The Pinnacle

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The Pinnacle
General information

circa 22 BBY - 19 BBY




Confederacy of Independent Systems

Physical specifications

612 meters

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The Pinnacle is the main base of operations for Clan Plagueis on the surface of Aliso. Formerly a maximum security prison complex, the Pinnacle has intricate security systems and defenses at its disposal.


Upon the arrival of Clan Plagueis the Pinnacle was in disrepair, its databanks wiped of any historical data, and devoid of any signs of recent life. The true age of the Pinnacle is unknown but was created sometime during the Clone Wars by the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Sometime either during or after the war the facility was abandoned before being discovered by Clan Plagueis, and has now become the center of military and economic power on the planet, with surrounding communities quickly sprawling out from it.

Physical Description

The Pinnacle is a tall, closely built conglomerate of towers with the main tower reaching a height of 612 meters. At the base of the Pinnacle is a larger, wider support structure with many rooms repurposed for the needs of Clan Plagueis. Although the outside of the Pinnacle is protected by a shielding system, the inside is just as formidable with internal shielding grids, anti-riot control systems, and bulkhead controls making any attempt to overtake the Pinnacle nearly impossible.

While many of the lower levels originally served as prison cells and have since been repurposed, most of the upper levels served as offices and other similar facilities that retain those purposes under Clan Plagueis. On the top level is a command and control center which has been refitted to serve as more than just a control center of the former prison, but also as a command center for Clan Plagueis with a much more versatile control and communications system. There are also several sublevels, 28 all together, to which the bottom most levels formerly housed the maximum security wing of the complex. The upper sublevels still serve as the main hangar and spaceport which sprawls out onto the basin below the cliff the Pinnacle sits on.

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