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Biographical Information

Corellia, Burnin Konn

Date of Birth:

41 (Born 4BBY)

Physical Description









Brown, shaved/trim


Green, with orange tinge

Personal Information

Sabel M'Roh (died at birth, unknown to Xolarin)


Marcus M'Roh (whereabouts and last name unknown)

Lightsaber Color(s):

Orange Bladed, Dark Hilt Lightsaber

Lightsaber Form(s):


Fighting Style(s):

Sliding Hands

Chronology & Political Information

AED House Marka Ragnos


Dark Jedi

Personal Ship:

[Crusty 5000 https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/items/53910-jumpmaster-5000]

Known masters:
  • Vanguard Turel Sorenn (former, Odan-Urr)
  • Raider Laren Uscot (former, House Adjunta Pal, Clan Plagueis)


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"Sometimes, a sage will know in advance of the most modern instruments."
Tistura Paan, Baran Do Seer

Xolarin is a Dark Jedi Knight and, after an extensive exile, has returned to civilization near the Yridia system system in Eden City. At the ripe age of 38, he was plucked from his rather hum-drum life of sales and freighter work into the Jedi ways. As his father had hid his Force connection, he had no idea the world he would enter one day. Even though he had an inkling that something was different about him, that there was a reason to research more into his father's past, it would surprise him to learn that his Jedi path was his ultimate destiny. Better late than never, they say. Even more surprising would be his ultimate fall towards the darkness as the search for his father took him in very strange places and directions.

Character History

The Human has a rich history, although much of it is hidden in his father's protective nature. Xolarin has had to piece things together over time.

Early Life

The planet Burnin Konn, Xolarin's adopted homeworld
Born during the Imperial era, his father a Force user with a bit of informal Jedi training, Xolarin's mother passed at his birth and his father had to hide his son or face extermination for both of them. Leaving their home world of Corellia, Marcus sent his son[1] to a long-ago friend on the moon of Burnin Konn to be raised.

His past was hidden, his father's whereabouts were hidden, his affinity with the Force was hidden - Xolarin was raised with trading and survival as skills, always perceptive of his surroundings, keen on picking out fine details and liars amongst the swindlers. He received a small amount of proper schooling as a child, but as soon as he could he joined a trading company.


Based off Burnin Konn and nearby Bespin, the small trading company for which Xolarin worked did runs through the system and neighboring systems, but they eventually grew to galactic trade and began to play with the "big boys". All this time, Xolarin went from a simple cargo crewman to first mate on a ship called the Bantha. This vessel carried them all over and Xolarin was exposed to many different worlds and peoples and cultures and political systems.

The Bantha, Ghtroc 720 Freighter
Through the the decades and eras, surviving the empire and rebellion, and coming through on the other side with a decent amount of cash, Xolarin was well into adulthood before he began to wonder about his past. He knew his mother had died at birth and that his father gave him up for adoption, presumably given the burden a baby was on a single father. But deep down he began to realize that was something more. With his cash and his pull on the Bantha, he began to orchestrate missions that would take him to other worlds that could give him clues to his past. The depths of Burnin Konn, Bespin, Corellia, Coruscant, and many other planets were explored.

The middle-aged human was now on a quest of sorts, to find his past, to learn of his family, and to eventually discover his destiny. He knew nothing of his Force connection or of his father's Force training. He knew very little of Corellia, even after hunting for clues in Coronet and other cities. The well would begin to dry up, but his fervor was ever present. Xolarin would find out who he truly was.

Jedi History

Xolarin robed, hood down, lightsaber lit, sage-like pose
One fateful day, while on a simple freighter run, Xolarin followed not a clue or a hard lead, but a hunch. There was a delivery needed and he urged the captain to take the Bantha there. It was there that, while in an off-beat pub, he was approached by Turel Sorenn, who he would soon discover to be a Jedi. This Jedi saw in Xolarin what he had been unknowingly searching for - destiny.

