Azmodius Equesinfernum

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Exodus era.New Order era.
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Azmodius Equesinfernum
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10 ABY (age 28)

Physical Description

Arkanian, Omwati




1.905 m


55 kg





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Clan Plagueis



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Azmodius Equesinfernum is a Battlelord of House Karness Muur in Clan Plagueis. Formerly a Jedi of the New Jedi Order, he has completed his training in Battleteam Disciples of Dreypa and has since grown to be a Battlelord of Clan Plagueis.

Character History

Early Years (10 ABY - 15 ABY)

Ozzy Pawsborne Azmodius' closest friend.
Azmodius was born on the former galactic capital of Coruscant in 10 ABY. His father, Arkoh Equesinfernum, was a brilliant Arkanian geneticist who had been forced into early retirement due to The New Republic's shutdown of his branch for his questionable ethics. Arkoh left with his Omwati scientist and later wife, Qui Zax, to pursue research of their own in secret. While Arkoh was quite mad, he did refer to Azmodius as his greatest accomplishment, having carefully manipulated his genetics from the earliest stages of development. Azmodius was born with the physical traits of the purest blooded Arkanian, though he retained the tall and thin frame of his Omwati mother. In addition, Arkoh was able to give Azmodius a powerful immune system and fast metabolism.

As a child, Azmodius would often accompany his mother on her trips for research supplies. It was here that he first became fascinated with animals. Often reaching for the latches on the caged lab animals, his mother decided he would be better occupied with a pet of his own. On his third birthday, Azmodius was given a pet cat whom he named Ozzy Pawsborne. Ozzy, like Azmodius, was also carefully genetically manipulated by his obsessed father and given a far more developed mind and vocal chords, allowing him to speak. The two were inseparable and for two years, Azmodius had something to occupy his time.

A Misguided Youngling (15 ABY - 22 ABY)

Azmodius was found to possess an uncommonly high ammount of midi-chlorians, and in the year 15 ABY his parents were approached by a Jedi recruiter. Arkoh was hesitant to give up his greatest creation, but was blackmailed by the Jedi into giving Azmodius up for training. Fortunately for Azmodius, Ozzy was able to sneak onto the Jedi's ship just before launch. Azmodius was brought into the New Jedi Order and trained under the tutelage of the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV. His progression ,especially in lightsaber forms, far surpassed that of any of his fellow classmates and his training was passed on to a master at an early age.

Under the tutelage of Jedi Master Marcus, Azmodius traveled to the galaxy's most tumultuous sectors in hopes of bringing peace. For years, Azmodius followed his master's instruction without question, until news of an environmental catastrophe called the pair back to Yavin 4. While the masters gathered to discuss what actions were to be taken, Azmodius stood outside the council's chambers as ordered. The decision to forgo saving the wildlife in favor of helping the sentients that caused the disaster was not one the masters took to lightly. Nonetheless, due to the political climate, it was deemed necessary.

In hopes of calming the boy's frustration with the council's decision, Marcus allowed Azmodius to bring Ozzy along on their next mission in the Outer Rim. The two were sent to locate the source of high quality spice known as Glitterstim. Still distrusting of his master, Azmodius used the on board access to the Colonial News Net to see what had become of the places they had been. Just as he found evidence of Marcus' betrayals their ship was attacked by a band of pirates. The blast threw Azmodius off balance, causing his vision to blur. His master came in to find him barely conscious, his search still open on the terminal. Before he could grab his padawan, the pirates boarded the ship, causing Marcus to abandon his pupil in favor of escaping.

A Pirate's Life for Me (22 ABY - 27 ABY)

Azmodius awoke in cuffs, surrounded by the band that attacked the ship with his master nowhere to be found. Rather than kill him, as a captured Jedi is hard to come by, the pirates decided to bring Azmodius to their captain. Their Captain, Rashaun "Reggie" Silver, was overwhelmed with joy when he met the young padawan and decided to keep him on as a crew member, fitting him with a shock collar to ensure his obedience. Azmodius accepted his fate for the time being and began his work as an ordinary deckhand. While he couldn't stand cleaning up after the crew, he found them to be tolerable on occasion. Reggie allowed him the company of his friend Ozzy, which began to lighten his feelings for the renegades as a whole.From time to time the pirates would offer Azmodius and Ozzy a place at their table, trading better food and drink in exchange for their thrilling tales as a Jedi and his feline companion.

One day, as he was fulfilling his duties, their ship was attacked by a group of small time gang members who managed to steal a ship and began to expand their criminal activities. With everyone occupied by the boarding party, Azmodius was able to grab a vibrosword from one of his fallen crew members and, using his Jedi training, turned the tide of battle in the pirates' favor. In the moments of battle, the Arkanian found that he had a taste for violence. The blood, the screams, the feeling of flesh tearing open on his blade made his heart race with excitement as he had never been forced to kill before. Upon returning, the Captain's growing fondness for the boy in addition to his heroics, prompted Reggie to release him from slavery and take him under his wing as his protege.

