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Khryso Mallus
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Date of Birth:

11 ABY (age 27)

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1.88 m


89 kg


Dark Blue



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Lightsaber Form(s):

Form III - Soresu

Fighting Style(s):

Imperial Martial Arts System

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Known masters:

Dralin Fortea



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Khryso Mallus is a male Chiss Sith and member of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. He has attained the rank of Warrior and belongs to House Tyranus of Clan Plagueis. While he has held many professions throughout his life, he is now a loyal adherent to the ideology of the Sith and seeks greater power in order to live a life of opulence, decadence, and culture. While he is not the most social of beings, he prefers to work cooperatively with others to achieve a greater goal. However, he will not tolerate obstacles of any form. Some might describe him as mild-mannered, but make no mistake: he is a Sith.

Character History

Nirauan and the Imperial Civil War

Even after the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn, the Imperial forces stationed on Nirauan stayed loyal to the Empire. Although there were some among their numbers who expressed concern over new leadership, it was largely accepted that going forward, the Hand of Thrawn would persevere as an asset to the Imperial Remnant. These were the circumstances surrounding the birth of a Chiss child named Khryso Mallus. His name alone is evidence enough of the expectations set for him. While both of his parents were Chiss, they were also both loyal Imperials, his father even having served under Grand Admiral Thrawn. So, they elected to give him a more traditionally human name in style, blending elements of both of their family names together. "Khryso" came from his mother, Khrys'orr'allai, and "Mallus" from his father, Torc'ruum'allus. In this new naming convention for their family, the hopes and dreams of the two parents were thrust upon their young child.

Khryso was just shy of a year old when the Imperial forces there began to splinter into separate factions, joining up with various remnants as they fled towards the Unknown Regions. As separate Imperial warlords and leaders began to consolidate their power and move base towards the Unknown Regions, minor fighting broke out between different factions within the forces stationed on the planet. Different Imperials had different commanders they wanted to follow as the Empire did its best to rebuild. Torc'ruum'allus, being an enlisted soldier, was involved in many of said skirmishes and met his end when a fellow soldier decided to turn on their unit, slaughtering most of them. This left Khrys'orr'allai a widow and Khryso fatherless. While the betrayals and disagreements never reached open warfare, the planet quickly had some lines drawn in it and the citizens began leaving in droves.

While, of course, Khrys'orr'allai was grieved by the circumstances surrounding her husband's death, she knew it was part and parcel of living within the Empire sometimes. One of Torc'ruum'allus' closer friends within the army, a human man named Tim Falger, decided to take Khrys'orr'allai's and Khryso's welfare over his shoulder, caring for them while they found a way to rebuild. Even after the fighting settled down, however, it became clear that Nirauan was no longer the bustling Imperial outpost it once was. The Empire was a far shadow of its former self and a much diminished population did nothing to help the economy. Tim and Khrys'orr'allai eventually decided it would be in their best interest to seek out somewhere that offered more than an Imperial fortress.

Living as an Imperial

Early Childhood

in 13 ABY, not long after Khryso's second birthday, his family unit left Nirauan. Unsure where to settle, they did some planet-hopping that lasted the better part of a year before eventually deciding to settle on the out of the way planet of Minashee. This planet was still being ruled by an Imperial faction that hadn't fled the area yet. They were able to secure living arrangements in the capital city of Minsah. Tim besought the grace of Moff Luthus Tadrin, the man in charge of the sector who lived nearby the city. He was able to secure a job as a soldier and once again continued to provide for the Mallus family.

Khryso was raised by his mother as an upstanding Imperial citizen. Unlike Nirauan, Minashee and especially Minsah was almost entirely human, so Khryso and his mother stood out quite sharply. While the Remnant wasn't quite as xenophobic as its predecessor, there still was a stigma attached to the sole Chiss boy trying to blend in as if he were just another Imperial. While Khryso never faced egregious discrimination or prejudice, he also wasn't granted any favors. Everything he accomplished he had to strive for in his entirety. This sense of being an "other" also contributed to Khryso developing a somewhat reserved personality, preferring to keep his head down and avoid any trouble, focusing instead on his work or studies.

Khryso proved to be rather sharp and capable, managing to outperform most of his peers as he went through his schooling. One of the reasons for this might be his latent Force sensitivity. Since he never manifested the Force in any kind of spectacular way, nobody caught on and he was just seen as unusually keen. Most people probably chalked it up to his alien nature, although his mother figured there may be something special about him.

