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Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

224th day of 7 BBY (Age 43)

Physical Description





2.2 m (7 ft, 3 in)


119.5 kg (263 lbs)


Snow White (Brown at birth)


Dark orange with fiery red rims (Formerly Blue [Brown at birth])


Solas Arm MkII.png Left Arm

Personal Information

Renali Thorn (Age 62, Deceased)


Sorban Thorn (Age 83, Deceased)

  • Shilley Thorn (Sister, Age 12, Deceased)
  • Katherine Thorn (Sister, Age 7, Deceased)
Known Children:

Salinas Ker (Daughter, Age 14, Deceased)

  • Salira Ker (Lover, Age 35, Deceased)
  • Kalin Rose Night-Thorn (Wife, Age 23, Deceased)
  • Neepra Corano (Sarkhai Radical Leader, Age 71, Deceased)
  • Saller Deranna (Sarkhai Radical, Age 62, Executed Solas' Father, Deceased)
  • Verac Normec (Sarkhai Traitor, Age 42, Former Friend of Solas Deceased)
Lightsaber Color(s):

Single Red Bladed Saber

Lightsaber Form(s):
Fighting Style(s):
  • Broken Gate
  • Hapan
  • Echani
  • Teras Kasi
Chronology & Political Information
Personal Ship:
Known masters:

Battlelord Hades

Known apprentices:

Tahiri Drakon Night-Thorn, Blackhawk, Valkyr



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"I am Wrathus, the Sith Empire reborn. Your death will be the spark that lights the fire it will be forged in."
―Wrathus before killing his daughter Salinas

Lord Solas Night-Thorn di Morte, better known as Wrathus was an Epicanthix Sith Battlemaster. As the inaugural leader of the Battleteam Nekros Coven he was known as the First Soul of Nekros. Despite being born an Epicanthix, Night-Thorn was raised on Sarkhai. Despite the collapse of the Sarkhai Imperial families, he still sees himself as the patriarch of the Thorn family and as such styles himself as Lord.

He has served one term as Magistrate to the Herald.

Character History

Early Life (7 BBY - 8 ABY)

3 year old Solas in the orphanage.

Born to Epicanthix refugees, Solas was orphaned only months after his birth. Not much is known about Solas' first years. All that can be confirmed is that, by the age of 5, he was living in an orphanage in the political district of Coruscant. It would be in that orphanage that he would be found by the Sarkhai Royal Ambasador Sorban Thorn and his wife Renali. Fate had dealt a cruel hand to the Thorns as Sorban had been born sterile. So the couple decided to adopt the young boy and chose to give him the name Solas, after his late adoptive grandfather. Being adopted into the Thorn family meant that Solas was under a microscope from the moment he recieved his family crest tattoo. It would be a year later that young Solas would enter the Sarkhai Imperial Military Academy and begin the journey to filling his father's shoes. However in only a year the Thorn family would grow again when the ambassador would adopt the two orphaned daughters of a former subordinate, who was murdered alongside his wife by a rival. The girls; Shilley, age 5, and Katherine, age 2 soon moved in and quickly adjusted to life there, especially having an older brother.

Military Life

Sarkhai military training is brutal, relentless, and most importantly full contact. It was not a pleasant time for Solas, while he still lived in his family's quarters in the Imperial Palace, he was not home all that often. He would wake long before sunrise and would have left the quarters before any members of his family would awake. He would train with the other sons of members of court. They would train in all forms of hand-to-hand and armed combat. They also trained in military studies, such as; map reading, route charting, military strategy, and combat theory. They would train in combat for 4 hours after sunrise. Following a sparse tasteless breakfast, they would attend class for 9 hours, with a short 15 minute lunch in the middle of the day. Following classes, they would resume their physical training. This would continue late into the night, ending at the time that the cadets would be required to go home and almost immediately go to sleep, that is if they wanted to get a healthy amount of sleep. Despite all this Solas remained a facet in his family's life, particularly in the lives of his two sisters. Often sacrificing things to help them, or even just walk them to and from school.