The following years would see Azmodius grow to be the captain's right hand man and a pirate in every right. In this time he developed a love of spice, alcohol, violence, and women. For a time he enjoyed the life as he was rewarded with copious amounts of alcohol and spice for his many successful runs. His sexual escapades gave him even more recognition among the pirates and he was frequently seen standing on tables during meals, entertaining the rest with wild tales of his travels. Having conquered all the captain set his eyes on, Azmodius grew bored. After expressing his distaste for such a stagnant life to his Captain, he found that Reggie only wished to live out his life in luxury. boredom turned to bitterness and soon the other members had forgotten his capabilities. During a disagreement, in which a lot of alcohol was involved in addition to several totally smokin' twi'leks, Azmodius fought and severely beat several pirate leaders, abandoning the lifestyle of the criminals. Breaking all trust with his former captors, Azmodius and Ozzy totally jacked one of their ships and hauled ass. With the pirates in hot pursuit, a drunken Azmodius was shot down above Dathomir and, left for dead.

Warriors of Dathomir (27 ABY - 31ABY)

Dathomir, where Azmodius joined with the Nightbrothers.
On the harsh planet, Azmodius was pulled from the wreckage of his ship by members of one of the Dathomiri Nightbrother enclaves. Still reeking of alcohol, the sight of the nightbrothers sobered him up real quick. Still dressed in pirate garb, the nightbrothers took him captive to their leader. After hearing Azmodius' story, the leader decided to give the Arkanian a chance to prove his claims to be true via trial by combat. Azmodius agreed, and with little effort, defeated his opponent. The leader of the enclave saw much potential in Azmodius and while it was rare to accept outsiders, due to his skill and deeply rooted primal instincts, he offered him a place amongst them. With nowhere else to go, Azmodius agreed.

In the following days, Azmodius realized he and the nightbrothers had much in common. He earned their respect through combat and hunting, opting to do so with his claws instead of using his saber. Within a weeks time, he was their undisputed champion in both combat and the hunt and was given tattoos to forever mark him as one of them. Due to his tall, thin, and pale physique, the tattoos with which he was branded outlined his skeletal structure from the neck down. Afterwards the nightbrother leader approached him with the offer to compete in the trials in order to become eligible for mating with one of the Dathomiri Nightsisters. Now fully committed to this new way of life, he agreed and excelled in the trials. Upon completing his final task, three nightsisters emerged from the shadows to take him to their enclave.

Unsure of what was to come, he followed silently through their village until they reached a larger structure on the far end where he was greeted by the nightsister's leader, Mother Xarae. It was Xarae who contacted the nightbrother leader after feeling Azmodius' presence when he crashed onto their planet. Pleased with his character and ability, she offered him knowledge of the force he would not find among the Jedi. He knew little of the Dark Side, but what Xarae offered was both light and dark. Intrigued, Azmodius agreed to follow her and learn more of her beliefs and customs. Although he was a man, Xarae saw more in him than many of the prospective nightsisters and tasked him with the retrieval of one of the Sleeper's body parts for a ritual. During the trial, Azmodius finally gave in to the Dark Side completely and returned triumphant. Then, using the parts he retrieved from the Sleeper to create The Water of Life under the guidance of Xarae, he healed his wounds. Now a full fledged member of the Nightsisters, Xarae began to teach him the ways of the Dark Side.

Through her teachings, Azmodius learned of the twin energies of the Winged Goddess and Winged God. With their power he was able to communicate with beasts and progressed further into speaking with their spirits. Finally he was able, through meditation, to take on the characteristics of an animal who's spirit allowed him to do so. He helped in the crafting of Talismans in a similar manner and performed many other shamanistic rituals.

Azmodius grew more powerful under Xarae's teachings and began hunting larger and more aggressive beasts whilst taking on the aspects of one of the planet's many predators. One day, whilst out hunting with nothing but the abilities of one of the predators on Dathomir, he attracted a smoking hot nightsister named Lokri and they screwed like animals for like... months. The two grew close and began living together after a short while. Their union pleased Xarae as she suspected they would produce powerful children that would one day allow her to perform far greater rituals and expand the power of her shadow magic.

After a while Azmodius' old master came to Dathomir in search of his lost student. While Azmodius was out hunting Marcus found Lokri and convinced her to allow him temporary access into their home. Azmodius sensed his former master and prepared himself for whatever was to come. Marcus tried to convince Azmodius to return, but the former Jedi wouldn't agree. Marcus lied about his intentions, stating the Council forbade him from retrieving his student because they feared him loosing control of his emotions upon seeing his padawan in chains. Azmodius called his bluff and asked him to leave, at which he silently stepped out.