Fading Imperial Influence

In 18 ABY, the Imperial Remnant's power continued to decline during the Cold War with the New Republic. Fortunately, Minashee remained one of its holdings. This did, however, bring about a subtle change throughout the populace. The Remnant was now the underdogs in the galaxy, forced to scramble to stay together. Minsah now hung heavy with the air of a defeated peoples. Much of the Imperial pride and will that had inhabited the planet began to drain, even from Khrys'orr'allai and Tim. Khryso, however, still being young, could only see this as a sign of weakness on the part of the Imperial Remnant. Clearly, if the Empire was as great as he had been taught, they wouldn't have allowed themselves to be defeated. Therefore, as he grew, Khryso didn't develop the aggressive loyalty to the Empire that his parents had hoped for him. Unfortunately, he found the archives of Minashee to be dreadfully lacking when it came to non-Imperial topics.

Due to his reserved nature, it never became clear to anyone outside of his family how uninterested in the Remnant Khryso had become. His family, however, was a different matter. Khrys'orr'allai was heartbroken by the discovery, however, Tim decided to take a more active approach in making Khryso a loyal Imperial. He began to show and teach him things about his job as an Imperial soldier, even going so far as to convince Moff Tadrin to meet the then 10 year old Khryso. Surprisingly, the Moff was impressed with the surprisingly sharp boy and the two struck up a friendship. Khryso spent a fair amount of time at Moff Tadrin's palace learning about culture, leadership, and warfare in their talks. He even gained access to a wider wealth of information to study.

While Khryso appreciated the time he spent talking with and learning from Moff Tadrin, it did little to change his mind. Thankfully, being in the officer's presence alone was enough to assuage the fears of his guardians and Khryso soaked up whatever he could like a sponge. He came to admire the Moff's lifestyle, although from his perspective it wasn't something that was attainable under the current weakened Imperial Remnant. However, he now had something to strive towards. As he entered his teenage years, however, the peaceful world of Minashee would be turned on its head.

The First Order

In 25 ABY, the First Order came to the Tadrin sector. They had apparently been on a recruitment campaign as they built up their forces, visiting Imperial Remnant holdings along the fringes of the galaxy to extend an invitation to join. They met with Moff Tadrin for several days before leaving the planet. The Moff had apparently turned down the offer, not wanting to reengage the Republic in a war he thought they couldn't win. However, this would turn out to be a mistake, as not even a week later, the First Order invaded the planet to force their joining. Khryso was only 14 at the time, but due to the severity of the oncoming invasion, he was drafted into the Imperial military, as was his mother. He was barely into boot camp before the First Order arrived on Minashee, planning to add it to their growing empire. The fighting was intense and Khryso found himself subject to many a close call. After almost a year of fighting, they fell under the rule of the First Order. Unfortunately, both Tim Falger and Khrys'orr'allai had perished in the war. The planet was left in ruins and Moff Tadrin was relieved of duty as a new First Order governor was put in charge. Khryso decided to stay behind and help the Moff and his family find their footing in their new place in society.

Khryso managed to avoid being recruited into the ranks of the First Order due to his alien biology, although most of Moff Tadrin's children were taken. His youngest daughter, Lena, and his four wives were all that managed to remain behind. Due to Khryso's recently orphaned status and his familiarity with the Moff, he almost became a part of the family. Even more so when he and Lena began to date. The relationship wasn't entirely serious and was mostly two teenagers enjoying themselves. It was clear to Khryso fairly early on that Tadrin wasn't thrilled about the idea, but the Moff mostly kept it to himself, severely humbled as he had been by the First Order. Khryso saw how broken the man had become and resolved that he never wanted to see himself that way. He had every intention of rising to live a life of opulence, culture, and luxury, and he would not let someone take it from him. Tadrin's aversion to conflict had left him a poor, broken man.

Eventually, dealing with the First Order became too much of a hassle for Khryso. He could tell his relationship with Lena was also starting to break down his connection with Tadrin. The Moff, while he had once held Khryso in a certain regard, had become bitter and his classic Imperial xenophobia was beginning to surface as he saw his daughter cavorting around with a non-human. Rather than let things deteriorate into something unsalvageable, Khryso decided to leave at the age of 17. His relationship with Lena was surprisingly easy to break off, confirming his suspicions that it was just an adolescent fling. He had managed to save up enough credits to make his own way for a short while, although that would run out soon. For the time being, Khryso fell in with some mercenary groups, deciding to take advantage of his history as a soldier. Khryso officially left his Imperial citizenship behind and became a citizen of the greater galaxy.

