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House Tyranus
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"Will is Everything"
―House Tyranus' motto

Tyranus is a House within Clan Plagueis established by Ronovi Tavisaen, TuQ'uan Varick, Scudi Ferria, and Gaius Julius Caesar in the aftermath of the Thirteenth Great Jedi War in 37 ABY. Replacing Karness Muur and Ajunta Pall as the clan's sole house, Tyranus serves as the main arm of Plagueis, with its members trained to serve the Dread Throne in all economic and military matters.



House Tyranus was founded in 37 ABY. In the aftermath of a series of military operations against the Collective after the end of the Thirteenth Great Jedi War, the Dread Lord of Clan Plagueis, Ronovi Tavisaen, reviewed and analyzed the proceedings of the clan and its subordinate houses. Dissatisfied with the organization and functionality of houses Karness Muur and Ajunta Pall, she decided to streamline them into a single house: House Tyranus. Knowing that this house would need strong leadership, she, along with her Wrath, decided to approach the leadership of Karness Muur, Scudi Ferria and Gaius Julius Caesar. As leaders appointed by Tavisaen, they were a fitting duo to lead the new house.

With the knowledge that they would be called upon to lead a new house, Caesar and Ferria discreetly began looking for a home. Korada Monastery had served them well, but if the house was to move forward, then it wasn’t fit to hold the majority of the clan. They settled on a site located equidistant from The Pinnacle and Aliso City to best serve the needs of the clan.

House Tyranus was given the task of protecting Plagueis economic and military interests on Aliso. Their role was akin to that of the Jedi Order during the reign of the Galactic Republic, and their guardianship was intended to be one more means to help safeguard their adopted home against new threats.


As with the typical houses of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, House Tyranus is ruled by a single Quaestor (known as the Hand of Dread in official parlance) and an Aedile serving as a second in command. These individuals offer basic directives and objectives, serving to coordinate the House's efforts.

The House's namesake and patron is Count Dooku, former apprentice to Darth Sidious, who had turned to the dark side after becoming disillusioned with the Jedi Order. His manipulation and calculations during the Clone Wars are viewed by members of the house as both honorable and brilliant.


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After the establishment of House Tyranus was agreed upon by the Plagueian summit, it was decided that the House would need a facility to act as its headquarters. The leadership of Plagueis called upon the aid of the Valneikian hive to plan and build the facility. A site was chosen outside Aliso City to further spread the influence of the Ascendant Clan across the frontier world.

A castle roughly five square kilometres in area, Fort Dooku was erected quickly in 37 ABY. Surrounded by walls several meters thick and a dozen meters tall, the open-air courtyard is filled with many different structures. At the heart of the castle is the Tyranus Citadel, with various structures of military and civilian importance filling out the rest of the castle grounds. Throughout Fort Dooku are several shield generators, which allow the facility to be entirely shielded should the need arise. In addition, there are auto-turrets located along the top of the walls, ready to defend House Tyranus. The structure and design of the fort aim to emulate the style common throughout Aliso City, combining the frontier and industrial aspects that give the city its flavour. The Fortress is designed so that its residents could potentially spend their entire lives within its walls (as long as they have the necessary supplies) should it prove necessary. The summit of House Tyranus rule from the Tyranus Citadel, a centrally-located spire within the castle's walls while the walls also hold living quarters, a military staging area, a market sector and an entertainment district.

Summit Chronology

House Tyranus
Quaestor Aedile Service Dates
Scudi Ferria Gaius Julius Caesar 12/01/19 - 05/11/2020
Liandry Cataa Gaius Julius Caesar 05/11/2020 - 08/08/2020
Liandry Cataa Marcus Armani 08/08/2020 - 08/17/2020
Shimura Keibatsu Marcus Armani 08/17/2020 - 11/26/2020
Shimura Keibatsu Khryso Mallus 11/26/2020 - 11/28/2020
None Khryso Mallus 11/28/2020 - 12/15/2020
Taranae Rhode Khryso Mallus 12/15/2020 - Present

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