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Arturis "Mistwalker" Schulen
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Is the successor to the character Aidyn Wolfwood, who was discontinued in 32ABY

Archpriest Arturis Schulen is a Krath Scholar and is the Commander of Battle Team Karness Muur of House Plagueis. Thought dead, he recently returned from Deep Space where he sat in a self-imposed exile since the Siege of Eden in the Yridian System two years prior where he had supposedly perished. A tough and decisive tactician, Arturis is as definitive as he is calculating. More so now, since his return to the Brotherhood.

Rebirth 32 ABY

“…you will suffer great pain, agony, and inevitably…you will die. But you will be reborn again.” – Muz Ashen

Arturis, originally known as Aidyn Wolfwood, first opened his eyes to his new life deep within the halls of the Grand Master’s Lair. He had suffered grave injuries during a mission on Yridia II and despite the best efforts of some of House Tarentum’s best medics, his chances of survival were virtually nothing. Quaestor Ronovi Tavisaen had all but resigned to his death, when at the last moment Grand Master Muz Ashen stepped in.

The Grand Master had him transferred to a secret location as well as a captured Kushiban Jedi Knight known as Nirai Kanai, who had previous dealings with him both before and after he became a part of the Brotherhood. He knew the potential that still lied dormant within him, as well as what he could become if nurtured and brought up correctly. And what better way to convince him of that, than to offer him the body of his own former apprentice…and murderer of one of his daughters.

By the means of an Essence Transfer, Nirai’s mind had been all but obliterated and destroyed and in its place remained the mind of Aidyn. Both the physical and mental pain had been excruciating, but after the process had been completed it all faded away like the fog in his eyes upon first opening them. Shortly afterward Arturis was dispatched on his first mission by the Grand Master. The mission; was to crash a meeting between the remaining members of the Zachar Remnants and the Arkanian Dominion on the planet Arkania and end the turmoil that had plagued his previous life. It was clearly evident he was not pleased with this, but he owed the Grand Master his life and reluctantly accepted.

Upon his arrival on Arkania, it felt strange being home. Yet to him, it would never be home again. Arturis traveled into the caverns below the Arissi Highlands, where the Southern Arkanian Revolution had been fought so many years ago; and found the meeting site. Inside; he found his former brother, Vivoil Zyzen as well as several of the Zachar Remnant Leaders he had grown up with years ago. Also with them; the Director of Internal Affairs and the Chief of Engineering of the Arkanian Dominion.

Raimi strode into the chamber and quickly took down the guards. Using his newfound abilities that his former apprentice had bestowed upon him after the transfer, he quickly took down all but Vivoil. When questioned about who he was, Arturis revealed the truth. Vivoil had but only a moment to be shocked and managed to utter these brief words. "...Aidyn? How? Why?" His head was then severed from his body, executioner style.

No sooner than he returned to the surface, however, a new mission had been passed to him by the Grand Master. His daughter, whom had been missing since his wife's death years prior had been found. As closure to his former life and to ensure his future loyalties, his mission was clear. He already knew what he meant, due to what had happened on Yridia IV that caused him to be in his current situation. His mission...was to kill his daughter, Jen Zyzen, and bring him her head.

The End of Family

The report given to him by the Grand Master showed that she had been located in the outskirts of Doaba Guerfel on Corellia. It had been over 16 years since he had been on Corellia. She had established herself as a dominant underground trader and immediately after his arrival; found that she would be very hard to track.

Several weeks would pass and after managing to get himself in with the local Corsec Faction, a lead was finally gained about a 'Traders Alley' that existed in the mountains northeast of Doaba Guerfel after capturing smugglers attempting to get high-grade weaponry off of the planet. Following the information, Arturis found a small facility built into the nearby mountains and quietly infiltrated it via the ductwork. The facility itself was quite expansive and filled with traders, smugglers, bounty hunters, and other figures of notable interest.

Further inside, he immediately noticed Jen. She looked so identical to her mother, it was impossible to not realize it. Guarded by several Zabrak Bounty Hunters he knew she would not be an easy kill. Quietly he watched her from the shadows, unaware that she was doing the same. Finally he had a small window when she was alone, but found it to be a trap which landed him inside a battle arena.