Xolarin would say a quick good-bye to his friends from Burnin Konn and head out to the Jedi headquarters to begin his training. He was almost 40, but those four decades of skill and exploration and knowledge would come in handy. And little did he know, his perceptions and hunches were a key part of his ability to sense and see in the Force. Even as he waited at a bar on Corellia with Turel, he had an odd sense that an event in the news[2] was something that offended him and what he was destined to be.

Xolarin would go with Master Turel and be trained as a Jedi. He would join the newly formed Battle Team Zirael on Kiast and become a strong warrior in the Force. He did not become the ultimate lightsaber combatant, although with some training in Lightsaber Forms and Martial Arts, alongside his growing affinity with telekinetic powers as they relate to the Force, he was a formidable foe in battle.

Xolarin's focus in the Force was again in his sensing prowess, his ability to see things that others could not and to see things from afar and even into the future. It would take him a long time of honing those skills, studying Seer Circles, and meditating and practicing whenever and where ever he could. He had some tests in other areas, such as mechanics and piloting[3] (he can fly small craft, to a degree). But Xolarin would grow to become a powerful sage, a true seer - a sorcerer, some might say.

The time came for Xolarin to be put into a leadership position. Battleteam Zirael was in need of a new leader as Ranger Corvus was promoted. So Xolarin, a Padawan at the time, was moved into that position, helping welcome and train newcomers to Clan Odan-Urr, newcomers to the resistance on Kiast. And shortly after that, the Jedi was promoted to Knighthood, something that came quicker than most would have thought. Zirael and The Village, with their visit from the Empress of Kiast[4], would prove to be a place of growth and thriving for Xolarin.


One day, Xolarin decided to take a small break from the Village and go searching for his father. Despite warnings from his master Turel and friend Dael, he still felt the need and pressed on. Off to Corellia he would go. But little did he realize is that the three-week planned stay would turn his life upsidedown. A fateful introduction[5] with a one Laren Uscot (of House Ajunta Pall, unknown to Xolarin at the time) would set him on a very different course, even accidentally killing an innocent man[6].

On the path to become a leader in the Plagueis machine (was technically installed as Aedile of House Ajunta Pall in Clan Plagueis for a brief period), Xolarin could not complete the proof that he had left his light path behind. He was exiled and abandoned on an unknown planet near the Yridian system. For months and months he learned about dread and hate and disdain, alone, constructing a new lightsaber, with a freshly-attuned crystal, that better reflected his future and not his past. The Dark Jedi would finally hitch a ride off that planet and off to Eden City, trying to make contact with the civilized world and finalize his path in the Force.


Xolarin is a very serious person and rarely shows a relaxed or fun tener. He is always stalwart and thoughtful in his stance, constantly taking in his surroundings and internalizing the situation. His connection with the Force is the reason behind this, able to sense and see beyond what most can.


Tanned skin, mostly-shaved head, mostly-shaved scratchy beard, green eyes, and a scar on the left eye area. He wears as much of the browns and appropriate house and clan colors as possible, always cloaked, wearing his hood most of the time.


Xolarin has a few items with him at all times such as a standard dark all-weather cloak, scavenger light armored synth-weave, a faint-blue-bladed Armory Lightsaber, now reconstructed in exile, secured datapad, and more. The faint-blue crystal has changed from green, aligning with his path to the dark side.

Xolarin has also come across a holocron[7] that he found on Ilum in lieu of a lightsaber crystal. It appears to be somehow linked to his family, his father, and further research is required. And it may not be the knowledge he wanted for his Jedi path.

Most of his older personal gear (including a blaster, Vibrodagger, medkit, comm device, and low-end slicer kit) from before was stored in a private chest upon joining the Jedi Order.

Positions Held
Before Position After
Corvus Corax Battle Team Leader, Battleteam Zirael
08.24.16 - 10.30.16
Malice Aedile, House Ajunta Pall
10.30.16 - 01.17.17
Kelly Mendes
Muz Ashen Aedile, House Marka Ragnos
01.28.19 - Present

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