Young Adulthood

Khryso worked as a mercenary for several years, sometimes as a front-line soldier but more often in a support role. During this time, he saw much of the galaxy and learned a lot. It was also during this time that he began to suspect he was Force Sensitive. He seemed to have a talent for quickly analyzing situations and predicting opponents. Some of his fellow mercenaries began pointing out to him times that he seemed to act on an almost superhuman level, and this was further confirmed when a man they were working with commented that Khryso reminded him of a Jedi he had once worked with. This prompted Khryso to seek out the New Jedi Order. Unfortunately, he only found out that they had been destroyed by Kylo Ren.

Khryso still wanted to learn how to wield the Force, however, so he began to seek out other sources of information on the topic. It was not long after this that he parted ways with the mercenaries, going to live on Coruscant. He had to seek out someone who could teach him to properly wield the Force. What little information he could find wasn't enough to sate his interest, but he refused to go to the First Order and the likes of Kylo Ren, one of the only widely known Force users left, to learn. He had no desire to become a First Order lackey, he wanted the power for himself. As he strained to teach himself what little he could manage while searching for a teacher, his yearning for power began to lead him towards the Dark Side.

He knew from his life in the Empire that Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader had both been practitioners of the Force. They weren't Jedi, however. Which meant their power had come from another source. Information on other Force-using Orders was hard to come by, at least for the average citizen, but Khryso spent the better part of a year doing as much research as possible. What little fruit he yielded solidified his resolve. Taking what money he had left, he hired a pilot. In 34 ABY, Khryso Mallus left Coruscant. With the help of his pilot, for over a year Khryso searched the galaxy for clues. Unfortunately, his pilot wasn't interested in spending so much time searching the galaxy. They were mostly a commercial pilot and they had a life back on Coruscant they wanted to get back to. However, Khryso had spent the vast majority of his capital on securing this ship and he couldn't let it go that easily. Rather than give up on his search, he was forced to relent and kill his pilot, taking control of the ship for himself. It wasn't long after this that his search led him to the Unknown Regions.

In 36 ABY Khryso managed to stumble across the Aliso system. His ship was immediately accosted by forces he wasn't familiar with and he was taken prisoner. It was revealed to him that he had discovered the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. It didn't take much deliberation for him to realize this was the destiny he had been seeking. He requested to join the ranks of the Sith and, upon completing some basic tests, was granted entry into House Ajunta Pall of Clan Plagueis.

The Shadow Academy

Khryso was immediately shipped out to Arx to study at the Shadow Academy there. He quickly applied his full concentration to the lessons, advancing through the ranks as fast as he could manage. In a matter of months he had ascended to the rank of Neophyte. He stayed at the Academy afterwards, continuing his studies while he learned the ropes of this new society. He quickly progressed through the ranks of the Shadow Academy as well, becoming a Sophomore before putting his studies on temporary hiatus to devote more attention to developing his combat abilities and Force talents.

A few weeks passed and Khryso managed to grow his skills to the point where he was elevated to the rank of Acolyte. He decided now was as good a time as any to resume his studies at the Shadow Academy, although he would be making an effort to better split his time. As he worked to earn his first Dark Maven, it became clear however that he was straining himself by trying to focus on too many things at once. So, he took a trip to the Brotherhood market and purchased a droid to assist him in his day-to-day activities, giving him a bit more free time to devote to his studies and practice. While at the market, another vendor caught his eye and he decided to purchase a blaster as well. He had learned to handle various types of his blaster during his time as a mercenary, so it would be handy to have one at his side, at least until he became a lightsaber master.

Returning to the Academy, Khryso resumed his work with the assistance of his new droid Ufie. He completed his work, earning not just one, but two Dark Mavens over the course of the next few weeks. As he considered which studies to approach next, however, Khryso was contacted by his superiors and informed that he would be assigned to a Master to assist him in his training. He was genuinely interested in seeing what he could learn from a more experienced member of the Brotherhood, and was happy to discover that the Master assigned to him was none other than Battlemaster Dralin Fortea, the newly elected Aedile of House Ajunta Pall. Working with his Master, Khryso was able to push through more of his studies and training and successfully graduated from the Shadow Academy by earning his first Dark Savant. Although he had graduated from the institution, Khryso would stick around for months to come to continue training and studying.


As Khryso trained under Dralin, he would often travel between Arx and Aliso as he strove to continue his studies at the Shadow Academy while he trained under Dralin. He was successful in this endeavor, as he continued to earn degrees during his apprenticeship. On one of these visits to the Shadow Academy on Arx, Khryso met a Devaronian girl named Nefilee Ath'muss. Nefilee was a Sith Apprentice studying at the Shadow Academy, although she was beginning to struggle. The two formed an acquaintanceship that resulted in Khryso acting as her tutor. Over the course of a few days of study sessions, they forged a friendship and kept in contact with each other afterwards, Khryso occasionally helping her study when she needed it and he was available.