Facing a series of trials, he was granted an audience with her alone. She knew exactly who he was...not as Arturis, but as her father. His force aura reminded her so much of hers; she identified it not long after he arrived on Corellia. Refusing assistance, Jen agreed to a duel to determine who would live and continue. After a fierce battle, Raimi struck the final blow against his daughter.

Before her passing, she revealed that she had told no one of what she had learned. For if she did; danger would return to his life and cause issues for both him, and the way of life he lived. As a final gesture, he reminded her of her mother and the love they shared together and that regardless; he would love her. He then took her life, and her head.

A New Master and A New Identity

With his tasks completed, Arturis returned to the Grand Master with both Vivoil's and Jen's heads and placed them before him. With his success, Muz knew that he would definitely have potential to become a powerful Krath, as well as guaranteed his loyalty. With his past now brought fully to a close, he was placed under the authority of Maxamillian von Oberst-Tarentae to become his Apprentice.

As a reward for his deeds which he had originally requested, Arturis was fitted with a custom armor set mixed from several Lok and Dantooine styles. With this, he would start all over again. No longer was he Aidyn Wolfwood the Arkanian. From that point onward, he would be known through tbe brotherhood as Arturis Schulen the Kushiban.

The Training Begins

Arturis had begun training under Oberst immediately after returning to Tarentum and quickly learned to adapt to his new form and his abilities. Due to his size and physical capabilities, he began training in several Hand-to-Hand Styles. He caught on quite well to the style and tactics of Dulon, picking up on the fierceness of Broken Gate to learn to center his physical strength to offset the faults of his small size. After gaining a soft mastery of both Dulon and Broken Gate over the next several months, his training was advanced to the pure-combat form of Jakelian. Should he ever be disarmed of his lightsaber, the ability to use his swift speed along with practical use of trained combat would make him a deadly adversary in close up hand-to-hand combat.

His training went very well, and Oberst was pleased. After attaining mastery of Jakelian; his training took an odd turn. Upon the request of the Grand Master, he began training under several skilled Echani fighters and began training in the ways of Echani. After learning pure combat, it was a strange shift to go from aggressiveness and strength-based combat into a more efficient form of aggressiveness.

Arturis with his Helmet off

Using his shape and size to his advantage, he learned how to flow into every attack; pivoting and shifting his body to increase his attacking capabilities while using the enemies attacks to his advantage in savage counter-attacks that did not directly physically wound opponents; but weakened them severely by targeting their limbs mid-attack and using every opening they presented in a savage yet efficient counter-attack before they could even finish theirs. He adapted quickly and after several additional months, started to match toe-on-toe with many Echani trained fighters. His knowledge of Echani had reached a mastery, and even though his initial training was complete; he continued to study the ways of the Echani style to further his own abilities due to his size constraints; which left him at the mercy of the more powerful Echani Masters.

The Way of the Krath

Arturis took it onto himself to resume his Krath training where he had left off in his previous life. His desire to become a Krath Alchemist was still very much there, and he knew he would attain it one way or another. What interested him the most however, was the Alchemist skills within Mechu-Deru. He learned also; that Knowledge was the one sanctity of the Krath, which mastery of could lead to infinite possibilities.

Knowing he had to be careful how he presented and portrayed himself given the past history of the Krath, Arturis decided to pursue the role of a Tactician and remain behind the front lines when he could. It was his cunning and wit that secured him the spot of Engineering Officer on board of the BAC Doomsday under the command of his House Quaestor, Ji K'awiil. Already in his mind; he had devised and secured a way to begin his training as a Krath Alchemist. His position of Engineering Officer, would make certain that he could learn the insides of the Doomsday; from operations to how everything worked. Learning how they operated and worked would be his first step.

Keeping his dark intentions secret however, would prove to be the true trial.