7 year old Solas after his promotion to Private 1st Class.

Military Service Record

  • Joined Sarkhai Imperial Military Academy - Age 6
  • Promoted to Private 1st Class - Age 7
  • Promoted to Corporal - Age 9
  • Transferred to Senior Leadership Class E1 - Age 9
  • Promoted to Sergeant - Age 10
  • Graduated the SIMA, Top of Class, Youngest Graduate in History - Age 11
  • Promoted to Staff Sergeant - Age 11
  • Transferred to Imperial Garrison Division - Age 11
  • Awarded the Garrison Distinguished Service Star - Age 12
  • Awarded the Garrison Division Anniversary Ribbon - Age 13
  • Awarded the Garrison Command Commendation Ribbon - Age 14
  • Promoted to Master Sergeant - Age 14
  • Awarded the Imperial Wounded Action Medal - 14
  • Awarded the Silver Shield Medal - Age 14
  • Awarded the Hero of Starfall Medal - Age 14
  • Promoted to First Sergeant - Age 15
  • Given command of Garrison Division Echo Company - Age 15

Force Awakening (2 ABY)

Solas received only one major break per year. In the year 2 ABY, Solas chose to take his break when his father was traveling off-world. He would accompany his father and sister Shilley, on a 4 day long trip to the galactic core world of Coruscant.

The Thorn Family. Back Row-Renali and Sorban. Front Row-Katherine, Solas and Shilley. Circa 4 ABY

On the final day of the trip, Solas and Shilley were waiting outside the offices of the Ryloth Ambassador. While waiting for their father, a man tried to mug the children. When they had nothing to give the man, he became angry, and he swung a knife at 6 year old Shilley. In a subconscious reaction to the attack, Solas lashed out with the Force for the first time. His uncontrolled attack sent the man's arm, and subsequently the knife, wildly off course, causing the knife to slash Solas' right forearm from the elbow all the way down to his hand. This would cause Solas to lash out again with the Force again, this time he launched the man into the opposite wall knocking him unconscious. Solas would collapse shortly after, fortunately their father would exit the offices not long after. Seeing the remains of what happened their father would rush Solas and Shilley to a med bay and as soon as they were fit to travel, they were all rushed back to Sarkhai. After he healed, Solas finally was able to sit down and talk to his father about what had happened. After he told the story, Solas expected to be given training in how to contain and use his new powers. To his surprise his father told him that it would be impossible for him to recieve training as there was no one alive on Sarkhai that had any inkling of knowledge or skill in the Force. As the last person, a Jedi Padawan named Nadia Grell, died thousands of years in the past. And so after accepting the fact that he would have to repress his abilities, Solas' life would return to normal.

Fall of Sarkhai (8 ABY)

Following the events on Coruscant, Solas would return to his normal life, and it would proceed without incident for the next 6 years. He even managed to make two really close friends; Narkan Dorme` and Verac Normec. They grew close enough that Solas would share his greatest secret with them, so now aside from his father, Narkan and Verac knew that Solas was Force sensitive. So Solas had managed to begin living a normal life.

14 year old Solas at the Starfall awards ceremony.

This fantasy was shattered in 8 ABY, when a group of Sarkhai radicals, lead by Solas' old military school commander; Neepra Corano, attacked the Imperial Palace in a coup d'etat. It is now believed that they were helped into the palace. Someone opened the main gates, that someone is believed to have been Solas' friend Verac Normec. Now while Solas and his entire family were in the palace, they were separated by great distances. Solas was in the north yard of the palace training as he did everyday, his mother and sisters were home in the family quarters, and his father was in the council chambers. This unfortunately meant that his father was at the epicenter of the fighting when the attack started. No one was prepared for the attack, within the first hour the Radicals had taken control of the entire palace. Shortly after this at 6:17 PM, Sorban Thorn was executed. Solas never even saw his father before his death. While this was happening Solas was rushing towards his home to make sure his mother and sisters were okay. But long before Solas could reach the living quarters wing, a large explosion was detonated, engulfing the entire wing in a massive fireball. Solas' mother and sisters died in the blast.

