Tahiri Drakon Night-Thorn

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Tahiri Kahn Drakon Night-Thorn di Morte Tarentae
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

9 ABY / Age 27

Physical Description





1.6 m


54.5 kg


Irises sulfuric yellow and sclera a deep black (formally Grayish)

Personal Information

Keraa Zilon Drakon (Deceased)


Zabras Hulor Drakon (Deceased)

  • Rholar Solan Drakon (Brother, Age 7, Deceased)
  • Ro-Than Vang Drakon (Brother, Age 22)
Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):

Rune Knight lightsaber, 2x Vibroblade swords, Vibroblade knife, two sets of throwing knives, Vibroblade (see dossier) 14400

Fighting Style(s):


Chronology & Political Information

Assassin, Beastmaster, Previously Rear Admiral of Tarentum's Navy.


Rollmaster of Clan Plagueis


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

Personal Ship:

Nocte Drakon Star Courior shuttle

Known masters:
  • Deceased Wrathus (also known as Solas Night-Thorn Di Morte)
Known apprentices:

T'Calla Kytana



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Tahiri Drakon Night-Thorn Di Morte Tarentae is a Sith Equite Battlelord, previously a member of Tarentum, she has now joined the ranks of Clan Plagueis. She was young when she had half of her family and clan ripped away from her by raiders on her home planet of Shili. All she had left was her mother and one of her twin brothers. Though a few years later, she lost her mother as well, to an Akul on a hunting trip. Her parents had been the leaders of the Drakon tribe, so thus it fell to her, the eldest, to lead the clan. One day she hopes to find the raiders and avenge their deaths. For now her calling is to the Brotherhood. Now with the loss of another clan, though not many of her family, to an organization known as The Collective. Now the Collective, along with the Grand Master who didn't come to help in their time of need, have been added to her blacklist. As was with Tarentum, her new clan, Plagueis, has her undying loyalty, so she will defend everyone she cares about no matter what, and with everything she's got. This time she has much more to lose, and will risk everything to keep it.

Character History

Quick overview

Tahiri's life started out like any other Togrutan life in her tribe on her home world of Shili. Being the first born of Clan Drakon's leaders, Tahiri was expected to possibly one day lead the tribe or a tribe of her own. But from the very day of her birth, she was a little different. Tahiri loved working with her tribe in gathering and hunting, however she didn't really seem to have the same 'pack' mentality her species/people normally had. She would wander off by herself, walking several miles from her tribe's village and would stay out there for many hours. Most of the time her parents or other tribe members would have to go and find her before too long. Tahiri would even sometimes go off by herself to hunt, which was quite dangerous for any tribe member. The tribe, especially her parents, were very worried about this sort of behavior. That behavior has since ended up saving her life, and in certain ways saved the lives of those she is close to. In being able to go her own way and not having to fully depend upon others, this is what has enabled this young Togruta to be able to create wide, however quite strong, bonds with those she considers family or friends. Tahiri's loyalty, however, is only given to those whom she trusts, and those people she competely trusts are very close to her. The bonds the young Togruta forged within Clan Tarentum, were not broken with its destruction, only streagthen. Within Clan Plagueis, she has become close to many within the clan. The clan has earned her respect and loyalty.

Early Life (9ABY – 19ABY)


Born in 9 ABY, her fight started the moment she was born, though being tiny was only the beginning of her troubles. Keraa, a yellow skinned Togruta, gave birth to her 2 months before she was due, and Keraa was on an Akul hunt. A pack of Akul’s had killed three young members of their tribe, so many of the adults, including Tahiri’s parents, went to track and hunt down the beasts. They had found the packs lair, when Tahiri’s mother started going into labor. Even through the contractions she killed one Akul with a thrust of her spear, before she had to back out of the fight. It seemed that the strong emotions and physical strain had brought on the birth. While most of the other tribe members skinned and prepared the pack for transport back to the village, a couple of them, along with Zabras, helped Keraa through the birthing. Thus, into a world of blood and where only the strongest survive, a tiny crimson skinned Togruta named Tahiri Kahn Drakon was born.

Born Hunter

By the age of 2, Tahiri had already shown the capabilities of a hunter. Zabras and Keraa began teaching her simple stealth techniques, from staying quiet and hidden, to sneaking around. These lessons the little Togrutan girl took to very quickly. Tahiri had such a knack for stealth, that she soon began to walk up to even the most skilled hunters in the tribe, including her parents, without being noticed until she either spoke or they bumped into the little girl. Zabras had taught Tahiri how to blend into nature and a crowd so well, that she often went missing even though she was still nearby, or in the same room. Much to Keraa's dismay and Zabras's amusement at times. As she grew, Tahiri was very keen on learning anything and everything. Always watching what her parents and other warriors within the tribe did. Along with a passion for learning, Tahiri also showed a great amount of curiosity, which sometimes got her scolded more than once.