End of an Era

Events would continue to turn in the Jedi Hunter's favor, and he quickly began to gain a reputation within House Cestus for his thoroughness in completing each and every task assigned to him as well as his ruthlessness. This earned him a strong respect from not only his peers, but also those who fought alongside him. It also earned him his next promotion; one which he had long awaited. No longer was he just a Jedi Hunter, he had at last become a Dark Jedi Knight.

Because of the respect and admiration he had gained, Quaestor K'awiil promoted him to the post of Rollmaster within Cestus. Once he reached this position however, he switched his priorities and in turn resigned his post as Engineering Officer much to the Navy's surprise. Though may of his comrades questioned it, they knew that things would be for the better overall and wished him the best.

Things had truly advanced over the next several months, and very little could seemingly go wrong in the eyes of Arturis and Ji. When word had reached the Cestus Summit that the House Banner had been located however, a rift formed between the Quaestor and Aedile of Cestus. What happened then became known as "The Rift". The house itself, had been divided into two warring factions and with little thought; Arturis casted his loyalties with Quaestor K'awiil.

As the two sides battled for supremacy, the Rift culminated into a fierce battle far below the reaches of the Corsair. Arturis himself had been knocked out during the battle, and did not participate in the final fights. After awakening several hours later, he learned of the Aedile's death during the battle and the ascension of Ji K'awiil to Proconsul. He also learned that House Cestus no longer existed...and that now, he would serve as Aedile of the newly formed House Reinthaler under fellow Krath, Saitou Tarentae. Very much unexpectedly, the Legacy of Arturis was in full swing.

Legacy of Arturis (33 ABY)

The Reinthaler Laboratory Crest

Things had truly changed. House Cestus had been dissolved, and Houses Gladius and Tridens had been closed as well. In the matter of a few weeks, the entire face of Clan Tarentum had morphed into something new. The sphere of power, completely turned. And House Reinthaler now had a need for a new home. From on board one of the Clan's Capital Ships, Arturis personally oversaw the investigation and seeking of a new world on which Reinthaler could call home.

That came, when Sato Tarentae located a base deep within the forests of Yridia III with the assistance of Severon Vercingetorix and Liram Winterhaart. With an in depth investigation into the base, it was found that there was quite a bit of damage; however not severe enough that it could not be repaired. Arturis was quite pleased, and immediately began moving personnel and supplies into the base along with the Quaestor.

Even with his position of Aedile, however, Arturis still did not seem content. In a strange and unpredicted move, Arturis stepped down from his position shortly after the base had been brought to full operation and took a new position as Director of the Reinthaler Krath Laboratory.

He had finally reached where he wanted to be; and began to work alongside the Black Phoenix Battle Team in Alchemy Research and Development. Shortly after becoming Director, he made a personal decision and decided to seal his armor in his new home; known only to others as the Restricted Area near the Battle Team's Barracks. What lied within remained a mystery to everyone except the House Summit, and still remains a mystery to many to this day.

Expansion and Destruction

During the first months of his time as Director, Arturis personally oversaw the creation and modification of creatures and beasts for use within the Reinthaler Arena for both training purposes, as well as entertainment when enemies were captured and ordered for execution. The Laboratory grew in popularity among the general population thanks to Alchemic and Medical breakthroughs that were developed; and gradually grew a moderate sized student base among them and the Medical Facilities.

As an initial project, Arturis worked first hand with the students and other Technicians in the creation of Garian, also known as G-3PO, a modified version of the standard 3PO unit. Garian was created primarily as a Protocol Droid, but had Medical expansions installed inside of him to assist with day-to-day duties at the Laboratory and to closely monitor and help train new incoming students. After recommendations from Chief Laboratory Personnel however, Garian was promoted to Vice-Director due to his intense learning curve and abilities that when paired with Arturis, made them an unstoppable team.

Tarentum Reborn (33 ABY)

For the next several months everything seemed to be normal. Things quickly changed however, when word reached Yridia III of the destruction of virtually all of Tarentum's Naval Fleet; except for one capital ship. This worried many people within the Reinthaler Complex, and the Battle Teams were quickly dispatched out to assist against Tarentum's newest threat, The Church of Infinite Perception. For the first time, due to his position and role within Reinthaler; Arturis did not leave with them, but remained on Yridia III.