Shortly after this, while he was trying to figure out what he should do, Solas received a transmission from Narkan. In the message Solas learned of the coup and his father's execution. However, before Narkan could tell him anymore, Solas watched as one of his closest friends was gunned down by Radical insurgents. As Narkan dropped the comm link, Solas got a clear image of the man that had just shot and killed Narkan, it was Verac. So in a matter of 5 minutes, Solas had lost everything; his mother, father, sisters, and one of his bestfriends were murdered, and his only other friend betrayed him. Solas would proceed to flee the palace grounds and spend the next three weeks hiding out in the nearby mountains. After some time Solas figured that it would be safe to make his move and leave.

A teenage Solas in exile.

Escape into Exile

After three weeks of hiding out in the mountains, Solas would sneak back onto the palace grounds. After using all the military training received over the past 10 years, to steal a speeder and enough supplies to reach the nearest spaceport. After selling the speeder, he would charter passage on a refugee freighter to the outer-rim. Thus ended the peaceful days of Solas' childhood.

Life in Exile (8 ABY - 21 ABY)

Following his flight from Sarkhai, Solas began living in the outer-rim. Planet hoping doing odd little jobs, he was doing his best to stay out of sight. He never ventured far enough into the interior to be recognized. It would be during this time, that Solas would begin to wear red war paint. There are many reasons that he changed this. Chief among them was safety. Only Sarkhai elite wore blue war paint, so with word spreading of the coup on Sarkhai, bounty hunters looking to make a quick buck, began taking out any Sarkhai with blue paint in hopes it was someone important. So to disappear, Solas began using the red of the Old Sarkhai Imperials. Not many remember the old empire, so most just thought he was just a common Sarkhai. After 4 years of planet hopping, to avoid the usurpers, Solas would settle on the far outer-rim planet of Troiken.

Solas early in his career with the Azure Serpents.

Becoming an Azure Serpant

On Troiken, Solas would encouted a crime organization known as the Azure Serpents. In fact it was the Serpents that sought Solas out, he had started to gain a reputation as a freelance thief and wetworker. As such the leader of the Serpents, a man known as Talon Night, made a proactive move to bring Solas into his fold. He did this so they could become allies, before they became enemies.

A 23 year old Solas Night on mission for the Azure Serpents.

Once he had gained their trust and had been accepted by the rest of the Azure Serpents, Solas began working as an assistant to the senior members. Eventually he was taken on as Talon's apprentice, and quickly came to prominence as a wetboy, famed for his abilities. Over time Solas would go on to surpass even his own mentor's expectations. He surpassed them so much so that Talon soon elevated him to master wetboy and named him his heir. and thus granted him the surname of Night.

During his time within the Serpents, Solas would befriend a young woman named Salira Ker. While Solas was a master wetboy, Salira was in training as a infiltrator. Someone skilled at inserting themselves in an enemy group and able to operate from within. The pair shared a similar past having both lost their families at a young age. However it would be on a joint assignment that the pair would truly bond. For you see that within the Serpents, next to no one knew Solas' true origins. Only Talon Night knew the truth, the rest had been simply told that he was from the mid-rim and his family was dead. However, Salina managed to break through the emotional barrier and learned the whole story. Once the pair had returned from their assignment they became inseparable, eventually moving in together and becoming romantically involved. At that point he believed that he had finally outrun his past, he could not have been more wrong.