Moments later, Alarm bells rang as the enclave was under attack. In a desperate attempt to tie loose ends, Marcus had hired mercenaries to help him raze the village and kill his student. Azmodius joined his fellow nightbrothers and nightsisters in the battle during which his mate had been killed. Upon seeing her corpse, Azmodius experienced rage like he had never felt before. In moments, he was able to cleave through several enemies and disarm his former master. Seeing the rest of his mercenaries dead or retreating, Marcus was forced to follow into the thick woods. Azmodius sat in quiet meditation as the rest of his clansmen gave chase to their aggressors. in a few short moments, he opened his eyes, now no longer white, but catlike. He took off into the woods with accelerated speed after his former master's scent.

Minutes later, Azmodius found himself sitting on a branch, high up above his former master. Marcus could feel his former pupil's presence nearby, now much more heavily tainted by the Dark Side than before. He called for Azmodius into the darkness as the Arkanian leaped from branch to branch, throwing the Jedi off of his location. His old master's heart raced as he fell deeper and deeper into a panicked state. When the time was right and the Jedi had gone mad from fear, Azmodius leaped down on him and tore his spine out. Upon returning with the spine in his bloody clawed hand his fellow clansmen ran to him in excitement, shouting praise and calling him the greatest hunter of Dathomir. This would have pleased Azmodius any other day, but he had just lost the best lay he had ever known in addition to many of his closest nightbrothers.

Seeking more power and wishing never to bring harm to his clan again, Azmodius left Dathomir, searching the stars for further knowledge of the Dark Side. It was after a full year of inebriated searching that rumors of a secret society of Dark Jedi clustered in the shadows of the Stygian Caldera reached his hazy radar. He grabbed his best bottle of booze, stole the first ship he could find and went there as fast as it's little engines could. Flying blind within the space crap, Azmodius crashed onto planet Antei and got his ass recruited into the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

The Apprentice (32 ABY)

Azmodius had spent a few short weeks with the members of the Dark Brotherhood before knowledge of a powerful master's search for a suitable apprentice made way to his ears. Upon entering the chamber where all the wishful students gathered he immediately noticed that only a handful had lightsabers of their own. His confidence did not go unnoticed as a rather large and rather thick individual by the name of Bright began an attempt to intimidate him into leaving the chamber. The sound of cackling from Bright's circle of pathetic followers pissed Azmodius off but, it wasn't until Bright had grabbed Ozzy and began squeezing his chest that the Dark Jedi took action.

Igniting his saber, Azmodius leapt at Bright, forcing him to drop Ozzy and take his stance. After several clashes, the two locked sabers and the force of the blades pressing against each other proved too much for the Arkanian's saber as it's blade shattered, sending the two flying in opposite directions. The loss of his blade meant nothing at the moment as he saw Ozzy running from Bright's pose, sending him into a blind rage as he pounced towards them, cutting them off from his only friend. Bright got up and swung at the Arkanian's back, but missed as Azmodius dodged the strike and took Bright to the ground in one move. Ear shattering screams rang out in the chamber as Azmodius pressed his clawed thumbs into Bright's eyes. The sight of their beloved champion in agony filled his followers with fear as they all quickly backed away. Moments later Azmodius stood blood soaked and victorious, yet unsated.

Azmodius turned to the others, now shaking with fear and began cleaving through them, one by one. With five bloody corpses now littering the ground around him, Azmodius turned to the rest of the crowd when a booming "Stop" was heard from high above. Furios Morega had seen the events that had transpired and leaped down from the 100ft high rafters, slowing his decent with the force. Igniting his saber he commanded the young Arkanian to kneel. Azmodius recognized this was a significant member of the Brotherhood and did as he was told. Furios' blade danced around his head and upon rising to his feet, Furios congratulated him on becoming his apprentice.


Physical Description

A Saberstaff such as Azmodius uses.
Azmodius was born to an Arkanian man and an Omwati woman. His father was a geneticist and altered his DNA to give him the appearance of a pure blood Arkanian with only retaining the tall and thin frame of the Omwati people. He has four clawed digits on each hand and long white hair. His white eyes are kept wrapped as most inhabited systems have too bright of a sun. During his time spent with the warriors of Dathomir he was given tattoos covering his whole body aside from his head. Due to his tall and thin physique, the tattoos with which he was branded outlined his skeletal structure to give him the appearance of a living corpse.