The battle with the Reinthaler Forces did not go as planned however, and Arturis learned of Yridia IV's fall to the Church. Immediately after receiving the news, Arturis ordered a full evacuation of the Laboratory Students and Staff; save for himself, Garian, and the Chief Staff; to the Mystics Asylum. He did not want to risk the chances of them becoming involved should they push towards Yridia III next. Over the next day everything was dismantled and downloaded from the Laboratory Networks, and the remaining members departed on the last shuttle from Yridia III.

The Mystics Asylum

Shortly after his arrival at the Mystics Asylum, Arturis was prepared to return back and head towards Yridia IV with several others; when it was learned that the Church had been ultimately defeated with the assistance of Arcona. Much damage had been done, and much work would be needed to restore Tarentum to its former glory.

As Arturis prepared everything to return to Yridia III, he received a message from Ronovi that the entirety of the Reinthaler Krath Laboratory was being permanently relocated to the Mystics Asylum following the downfall of Clan Tarentum to House Tarentum; and that they would serve Tarentum as a whole, with no direct House or Battle Team Allegiance; since both House Kaerner and Reinthaler were being dissolved.

Initially this had upset Arturis, however given what the Mystics Asylum could offer; this was a stunning opportunity for his staff and his students. Given full reign over one of the lower areas, construction efforts were immediately underway of the Tarentum Krath Laboratory; as well as a Grand Conservatory deeper inside that would house the knowledge of the Laboratory, both of the future and years past; and become the new personal home of Arturis himself.

Arturis also had a brief stint with a dark group known as the Sinners, under the command of Sith Bloodfyre. These were his darkest days, since under Bloodfyre's tutelage he was able to dive deeper into the Krath arts than ever before, sacrificing innocent lives to fuel his sadistic needs of power. Though it can not be proved, it is said among some that he also sacrificed a comrade in arms to ensure completion of a ritual to prevent it from failing. During these days, Arturis seemed to become more distant from his Krath ways; which surprised him since he had been a devout Krath for years.

Return to Leadership (34 ABY)

In Mid-34 ABY, Ronovi Tavisaen Tarentae resigned from the post of Quaestor of House Tarentum and the post was taken on by Bloodfyre. Arturis was brought on as Rollmaster, from his time with the Sinners; though official records contribute it to his past devotions and accomplishments with Tarentum at large.

He truly felt changed, having left what he saw as a Sinner. The path of the Krath was a dark and trecherous one, and in recent months he felt more compelled to push as hard as he could to become a powerful leader, no matter the cost. It was with this decision, that he decided to shave away his past once more; one final time. He surrendered his post as Director of the Tarentum Krath Laboratory to Vice-Director Garian, but that was only the tip of the iceburg of what he would do.

He dyed his crimson hair a light brown, and swore fealty to the Order of the Sith. In surprise to Bloodfyre and everyone else, he also destroyed his battle armor as a final remnanted farewell.

Siege of Eden

Rumors had begun to circulate that the Yridian Syndicates on Yridia IX had begun to form together to try and take a stand against Tarentum's Control of Eden City. Fearing a full scale rebellion, Arturis dispatched to Eden City to try and confirm any truth to this rumor. Something ate at him the entire trip, however no matter how hard he tried he could not place what it was. After he arrived at Eden City, Arturis infiltrated the Bek Syndicate Headquarters where a meeting was to take place between seventeen of the Syndicate heads. Hidden in the ducts above a large conference room, he listened.

As they had feared, there was indeed great truth to the rumors that the Syndicates were banding together...but what was truly going on was far beyond what Arturis could have imagined. For the past several decades, under coordination of several Syndicates that had already joined together, a fleet had been constructed in secret beneath the surface of Yridia IX, and several surrounding systems. The plan was to not just claim Yridia IX...but to push straight to the Tarentum Homeworld and take control of the entire Yridian System.