It would be on a mission in 21 ABY, that Solas' past would finally catch up to him. An assassin hired by the Radicals to kill Solas, who had been searching for him for the past decade, finally caught up to him on Troiken. While Solas was attempting to kill a corrupt banking leader. Right before Solas was going to administer the killing blow, he would be attacked by the rival assassin. Solas survived the attack but his cover was exposed. He was forced to flee Troiken, as the Serpents decreed that anyone exposed would not be allowed back. This forced him to leave the system without being able to say goodbye to his best friend and lover Salira. In his flight from Troiken, Solas was unsure of where to go, and would spend the next nine years drifting about the outer-rim. However it would be his innate connection to the Force, coupled with his anger at leaving Salira behind, that would eventually lead him to the Dark Brotherhood. It was here that Solas found a place to belong, and it would be his place within the Brotherhood that kept the Epicanthix from slipping into the madness that had begun to creep into his mind in the years since his flight from Troiken.

The Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Early Years (31 ABY - 33 ABY)

Solas' first three years in the Brotherhood, began the same as every other member. He would spend those years at the Shadow Academy.

In the year 30 ABY, Solas' masters began administering the Test of Lore. Solas answered the first question with ease. His second question was initially met with a lapse in memory, but he quickly remembered the answer. He answered the remaining questions without problem. Having passed the Test of Lore, Solas was placed in House Tarentum. He had only a few minutes to gather his few belongings and say his goodbyes. Before he knew it he was on-board a shuttle, hurtling thru hyperspace towards Yridia II, home of Castle Tarentum.

As a new apprentice, Solas really didn't get much help when he first arrived, save for the house Rollmaster Kalmah Sidhe. Shortly before Solas landed on Yridia II, he was informed by the Brotherhood Master at Arms, that he would do well to contact a member of his house if they did not contact him first. Solas, always the ambitious one, didn't wait for his superiors to contact him. Before he landed, Solas send a message to Kalmah Sidhe. Doing this Kalmah responded to Solas' message and would meet Solas upon his arrival. This display of ambition and initiative, would earn Solas a very early promotion from Apprentice to Novice.

The Dark Crusade (31 ABY)

Further information: Dark Crusade

Not long after his arrival in Tarentum, Solas would be called to the battlefield with his the rest of his house. Sent to the frigid world of Khar Delba, Solas was stationed at the remote resource base Foxel.

Finding Love

Base Foxel was a resource depot for the Brotherhood troops, but it also served as a staging point for local loyalist forces. And being a fairly low ranking Sith, Solas was relegated to guard duty and patrol leadership. However it wasn't all bad, his guard duty eventually lead to him meeting a young woman by the name of Kalin Rose. and like Salira before her, Kalin was able to break through the walls that Solas had built around him. Soon the pair began spending every waking moment together, and in 31 ABY the pair became engaged. Solas and Kalin would be married a few days later in a plain ceremony performed by the ranking Sith on planet.

Night-Thorn and his new fiance.

The Razing of Foxel

Base Foxel was so remote that the only combat the base's forces ever saw, was when the armies of the One Sith attacked in a preemptive strike to eliminate the Brotherhood's resources. The attack was swift and completely unexpected. Within minutes the One Sith had captured large sections of the base and with more troops on the way and the arrival of their artillery, the One Sith had all but secured victory. Following a devastating artillery strike, the Brotherhood forces were forced to retreat. The attack was a complete rout, the Brotherhood lost five men to every one of the One Sith's. Among the casualties were several high ranking Sith masters, the entire loyalist leadership council, and the most devastating to Solas; Kalin Night-Thorn was lost in the artillery strike. Initially declared MIA due to no body being found. She would in the end be declared KIA after the end of the fighting on Khar Delba and the remains of Base Foxel were retaken.

The ribbon awarded to Night-Thorn for his service on Khar Delba.

Her death dealt a traumatizing blow to Solas, so strong that his grief forced his superiors to discharge him from the campaign and return him to Yridia II. It would take nearly six weeks for him to come to terms with what had happened. Once he had been declared fit for action, Solas would request a leave of study to travel to the far reaches of space to reacquaint himself with the Dark side of the Force. His request was granted and he soon left for the Outer-rim world of Belkadan.