It wasn't long after this that Operation: Antiquity took place, in which Clan Plagueis and Clan Naga Sadow worked together to scout and investigate a newly discovered planet. Khryso was among the personnel sent down to the planet's surface to participate in the operation on Clan Plagueis' behalf. While there he performed many duties for his superiors, one of which involved him having to work alongside a member of Naga Sadow, Hilgrif. The two didn't see eye-to-eye and Khryso ended up developing a small rivalry with the Verpine. In the end, though, Khryso's efforts during Operation: Antiquity were enough to convince his superiors to advance his rank, elevating him from an Acolyte to a Hunter.

Not long after his promotion, Khryso was tasked with a mission by the Shadow Academy. This wasn't the first assignment he had completed for them, but it is worth noting. The Chiss was paired up with a more experienced member of the organization, an Ithorian by the name of Thorthok Om. The two traveled to the Outer Rim planet of Tatooine to investigate rumors of a possible Sith Temple having been discovered there. Not long after arriving on the planet, however, they encountered First Order stormtroopers. The First Order appeared to be investigating the same rumors that Khryso Mallus was pursuing, so the two groups came into conflict. To complicate things further, the First Order platoon was led by Lora Tadrin, one of Luthus Tadrin's daughters who was now a lieutenant in the First Order military. Despite the ties to his past that Lora represented, Khryso pushed forward with his mission. The two factions eventually came to blows inside the Sith Temple that was the catalyst for their missions. Thorthok fell to the First Order, but Khryso avenged him. Soon after, Khryso Mallus killed Lora during a stand-off. With the First Order soldiers all dead, Khryso was free to complete his mission and report his findings. The Chiss made sure to remember Lora's final words should he ever cross her father again.

Khryso continued working for the Shadow Academy and Clan Plagueis, however he decided to begin investing some of his time in work for the Inquisitorius as well. His focus slowly began to shift from relentless study at the Shadow Academy to more active work for the Brotherhood. Despite this, he did his best to remain available to help Nefilee with her studies. The two had become well acquainted after months of contact and it appeared that Khryso's tutoring was doing the trick, as Nefilee had been promoted to Novice in the time since they met. To repay him, Nefilee often sparred with Khryso and helped him hone his physical abilities. It had been quite a while since he had heard from his Master, but the Chiss was determined to advance without having to rely on the absent Sith.

An artistic rendition of Khryso made by Silas Manx during Clan Plagueis' trip to Mustafar.

Khryso was soon tasked with completing a survey of the Valneikian hive, a hive of Geonosians that were currently residing on Aliso in servitude to Clan Plagueis. He was able to put together a comprehensive report and, in the process, became quite familiar with the insectoid aliens. After this, some of the higher-ups in the Plagueian heirarchy decided that a group of the clan's membership was going to be take a team-building trip together. Khryso Mallus was one of the individuals selected to take part. They travelled to Mustafar and stayed there for several days. This gave Khryso the opportunity to put together a unique training regiment while he also got the chance to get to know some of the higher-ranking members of the clan. The Chiss managed to impress his superiors with his continued dedication to growth and to the Clan, finally earning the promotion to Knighthood and becoming a fully fledged Sith.

Great Jedi War XIII

While ascending to Knighthood was certainly a powerful accomplishment, Khryso knew his journey was far from over. Now that he had advanced past the role of a student, the Chiss knew it was time to establish himself. With credits he had saved up over the course of his time with the Brotherhood, Khryso was able to purchase a penthouse in the heart of Aliso City to serve as his new home. With his home he purchased a slave by the name of Seibas to act as custodian for the place. In addition, Khryso was able to purchase Solidago, an ARC-170 starfighter, as well as an XJ-2 airspeeder to serve as his personal vehicle. After making sure everything was in order, the Chiss had to take his leave to complete one more task: constructing his lightsaber. It took him days to track down the specific materials he was looking for and weeks to properly craft the weapon. Once the job was complete, Khryso came away wielding the true weapon of a Sith, solidifying his place as a true Knight.

It was not long after this that the Brotherhood sent out a call for aid. Clan Plagueis responded to the call, just as the other clans did, and the Ascendant Fleet mobilized. Khryso was given command of a vessel for the operation, the Silent Scream. The Fleet rushed to the Lyra-3K-a system as the Thirteenth Great Jedi War, also known as Discord, commenced. Khryso mostly stuck to his command position, participating in Plagueis' foremost operation of securing Thuvis Imperial Shipyard from the Collective and forming a prospective alliance with the Severian Principate. Plagueis eventually proved successful in their endeavors at the shipyard and forced a Collective retreat.

