YY
Arturis Schulen Teylas Ramar 02/20/14 - 03/15/14
Teylas Ramar None 03/15/14 - 03/20/15
Teylas Ramar Furios Morega 03/20/14 - 03/12/15
None Furios Morega 03/12/15 - 03/20/15
Selika Roh Furios Morega 03/21/15 - 09/06/15
Dracaryis Kelly Mendes 09/06/15 - 11/23/15
Dracaryis None 11/23/15 - 11/29/15
Dracaryis Taranae Rhode 11/29/15 - 3/9/16
Kalon Tsucyra Entar Taranae Rhode 3/9/16 - 5/4/16
Kalon Tsucyra Entar Malice 5/4/16 - 6/25/16
Arden Karn Malice 6/25/16 - 9/6/16
Laren Uscot Malice 9/6/16 - 10/1/16
Laren Uscot None 10/1/16 - 10/30/16
Laren Uscot Xolarin 10/30/16 - 01/17/17
Laren Uscot None 01/17/17 - 01/24/17
Laren Uscot Kelly Mendes 01/24/17 - 04/11/17
Kelly Mendes Azmodius Equesinfernum 04/11/17 - 04/22/18
Kelly Mendes Areticus Altainatus 04/22/18 - 07/05/18
Kelly Mendes None 07/05/18 - 07/25/18
Kelly Mendes Taranae Rhode 07/25/18 - 12/20/18
Taranae Rhode Dralin Fortea 12/20/18 - 03/07/19
None Dralin Fortea 03/07/19 - 03/30/19
Tahiri Thorn Morte Tarentae Wrathus 03/30/19 - 12/01/19

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