A Return to Darkness

On Belkadan, Solas began his training in the arts of Force Alchemy and Necromancy. This training not only heightened the Sith's connection to the Dark Side, but also caused his latent madness to resurface. However his descent into madness was once again stopped, this time by the arrival of the human assassin Sei Riencam. Following her attempt on his life, Solas spoke with Riencam. It is unknown what transpired between the two after that, but since then Riencam has followed Night-Thorn and now functions as the lieutenant of Raven Squad, Night-Thorn's personal team of mercenaries.

Night-Thorn would spend nearly two and a half years on Belkadan. During this time he would recruit four other mercenaries to his side. But soon he felt the Brotherhood calling him back. And so he loaded his squad up on their base carrier and headed for Yridia.

Tarentum Reborn (33 ABY)

Upon returning to his home, Night-Thorn found much had changed. Tarentum had been reclanned, and begun reclaiming her former glory. After reporting the results of his training to the new Consul of Tarentum Farrin Xies, Solas was soon placed in the newly formed House Mortis. Soon after Solas would be named the fourth apprentice of legendary Tarenti, Hades. He would then be assigned to the Order of the Trident, due to his military past. However this would not be his calling as his deeper connection to the Dark Side drew out a spirit that had laid silent for a long time.

Solas Following his return to the Dark Brotherhood.

The Rebirth of Necromancy (34 ABY)

In 34 ABY Solas would be given a vision of the base of the former Battleteam Spectre, The Pyramid. Night-Thorn would travel to Yridia III and seek out the hidden stronghold. Breaking inside, the Sith was greeted by the spirit of Kidouses. He informed the Epicanthix that he had determined that without members willing to go where no one else would, Tarentum would fall. He then tasked him with creating a haven for those who would be shunned or persecuted because of that calling.

And so Solas would join forces with Tarentum's Rollmaster Frosty Romanae Tarentae and his brother Dox. Together the three would form the Nekros Syndicate, a battleteam of Mortis dedicated to the rebirth of the art of necromancy with the Brotherhood, and as Tarentum's pipeline to the seedy underworld of the galaxy.

Tasking Frosty with the leadership of their underworld operations, and newly returned Warrior Strask Rurra'bek with the leading of their special forces, Solas would begin to focus on his own growth.

Forging a New Alliance

"But you and Caesar here have earned my respect, that arm being a testament to that. I hope we can count on each other in future endeavours."
―Seabr'imsto'nedansr aka Brimstone
Further information: Forged Alliances

It was during this time of growth that Solas would be called upon to aid Tarentum in a joint operation. Assigned to a team consisting of Grey Tarenti Caesar, and Plagueis master and apprentice Brimmstone and Taranae. Together the four first traveled to Yridia VI and visited an ancient Sith temple. Inside they did battle with the remaining Watchers from Tarentum's past. In the battle Solas suffered a terrible injury; his left arm was sliced from his body at the shoulder. Following the events on Yridia VI the four, now joined by a true Sith named Ithicor, traveled to the Anchorage. Once they received the blessing of both their clan summits, the team proceeded into the depths of the Plagueis base.

Inside what was called the Vault of the Dead, Solas and his companions encountered the spirit of Tel’Ratha. The spirit then possessed the body of Ithicor and attacked the brethren. Following a violent duel between Solas, Taranae and the possessed Sith. Solas managed to catch their opponent off guard and swiftly executed him.

A Daughter's Arrival

In the time following Forged Alliances, a major event shook Solas' entire life. A teenage girl arrived on Yridia III claiming to be the daughter of Salira Ker. The girl, Salinas, revealed herself to be the child of Solas and Salira's short lived romance. She also revealed that her mother had passed away a few years prior and since had been searching for her estranged father.