Khryso did not spend the majority of the war within the Silent Scream, however. He participated in some dogfights when necessary to clean up remaining enemies at this shipyards, utilizing Solidago to a competent level of effectiveness. While he was satisfied with his piloting ability, Khryso had to admit that the Solidago would never reach its full potential with him alone. The ship was designed for a crew of three, so he decided he best start looking for a trustworthy crew to man the fighter with him. This battle had been relatively easy, but the next one might not be. In addition, on one of his excursions away from the fleet, Khryso encountered his rival from Clan Naga Sadow, Hilgrif. While the encounter was brief, Khryso was sad to see that not only had he not managed to surpass the Verpine yet, but the Chiss had faded into only a vague memory for Hilgrif. This only fueled his desire to prove himself even further, however.

As the war drew to a close, Plagueis retreated back to the Aliso system with its spoils. Among many others in the Clan, Khryso was surprised to see he had received an Anetian Cross for his service. He was happy to display the medal in his office. He wouldn't have long to relax at home, however. The House Ajunta Pall summit had him return to his command of the Silent Scream. Khryso was ordered to assess the Anchorage for possible leaks or flaws while monitoring the edges of the Aliso system. While in orbit of Tonus, the Silent Scream's long range scanners had picked up some remnants of the war nearby. Specifically Collective ships and their allies. He made haste in reporting the discovery back to his summit from the Anchorage.

Becoming a Tyrant

Not long after reporting the newly discovered vessels, Khryso was ordered to take the Silent Scream along with Task Force Besh to engage the enemy as part of an operation designated Code: Dread. After sending a transmission to declare his intent to the enemy, the Plagueian forces advanced. The battle was quick to start, both sides wanting to crush the enemy and display their dominance. Task Force Besh, along with reinforcements from Aliso in the form of high-ranking Plagueian lords, routed and destroyed the enemy. The hostile commander, however, managed to escape alive. Once the battle was over, Khryso returned to the Anchorage to resume the assignment he'd been given. The entire Clan was on high alert due to the presence of several spies being discovered during Code: Dread; as a result, security across the system had been tightened. Khryso, working in tandem with the Anchorage's security forces, began a crackdown and thorough investigation to unearth any hostile presence in the space station.

Near the end of 37 ABY, Khryso took a leave of absence from his position aboard the Silent Scream and returned to Aliso. Clan Plagueis was undergoing some reconstruction, merging House Ajunta Pall and House Karness Muur into one singular House, House Tyranus. Khryso needed to take stock of the situation and ensure a steady transition into the new House. During this time, he met his new Summit and assisted in any way he was asked. Although there was some unrest in the Clan due to internal politics, Khryso found himself satisfied with the transition and the new state of the Clan for now. He decided to remain on Aliso through the New Year, having been away for several months at this point. While he was on the planet, Khryso also decided to invest in a new droid, a protocol model that could function more fully as an assistant than Ufie. When Khryso left Aliso to return to the Silent Scream in the first few days of 38 ABY, his new BD-3000 accompanied him.

With Khryso's return to the Anchorage, he was able to complete his analysis of the station's security and plug up any potential leaks. His assignment complete, Khryso reported the results to the Tyranus summit. The Chiss was then informed that he was being promoted to the rank of Warrior. He wasn't granted leave from the Anchorage, however, as he remained there on standby with the Silent Scream. For the next several weeks, routine patrols and security became Khryso's norm. This period of relative peace and order would not last long, however. Conflict once again found Clan Plagueis, as it often does, and the Silent Scream was called into action alongside the rest of the Ascendant Fleet.

Khryso Mallus upon his promotion to Warrior.

Putting Down Roots

In what became known as The Zsoldos Incursion, Plagueis descended on Clan Vizsla's home planet of Zsoldos in order to avenge a slight Vizsla had committed against Plagueis. The Silent Scream, and therefore Khryso, participated in the assault. While he assisted in commanding the Scream throughout the campaign's opening hours, he was called upon by the Ascedant Legion to assist them in their ground assault of Saga Hall. Accompanying Ascendant_Legion#Armored_Regimental_Combat_Team_Alpha|Armored RCT Alpha]] down to the planet's surface, the Sith assisted in leading the Regiment's capture and holding of Saga. Before Plagueis could secure their hold over Zsoldos, however, the Clan retreated from the system. Khryso discovered that counter orders from the Dark Council had come through and Plagueis' forces were being reassigned.