Azmodius wears Dathomiri robes and a pair of boots. Each boot has a small pouch on its inner side. One holds a small pipe and the other holds a small amount of spice as he had grown accustomed to it during his days as a pirate. His leg has a small leather holster holding a larger than average flask he keeps full of vodka. His Saberstaff has red blades and is kept on his hip. 10 throwing daggers rest in sheathes along his lower back and legs. He keeps 3 blades on each leg and four on his lower back.

Personality and Traits


Azmodius is usually a fun loving guy, but when angered he unleashes his pure animistic rage upon any who have the misfortune of getting in his way. Nothing will summon his rage quite like picking on his companion Ozzy, an orange and white tabby. A dark and violent past has given him a thirst for blood and he loves nothing more than to sate it with a good hunt, a good lay, or some good vodka. A child at heart, he and his companion are usually found playing with other beasties, as he has an affinity for them, or doing something that would make one tilt their head to the side in confusion. Azmodius also drinks coffee and smokes cigarettes as he most commonly words it, "I'm not a person till iv'e had some coffee and a smoke." A handsome face, and his lustful attitude, (and on occasion his companion) seems to get him in trouble more often than his other habits, although, to Azmodius, it is almost always worth it.


The Force

Azmodius sees the force as both a tool and a guide. Through heavy meditation, the force allows him to communicate with the spirits of fallen beasts and, should they allow it, take on their characteristics for a time. His time spent among the warriors of Dathomir has taught him of the force's manifestations and although he doesn't outright believe it, he does perform some of the rituals.


Between the corruption of his master and the time he spent free from the Jedi counsel's machinations, Azmodius has grown to despise the politics of the more civilized planets. In his eyes, sentient species are, for the most part, corrupt parasites and political alignments are a catalyst to their plague. Although he prefers not to, he does agree with the Brotherhood's manipulation of governments and their officials to suit their needs and will play the part if absolutely necessary.

Non Force Users

Azmodius cares little for those incapable of seeing the world through the Force. While some may serve a purpose or have proven themselves, he could care less if they live or die. He feels that few are capable of posing a threat to him.

Force Users

Azmodius has learned through his time with the Jedi, the Dathomiri, and especially under Furios' tutilage that those strong with the Force can be a great ally or a powerful enemy regardless of how they may look. Several of the Jedi masters he trained with were fierce combatants though they looked kind and harmless. Xarae, While thin and old, was a master of ancient rituals and could summon armies of the dead with her necromancy. Together, Furios and Azmodius posed a seemingly unstoppable force, having killed thousands while working for the clan.

Powers and Abilities

Force Powers

A stray female dog Azmodius rescued.
Azmodius tends to focus on the physical attributes of the force more than others. His use of the force is concentrated on bolstering his strength, speed, athleticism and awareness of his surroundings as they are most crucial to a warrior and hunter. In addition to empowering his body, Azmodius is also capable of quickly recovering from blows and the drain experienced when using Juyo. Beast Mastery, Like the rest of his abilities, stems from a natural gift with some refinement during his time among the warriors of Dathomir. He is capable of producing a Force Shock, although only upon physical contact.

Lightsaber Abilities

An Adept practitioner of Juyo, Azmodius channels the force through his primal rage to create a deadly whirlwind of fast and powerful blows. While he is not as well trained in Sokan, he is still quite capable of dispatching enemies through it's use.

Other Skills

A well rounded martial artist, Azmodius has taken a long time training in Echani as well as the use of bladed weapons and throwing daggers. As he has spent much of his time under the influence of drugs and alcohol, Azmodius has been able to adapt to fighting under these conditions.


Furios Morega

As his teacher and sparring partner, Azmodius owes much of his strength to the teachings of Furios. The two shared the same taste in alcohol and would often drink together after missions and sparring. Furios trained his student in the Echani martial arts as well as the ability to harness electricity upon making contact with his blows. While Furios was attempting to teach Azmodius Vaapad the Arkanian lost his temper and proved to be a natural at the form's darker counterpart, Juyo.

Lilith Noctis

Lilith and Azmodius became acquainted while being held captive during Azmodius' reign under the Jolly Roger. After a daring escape the two began a brief romantic relationship as well as a business partnership. Lilith would provide Azmodius with the various illicit substances he requested in exchange for money or favors. After his crash onto Dathomir the two lost contact for a time until Azmodius joined the brotherhood and used their resources to track her down.

Positions Held
Before Position After
Furios Morega Battleteam Leader of Clan Plagueis
35 ABY - 35 ABY
Laren Uscot
Kelly Mendes Aedile of House Ajunta Pall
35 ABY - 36 ABY
Taranae Rhode
TuQ'uan Varick Aedile of House Karness Muur
36 ABY - 36 ABY
Tahiri Drakon Night-Thorn