Rise to Knighthood

Under the guidance of his master Hades, Solas quickly shot up through the rank of the Sith order. And only four months after his return to Tarentum, he would be summoned to the home of his master the Sword's Sheath. Here his master would acknowledge the completion of Night-Thorn's journeyman training and with gleaming recommendations from his peers and leaders, would raise him to the rank of Knight.

Not long after Night-Thorn would settle into the change from student to teacher when he would take on two apprentices of his own.

The March to Dathomir

Night-Thorn's new appearance after the blood ritual.

With the rebirth of necromancy in full swing, the leaders of Tarentum sent their forces to the forgotten swamp world of Dathomir. On this putrid corpse of a world the Tarenti sought the lost knowledge of the Nightsisters. A sect of the Witches of Dathomir, known for their powers of necromancy.

During the campaign, Tarentum's Proconsul Sith Bloodfyre, unleashed his powers as the Ghost Dragon. This power weakened the spirits that remained on the planet. Taking this opportunity, Solas lead the Nekros Syndicate's Outlaw Brigade in an assault on a Nightsister temple. But those spirits who still held power had other plans. Arriving at the temple, Outlaw Brigade found the opposing force waiting for them. However they had formed a path leading straight into the temple. Later that night Solas sat cross-legged in his tent meditating. When he was contacted through the Force by an unknown party. That instructed him to seek them out.

The next day Solas and his commanders strode down the lane the horde had created leading to the temple. At the base of the steps of the temple they encountered three hooded figures. These figures asked him a series of questions. and after correctly identifying the three spirits; Maul, Savage Opress, and Asajj Ventress, he was granted entrance into the temple.

That night he met with the spirits of the "Grand Mothers", the three most powerful mystics in the Nightsisters history. The three, Gethzerion, Baritha, and Talzin, revealed to Solas that someone named Gwei Long had come to Dathomir and his power was like a poison to them. In an attempt to rid themselves of this poison, they offered Solas a bargain; in exchange for the lives of Outlaw Brigade, he would be given the power to control the hordes of ghouls that inhabited the planet, and the power to raise a similar horde anywhere. Solas agreed to this deal, and later that night Solas took part in an ancient blood ritual that bound the spirits of the three "Grand Mothers" to him. This ritual sacrificed all of Outlaw Brigade, and forever changed Solas.

  • At the time Solas was unaware that this Gwei Long was actually Master Bloodfyre.

Three days later, Solas returned to the Nekros Syndicate's base. However he did not return alone, he returned leading a massive horde of ghouls. This however was not the only change, for the ritual had changed the Sith physically. He had grown a full seven inches, making him the tallest of the three members of the Syndicate's inner circle. He had grown a small white goatee and his face paint had turned black. But in fact his face paint was actually black tattoos, reminiscent of the tattoos applied to members of the Nightbrothers. His attire had changed, but there was one thing that stood out more than the others; his eyes. When they had last seen him his eyes had been a normal icy blue. Now his irises had turned a sickeningly sulfuric yellow, and surprisingly his sclera had turned a deep black that seemed to absorb all the light around him. He also had a companion; a black hawk that rode on his shoulder.

A Different Path

Approximately eleven months after the events on Dathomir, Solas would board his ship and leave the Pyramid with little fanfare. He told no one where he was going and in his absence it fell to the Kingpin and the Grand Nekrosage to lead the Syndicate. However neither had the authority or the respect to lead Raven Squad. As such with the absence of their commander, the remaining members loaded up into their ship and left the system; presumably to search for Night-Thorn.

Personality and Traits


Night-Thorn's custom cybernetic prosthetic left arm.

Solas is of an above average, athletic build. His body hardened and his muscles honed from his years of military training on Sarkhai. Early in his life Solas had his hair and eyes genetically modified to change the hair from brown to white, and his eyes from brown to blue, to allow him to blend in on his new home world of Sarkhai. Around the same time he also had his adopted family's crest tattooed on the left side of his neck. As a member of the Sarkhai elite, Solas wore his warpaint in various shades of blue. However after his exile from Sarkhai he changed the color to shades of red in order to avoid discovery.