Big Sister

Tahiri became a big sister. 3 month's before her 5th birth celebration, Keraa gave birth to twin boys. During the birthing process, her parents had not allowed her to be in the tent, however that didn't deter Tahiri. She snuck in under a loose flap that she usually used to go out exploring, to quietly watch the birth of her little brothers. When the boys were cleaned up and she was called upon to come see them, her parents were quite surprised to see her pop up next to Keraa's elbow so quick. It was too much of a joyous occassion to scold Tahiri, as she gently caressed the very top of their pale montrals. She was confused as to the fact that they were a competely different color than she, but still thought it was awesome to have brothers. The twins skin color was a light orangish sort of tone, closer to Zabras' orange skin tone. She began to explore a little less, opting more to hold them and help her mother sometimes. Every night, as she helped with putting the boys to bed, her parents would hear her whispering promise that she would always be there to look out for them. Keraa was especially pleased to have her help, cause for some reason the twins would quiet down whenever Tahiri was near. Their names became Rholar Solan Drakon and Ro-Than Vang Drakon.

Becoming a Hunter Warrior (19ABY - 20ABY)

First Big Hunt

By the time she was six, she was becoming a greatly skilled hunter. The tradition of her tribe dictated, by the age of 8, that young Togrutan's, male and female, would go out to observe, and possibly help in an Akul hunt with the adults. She had reached the point in her training to go on the hunt, even though she was two years younger than the norm. She had already become proficiant in capturing alive, and efficiantly killing the large rodent-like creatures called Themirs that were more than less pests. While observing the main hunt of a male Akul, from a safe distance with the other children, Tahiri’s ‘hunter instints’ told her to vilgilant. Another large Akul had snuck up on the childrens position. Thanks to Tahiri’s warning, the children and their shapron were able to dodge the Akuls’ attack and the older Togruta was able to fend it off for a bit. Unfortunitely, this was to be the first death Tahiri was to witness in her young life. The adult Togruta protecting the children tripped as Akul swiped at him, and as he fell the Akul took the advantage. As the other children screamed for the other adults, Tahiri watched the Akul rip into the shaprons throat, something in her clicked. She didn’t run, didn’t scream, Tahiri simply pulled the dagger she had on her. With a small growl she ran around the beast, and jumped on it's back, slipping her dagger's sharp edge between the backbones and then into the ribs where she could feel the Akuls’ heart beating fast and hard. Even as the Akul bucked and tried to claw the tiny Togruta girl off it’s back, Tahiri stayed glued to the beast’s back. Her father and the other adults finally arrived to see the tiny crimson skinned Togruta dealing the final death blow, driving her dagger into the Akuls’ skull, with a roar as viscious and loud as an Akul.

Rites of Passage

Birth Right

Becoming a Leader

Path to Revenge

The Raiders

Rebuilding her Tribe

Space Traveling

First Love

Finding the Brotherhood

First Contact

The Academy

Master and Brother

Within the Nekros

The Syndicate
Changes: New Directions
The Coven

New Ties

New Friends

Moving up


Physical Description

Tahiri is a Togruta female with deep crimson red skin. She is highly agile and despite her height of 1.6 m (including her montrals), she is still small and slender for her species. The hollow protrusions of her montrals are also short for her species, only reaching 8.89 cm, but her lekku are long for her age, the ends just reaching to her the middle of her chest, framing a gentle heart-shaped face.

She has some unusual features resulting from Sith rituals that are unnatural for her species. The flesh of her montrals and lekku are grey with exaggerated sharp charcoal gray flame patterns. and she has sharp black colored facial and flame markings on her upper arms and legs that are also exaggerated. Her irises are a sickeningly sulfuric yellow, and her sclera a deep black.

Scars and tattoos

Tahiri has a long, inch thin, marring scar starting from the top of her right shoulder and ending just above her left hip. She also has a long, barely noticeable, vertical scar running from just above her right eyebrow, and ending half way down her right cheek. If you didn't know where to look, there is a small tribal-like Dragon head tattooed on her inner right calf.

Tahiri after her induction into the Sith Order
Tahiri after Sith Ritual
Positions Held
Before Position After
Thanadd Mawgath 34 ABY Aedile of House Mortis
Day 218 of 35 ABY - Day 361 of 35 ABY
Azmodius Equesinfernum 36 ABY Aedile of House Karness Muur
Day 242 of 36 ABY - Day 88 of 37 ABY
Gaius Julius Caesar
2017-2018 36 ABY Appeals panelist 2018-2019
Day 242 of 36 ABY - Day 56 of 37 ABY
Taranae 37 ABY Quaestor of House Ajunta Pall
Day 89 of 37 ABY - Present
Arden 35 ABY Rollmaster of Clan Plagueis
Day 89 of 37 ABY - Present