Arturis knew what this meant. He quickly fled from his hiding spot and attempted to return to his ship, however was taken down by a Bounty Hunter's tranquilizer dart. Later he awoke, bound and gagged to a chair in a large, brightly lit room with a recording device aimed right at him. Moments later, Hyuga Syndicate Underboss Ryuga Donovan walked into the room holding a blaster and strolled over to Arturis and held it up to his head. His eyes widened as the man spoke into the recording device, and he tried fiercely to escape from his binds but to no avail. After declaring his intentions of war against the Yridian System and Tarentum, he declared Arturis's death to be the start of it all. Arturis tightly closed his eyes as the man pulled the trigger. Arturis Schulen, was dead. And the bloody war that would ensue from it would be known as the Siege of Eden.

Angered by his death, his apprentice Syrna Valkiss joined in the battles on Yridia IX with the main Tarentum and Yridian Police Forces, but fell in combat during a Syndicate assault on Eden City's walls that forced Tarentum back into the fields of Yridia IX. Ultimately the war ended in Tarentum's favor, after the Syndicate Bosses turned on their 'leader' and called a truce, given their only original goal was independence of Yridia IX.

Arturis' Return (36 ABY)

Where Dead Once Lie

Two years later, Arturis mysteriously reappeared in Brotherhood Space on board the NSD Predominant before Ronovi Tavisaen, who at this time served as Aedile of House Plagueis. Though he did not give reasons for his return, he did reveal a startling truth. Even though his original death had indeed been fabricated by himself and Bloodfyre, now retired from his position of Quaestor, to prevent the Syndicates from taking charge of Yridia IX and the Yridian System at large, he had taken things further by assisting them in their conquest against House Tarentum not just as a guise, but to be able to claim the House for himself.

He had supplied the Syndicates with sensitive information as well as his own tactical strengths during the ground sieges that allowed them to harness full control of Yridia IX, and nearly cripple the Magnus Kaerner before being overpowered due to malfunctions aboard their own ships; the Cactuar, Tonberry, and Antlion. After this setback however, the Syndicate Elders decided to call a truce with House Tarentum after Ryuga continued to insist, with Arturis' backing, that they should take the entire System even despite the failure of their own Fleet. They feared what would come of things should they indeed conquer the system, should the Brotherhood itself become involved, and decided to turn both Ryuga and Arturis over to Tarentum along with everything he had given them as proof of their sincerity.

Not wanting to be revealed, Arturis took matters into his own hands and executed the entire Syndicate Elder Council, sparing Ryuga and the other Syndicate Lieutenants. He had decided to move on Castle Tarentum itself after learning that Bloodfyre had recalled the entire Senior Staff back to the Castle after the near-destruction of the Kaerner. This would be his final chance to put an end to Bloodfyre and the others and secure his position as Quaestor, however upon his arrival on Yridia II with a group of assassins his ship was shot down by one of Ryuga's assassins who had already placed himself within Castle Tarentum. Narrowly escaping the ship before it was taken out from a missile, he knew his final shot had been blown and that the Castle would now be on full alert.

Arturis returned to Yridia IX where he confronted Ryuga inside the Bek Syndicate Council Chambers where he took his head after convincing the Lieutenants that if they wanted to maintain control of Eden City, as well as their lives, they would reveal nothing to Tarentum of his involvement and that he had actually died. Just prior to Bloodfyre and Oberst's arrival to negotiate terms, Arturis departed the Yridia System in self-imposed exile.

Now he had returned and pledged fealty to Ronovi, one of the few people he truly admired and respected. Given his betrayal of Tarentum, he would have a lot of work to do to gain her trust and be able to help her. He had no trouble with that.

The Dark Crusade

Arturis Schulen, Commander of Karness Muur

Shortly after his return, House Plagueis took part in the campaign against the One Sith controlled planets Ch'hodos and Athiss. During this time Ronovi, who had become the Quaestor and Dread Lord of House Plagueis, saw fit to place Arturis as the Executive Officer of the Battle Team Karness Muur to test his abilities and his loyalties. Despite minor slip ups during the campaign on Ch'hodos, he demonstrated his true worth during the battles in orbit against the One Sith forces when he willingly put his own comrades in danger at her command. Given tactical command of the BAC Harrower, he took his prowess against two Nebulon-8 Cruisers. Though the ship had lost it's flank shields and took severe damage, a timed-cascade of torpedoes while directly between them had managed to disable both of the Cruisers simultaneously with little additional effort.