Shortly before his ascension to Knight, Solas had his left arm severed at the shoulder during a mission to Yridia VI. Initially he replaced the limb with the arm of a destroyed assassin droid. Following the operation, Night-Thorn would eventually replace this temporary prosthetic with a custom-built one of his own design. It is rumored that the plating is constructed of Mandalorian Iron treated with Sith Alchemy.

On Dathomir Solas performed a ritual that increased his height and weight. This ritual also caused his eyes to be permanently warped. Resulting in his irises being turned a sickeningly sulfuric yellow, and his sclera a deep black. Here he also grew in a small white goatee and had ritualistic black tattoos applied to his face. These tattoos replaced the red paint he normally wore.

  • Solas wears a set of robes consisting of a pair of black breaches, a grey turtleneck, brown leather boots with metal greaves, matching bracers, and a black over robe adorned with red trim, a fir collar on the left side, a heavily armored midriff, and a single pauldron constructed of brown leather, metal and red fabric. His lightsaber is carried on his left hip, held in place magnetically.
  • At all times Solas wears a pendant formerly worn by his wife.
Night-Thorn's pendant. The text reads Forget about what hurt you. But never forget what it taught you.


"He's like a bullet, addressed 'to whom it may concern', resting unfired. Get involved, it may start heading in your direction."
―R. 'Muz' Nelson

Due to his traumatic past, Solas has a distinct fear of attachment and as a result often appears cold to outsiders. Only three people have ever broken through the emotional walls he has built around him; his wife Kalin Night-Thorn, his past lover Salira Ker, and their daughter Salinas Ker. However despite his fears Solas does not reject attachment or the feeling of love. As shown by his past romances and the fact that he embraced his daughter and offered her a place by his side.

Solas is devoutly loyal to his House or Clan and will follow orders unquestionably. He would sacrifice his own life to protect his House or Clan from harm. This attitude, however, often clouds his ability to see things from an arbitrary or objective point of view and he can come off as extremely narrow-minded. He is also reputed for having a legendary and virulent need for vengeance. Once crossed, he will make it his life’s work to ensure that whatever slight was received is repaid tenfold. This need for vengeance can be all-consuming, and can often lead to short-sighted decisions.

He is no greenhorn when it comes to dealing with those who wish him ill. At some point, he managed to cross the wrong people, and now they've got a mark on his hide for it. While such experiences have hardened him for adrenaline-filled moments of evading those who seek to make him their quarry, he can never be quite sure if he is truly safe, for promises of wealth or power can turn even the most seemingly stalwart of allies to enemies with knives poised at his back.

Solas has had several brushes with madness, and while he may have repressed it, it is ever present in the recesses of his mind. Coupled with his studies into the darker Force arts, he can often be distant and uncaring of others or he could be violent and ruthless. While others may try to resist the temptations of the Dark Side, Solas has willingly submitted to it.

In Combat

In combat Solas prefers to let his fist and lightsaber do the talking for him. But he is not so singularly minded as he is quite adept at mixing in the use of a myriad of force powers into his combat. He particularly enjoys the use of telekinesis and Force lightning.

Solas used to use an an unorthodox variation of Shien where he held the lightsaber hilt in a backward position, exposing the front. This grip allowed Solas to perform long, sweeping strikes to take down several enemies at a time, whipping the blade forward with the movement of throwing a punch. This style of lightsaber combat is optimized for blocking blaster bolts rather than lightsaber combat, and thus is less effective against a single adversary. He coupled this with his extensive martial arts training and used his lightsaber in a more supportive role, and chose to attack with his off-hand and legs.