Due to his service on Zsoldos, Khryso was given the opportunity to take shore leave back on Aliso while the Silent Scream stayed with the rest of the fleet. He returned to Aliso for some long-desired relaxation and rest. After taking a few days to relax, Khryso reached outo this friend Nefilee to see if they could catch up in person. As it happened, Nefilee had now achieved the rank of Neophyte and was currently apprenticed to a Sith Warrior by the name of Ursel Jherdi. As such, the Neophyte had moved her residence to Fort Dooku as she was now actively working within the Clan. This gave the two ample opportunity to reconnnect. Nefilee seemed to have matured a bit in the months since they had last spoken in person. She was now a proper Sith in training and was taking it seriously. Continually impressed by her progress, Khryso's romantic feelings for her became harder to ignore.

To redirect his attention, Khryso turned to an issue he'd been meaning to address for a while. Raising his net worth. After doing some research and networking, Khryso invested in one of Aliso's doonium mines, purchasing the operation in the hopes that it would continue to generate wealth for his burgeoning estate. He also invested in a few more slaves, purchasing a slave to assist Seibas in looking after his affairs while he was away and another slave to act as caretaker for the home he now owned in Fort Dooku. He spent most of his remaining free time making sure his assets were appropriately prepared and the mine's working infrastructure remained intact for the foreseeable future. After his month of shore leave, Khryso returned to the Silent Scream to resume his command.

Great Jedi War XIV

Plagueis was soon called into action to defend Arx from a Collective attack alongside the rest of the Brotherhood clans. This event would come to be known as Homefront. Khryso commanded the Silent Scream in a battle to control the Nesolat, even descending to the station himself in order to assist in its evacuation. While doing so, he discovered the Mask of the Desert King, an artifact he had recovered a year ago while on a mission to Tatooine. The Mask had resulted in Khryso killing Lora Tadrin, the daughter of his mentor. Khryso took the artifact with him when leaving the station. The battle eventually descended into Eos City and Khryso joined the many forces of the Brotherhood in defending the city on the ground. Eventually, with the aid of a ritual performed by the grandmaster, the Brotherhood defeated the Collective and sent them running.

Khryso, alongside Plagueis, didn't waste much time in returning to Aliso. The Chiss, however, had remained distracted by the memories the artifact had given him. He made the decision to return to Minashee to fulfill Lora's dying request: telling her father that she was sorry. Khryso took a leave of absence from the clan and made his way back to Minashee by himself. Upon arriving back at Luthus Tadrin's estate, however, he discovered that Luthus had passed away less than a year ago due to his advancing age and some complications brought on by stress. Khryso decided to instead give Lora's message to her mother, one of Luthus' wives. However, she was less than receptive given that Khryso had been the one to kill Lora. They parted on bad terms and Khryso was unhappy but satisfied that his obligation was fulfilled. He left the Mask of the Desert King on Luthus' grave and returned to Aliso.

Not wanting to dwell on the past, Khryso next focused on building up his new endeavor: his mining company. Purchasing an office in Aliso City, Khryso got all the documentation in order to officially open Falger Mining Company for business. He spent weeks setting the company up to run itself with management, automation, and customers, mostly catering to local Alisoan partners due to the start-up's small size. With the Falger Mining in functioning order, he would be able to return to his duties serving Plagueis.

Physical Description


Khryso is a Chiss with a toned athlete's build. He has the standard light blue skin of his species, along with the glowing red eyes. His eyes are somewhat narrow and deep set, but not overly small. The bridge of his nose is thicker than average, but it doesn't look overly bulky or large thanks to the more standard size of his nose tip and nostrils. His mouth is on the small side, with thin lips only further accented by how firmly he tends to keep them pressed together. His jawline and chin are quite hard and pronounced. His hair's blue color is so dark it comes across as black. It has a thick volume to it and its waviness is evident because he keeps it neck-length. However, it is kept neatly trimmed and maintained, usually tucked behind his ears. His neat mustache is kept relatively short and gentlemanly, but it is clearly a shade or two lighter in color than his hair. His face is clear and unblemished.


Generally, Khryso will be very neatly put together, with his clothes firmly pressed and kept sparkling clean. He prefers dark colors, mostly blacks and purples, but will allow lighter colored highlights if it suits him. He prefers to look professional and barely ever dons casual-wear, even his pajamas having a measure of posh to them. He prefers cloth over leather and will often swath himself in robes and capes. Hats and other head-wear are generally considered out of the question, however, unless a hood or helmet is necessary for stealth or survival. Although, as soon as able, he would prefer to remove them so they do not mess up his carefully styled hair. Gloves are a must have in most situations, again, preferring cloth over leather. He likes to keep the material thin, however, so as to keep the effect on his sense of touch minimal.