After the enemy forces had changed up their own tactics and decimated several of the Dark Council's own ships, Arturis joined the boarding party along with his Commander Celevon Edraven and infiltrated the VSD-II Contention. Once out of contact with the House and general communication, the order was given to initiate Operation Menchi. The physical eradication and deaths of the entire Engineering Crew, and the sole capture of the ship. Stowing himself inside an Emergency Food Supply bag, taking advantage of the Chief Engineer's love of exotic food, he managed to infiltrate the closed off Engineering Bay and set off the ships systems creating an artificial test Reactor Core Containment Breach that would destroy the ship within 5 minutes. To prevent any leaks, the Engineering Bay had been sealed and Arturis was left alone with the dozens of engineers who were all but defenseless. It was a slaughterhouse. Limbs severed, hearts clawed out and chewed, he went engineer to engineer thoroughly and killed each and every one of them slowly and painfully. At the end of his slaughter fest as well as the countdown, the ship returned to normal and only the Plagueian team remained in the now abandoned ship.

Shortly after the battle had been won, Arturis went back to work repairing the ship's internal systems with the Engineering Crew. That did not last long however as barely a day after, he had been summoned before the Dread Lord Ronovi Tavisaen once more. For the first time since his return, she commended him. He had begun to prove just how serious he was, and how far he was truly willing to go in her service. With the removal of Aedile Kave and the rise of his Battle Team Commander, Celevon, to Rollmaster to replace the new Aedile Arden Karn, she named him the newest Commander of Karness Muur. He was surprised to say the least, but if he continued to prove his worth to her, this would be the first of many promotions he would see.

The Plagueian Civil War

A New Clan Plagueis




Definitive, Calculating, and Absolute are the three main ways to describe Arturis' personality. Ever since his return to the Krath Order, he has become a much tougher individual, and a skilled Tactician. He is known to have fun at times, but only after he has had several drinks of his favorite drink; Flameout.

Though it may not seem like it at times, he holds the protection of his friends and comrades at his highest priority; however would not think twice to use one of them as a guinea pig if it ensured completing his goals. The completion of the mission has the highest priority of all.


Arturis Schulen stands at 0.3 meters tall, equaling roughly 1 foot tall. His fur, unlike a traditional Kushiban, does not change color. It is not publicly known why, but once it was a dark red and crimson color; though now it stays as a constant light brown color.

Battle Armor

Arturis in his Battle Armor

Arturis's Battle Armor was a unique piece of work, able to protect from extreme heat and the vacuum of space, based on which phase mode was active. During his time as a field-level warrior, he wore it constantly. After his ascension into leadership and into more of a tactician type roll, he had it destroyed.

DJB Facts

Is the new form of Aidyn Wolfwood, after a body-to-body transfer before his initial death. In character, no one is aware of this fact except the Dark Council, and the leaders of Clan Tarentum.

Was first mentioned fiction-wise in the 12/8/2009 Grand Master Report by Muz Ashen being placed in apprenticeship with Maxamillion von Oberst...who referred to him mentally as a small ball of fluff that would better suit as a pet for some spoiled noble on a soft planet.

Was the final Rollmaster of House Cestus.

Was the First Aedile of House Reinthaler.

Positions Held

Positions Held
Before Position After
Adien Falaut Rollmaster of House Cestus
32 ABY
NONE Aedile of House Reinthaler
32 - 33 ABY
Severon Vercingetorix
NONE Rollmaster of House Tarentum
34 ABY - ??
Celevon Edraven Commander of Battle Team Karness Muur
??? - ???

Outstanding Achievements

Anything you're proud of.


Did you know that a Kushiban's Fur changes color in accordance with its emotions? A Calm Kushiban has White Fur, while one in Darkness or Distress has Black Fur?