However after his performance in the Journeyman Invitational Tournament he discovered the faults in his combat style and began to employ a variant of Form V Djem-So that he has dubbed Shinkage-Ryu. It techniques are based in Djem-So's parries and counters. The technique differs in the grip applied and the target areas. Shinkage-Ryu primarily uses a single-handed grip when blocking or parrying, but switches to a two-handed grip when striking. When attacking Solas often targets his opponents head and torso with a single powerful strike, following a flurry of strikes.

The form suffers from the same drawback as Djem-So in its stance being too static and lacking mobility. And due to its focus on single strike kills, Shinkage-Ryu is best suited to single combat and can be difficult under the assault of multiple opponents.

Solas is usually in control of himself in combat. However should he take enough damage, something snaps inside. He taps into the latent madness that exists in his mind and enters into a blood rage. In this state he ignores all pain and injuries, willing to risk everything in order to become a force of destruction that leaves nothing but a trail of bile and gore in his wake. However, his blood rage put him in far more danger than the normal combatant, often resulting in needless injury and suffering, trading safety for pure offensive ability.


The sabers Night-Thorn has carried in battle.
  • Sith Armory Saber - Prior to his ascension to Knight, Solas carried a standard issue armory lightsaber with a red blade and red Sith trim.
  • Wolf's Fang Sith Saber - Following his promotion to Knight Solas began carrying a single red bladed saber. Having adapted the Shien reversed grip in combat he settled on the slightly curved Wolf's Fang hilt style, again trimmed in Sith red.
  • Sharp Sith Saber - Following his participation in the Journeymen Invitational tournament, Solas changed his combat style and abandoned the curved hilt and chose a more traditional straight hilt, once again trimmed in Sith red, with a primary blade and smaller secondary blade emitted from the base of the hilt.
  • Sleeper Saber - Following the cracking of his saber's crystal and the destruction of his previous hilt, Solas built and encased his crystal in a straight cross-guard hilt, with an unstable red blade and two exhaust ports.

Lightsaber Forms

  • Primary Form - Form V, Djem-So.
  • Secondary Form - Form VII, Juyo
  • Abandoned Form - Form V, Shien.


The Pyramid - Located on Yridia III, The Pyramid is a massive subterranean base that has served Clan Tarentum in one way or another since 33 ABY. It currently serves as the base of Nekros Syndicate. Solas can most often be found in either his office or the base's war room, coordinating the operations of the Syndicate.

The Nekros Infiltrator - A heavily customized Republic Sienar Systems Star Courier purchased by Solas to serve as his personal starship. The ship has had every external component painted black as night, with attempts to minimize the brightness of external lights and features. This allows this Civilian Star Courier to more easily blend into the darkness of space. In addition it has been fitted with an advanced droid brain that enables Solas to focus on non-piloting tasks. The droid can pilot the Civilian Star Courier at a predetermined speed and trajectory, through hyperspace, stopping only to avoid collisions with detected objects while alerting him.

DJB Facts

Despite his short time within the Brotherhood, not to mention his nearly two year absence, Solas has certainly made an impact. Being the mastermind behind the Nekros Syndicate, he has been a spearhead for the rebirth of the art of necromancy with Tarentum.


Night-Thorn's sixth warbanner which adorns the walls of his office.
  • While his formal master is Battlelord Hades, Solas studies under Battlelord Scion and Master Sith Bloodfyre in the Necromantic arts.
  • Following the trend of Kaine Mandaala and Muz Ashen, Solas signs his notes with WaxStamp.png



Wrathus IRL

  • The man behind the First Soul of Nekros is a 25 year old from Northwestern Montana.
  • He is pursuing a degree in graphic design.
Positions Held
Before Position After
Inaugural Battleteam Leader of the Nekros Coven
Day 305 of 33 ABY - Day 205 of 37 ABY
Rhiann Baenre Magistrate to the Herald
Day 20 of 34 ABY - Day 359 of 34 ABY
Mako Henymory
Dralin Fortea Aedile of House Ajunt Pall
Day 89 of 37 ABY - Present