Khryso's eventual goal in life is to live the life of an elite. After seeing firsthand how the Moffs of the Galactic Empire could live, he set his sights on reaching that lifestyle. Therefore, he has made conscious efforts to mold himself towards that goal. He does his best to retain an air of confident aloofness and politeness. Even when thrown into dire straits or confronting a sworn enemy, he strives to keep the image of a distinguished gentleman. While some of this is certainly a facade, his years of concentration have successfully managed to properly roll this image into his actual personality.

Generally, Khryso is not much of a conversationalist. While he certainly is capable of having a dialogue and even shooting the breeze in some cases, unless motivated otherwise, he keeps his words short and to the point. This brevity complements his tendency to be somewhat blunt and direct with his contributions. Not wanting to present others with the opportunity to misrepresent him, he prefers to speak plainly and clearly and avoid overly colorful language.

Khryso tends to latch onto pursuits that will better him as a person and, if even down the line, push him closer to his goal. He studies relentlessly to increase his knowledge, trains often to maintain his combat ability, and works hard to understand the Force. The one aspect he hasn't quite mastered is networking and social interaction. While he is not uncomfortable around people, his lack of true conversational skills and bluntness of tongue often leads to difficulty in cultivating relationships. That being said, once he sets his mind on something, he will not rest until he is satisfied with whatever results he turns up. He does not like losing or seeing weakness in himself, but he is also somewhat stubborn and will not back down from a challenge.



Khryso carries a few of his personal possessions with him in order to assist him during whatever tasks befall him on any given day. The first and simplest is his Advanced Inquisitor Comlink, which he can use to contact various personnel of the Brotherhood as well as contacting Ufie. His comlink is usually in his outfit's breast pocket. He also usually has his Holocron with him; he received the device upon graduating from the Shadow Academy and can use it to access most of the Academy's stock of information. It is kept in a small pouch attached to his belt. Finally, he has his datapad, also received from his time at the Shadow Academy. The small device is kept in a pocket on the inside of his cape.


Khryso usually has two primary weapons with him. The first is his Blastech LL-30 Blaster Pistol, which is usually holstered on his belt. The second, and much more favored weapon is his lightsaber. Khryso's lightsaber is crafted from black dyed metal with a metal casing of bright gold. A corrugated black grip takes up nearly half of the hilt's surface area, but the golden casing that covers the rest is etched with an elaborate decorative pattern of lines. The activation stud is black and a small golden clip near the rounded bottom of the hilt allows the weapon to be hooked onto things. When the lightsaber is activated, the blade is a striking violet.



Solidago is an ARC-170 starfighter that Khryso has recently purchased. Although the model is quite old, dating back to the Clone Wars, Khryso Mallus has paid top dollar to make sure it is still operational and fully functional in peak condition. The ARC-170 has also been repainted to Khryso's specifications in colors he preferrs. The base white has been replaced with a metallic gold and the red accents have been replaced with a dark purple. In order to make the new paint-job more resilient against scratches and wear, a finish has been applied over the surface of the starfighter. In addition, the interior has been modified to be more comfortable, sporting plush seats, pleasant lighting, rugs, the works. Ufie, Khryso's droid, is primarily tasked with keeping the starfighter clean and in top shape.

XJ-2 Airspeeder

Khryso's XJ-2 Airspeeder serves as his primary mode of transportation when travelling around Aliso City and to nearby areas. The vehicle is kept in superior condition thanks to Ufie, sporting an immaculate red paint job and a luxury interior.



Shizu is a BD-3000 Luxury Droid that Khryso Mallus purchased from Utilis Innovations. With his rank and wealth rising, Khryso deemed that he needed a suitable protocol droid on hand. Shizu his primarily silver plating with some gold-colored accents to break up the colors. Khryso spared no expense in making sure its internal hardware and software was fully up to date and without issue. Shizu acts as Khryso's assistant, functioning as anything from a translator to a pack mule. The droid is usually kept nearby its master and ready to serve.


Ufie is a DUM-series Pit Droid that Khryso Mallus purchased from Utilis Innovations. The droid may not be the most powerful or intelligent piece of hardware, but Khryso chose it because of its compact size and simple programming. Despite this, he still wanted the droid to be representative of the person he was, so he had the drab brown plating replaced with a stylish silver and gold pattern. Ufie performs whatever task Khryso assigns it without question, although his primary job is to look after and maintain Khryso's stock of vehicles and droids. When it is crucial for Ufie to inform Khryso of something, he can transmit written messages to Khryso's datapad.


R3-M7 is a R3-series astromech droid that Khryso Mallus purchased from Utilis Innovations. In order to increase Solidago's operational efficiency, Khryso purchased M7 to act as the fighter's co-pilot and repair droid. M7 is usually kept docked in Solidago or close nearby, his only function being to keep the ship in top working order and assist Khryso when he is piloting the vehicle. M7 has been re-plated in bright silver and gold that is kept shiny and clean thanks in large part to Ufie. M7 has also been fitted with enhanced memory systems, boosting its computational power. As a result, M7 has developed a habit of analyzing and running calculations near constantly, so it usually has a myriad of statistics to reference at any given time.



Seibas is a human slave in service to Khryso Mallus and Clan Plagueis. He is roughly in his mid-50s currently and has been a slave for most of his life, so he is resigned to it and obedient. His skillset is mostly in the form of a butler's, as he is capable of maintaining a house's state of repair, cleanliness, and order. He is also fairly well versed in etiquette and management. He has ear-length white hair that is neatly styled, as well as a sharply maintained mustache and beard. He keeps in shape and is properly fed, giving him a healthy physique. Seibas is almost always dressed in black and white dress clothes, befitting a high-society servant. He is fairly mild-mannered and does his best to blend into the background when not needed. Seibas is currently stationed at Khryso Mallus' Aliso City Penthouse where he works as caretaker and overseer of the property.


Yura is a Twi'lek slave in service to Khryso Mallus of Clan Plagueis. She is roughly in her early 30s and has been a slave for most of her life, so she has been broken and is quite obedient. Her skillset primarily involves secretarial and administrative tasks, although she is also a capable caretaker and has some maintenance skills. She has gray-white skin and is on the taller side and maintains a healthy weight and figure. Her uniform consists of black and white robes and the occasional simple dress. Yura typically wears a black headdress that wraps around her lekku. She is quiet and soft-spoken, but is more than capable of speaking up when her job requires it. She does not like to rock the boat and typically remains very subservient to her master and higher-ranking slaves. Yura is currently stationed at Khryso Mallus' Aliso City Penthouse under the command of Seibas where she handles much of the management of the Mallus estate.


Ento is a Geonosian slave in service to Khryso Mallus of Clan Plagueis. She is in her late teens and was only enslaved within the past few years. Despite this, however, she remains exceedingly loyal to both Clan Plageuis and her master. Her primary skill set is in maintainence and caretaking, though she also has some experience with industrial work and machinery. She appears like a typical Geonosian, although shorter than average and her skin having a distinctive dark red hue. Her uniform consists of black and white robes and the occasional simple dress. She is eager to please and works diligently and tirelessly, always seeking out how best to perform her duties. She is currently assigned as caretaker of Khryso Mallus' Fort Dooku Residence, where she maintains the cleanliness, state of repair, and security during Khryso's absence.


Aliso City Penthouse

Khryso's Aliso City penthouse is his current residence and base of operations. It is lavishly decorated in gold, white, and black, designed with the input of the finest interior designers that Khryso could afford. It features a large, central living room, a kitchen, bath, dining room, bedroom, and office. From the large windows in the living room, the Pinnacle is visible past the urban sprawl and sometimes even blocks out the sun. A few artifacts and novelties that Khryso has collected over the course of his adventures are scattered about the walls or set in display cases. When Khryso is at home, he can usually be found in his office, going over reports from Plagueis, the Inquisitorius, or the Shadow Academy. That being said, he doesn't spend a whole lot of time there, often having to leave for missions or meetings that take him to the Pinnacle, Supply Station Omega, or off-world. Seibas and Yura have a small room that serves as their quarters just off of the kitchen, which is usually off-limits to visitors.

On the ground floor of the building that houses Khryso's penthouse is a garage. While Khryso doesn't have direct honorship over the garage, this garage is where he keeps his XJ-2 airspeeder. He can access it directly from the elevator just outside of his penthouse. The garage is open to all the residents of the building and is guarded 24/7, but Khryso makes sure to keep his personal property separate and safe from that of the general populace.

Fort Dooku Residence

As a member of House Tyranus, Khryso was assigned a residence within the walls of Fort Dooku. He spared no expense in updating the decor and furniture to his standards. The interior of the house is a clear testament of his growing wealth and status, with modern art, Sith artifacts, and luxurious furnishings. Although it is not his primary residence, Khryso still spends plenty of time there when on planet, especially when he is on active duty. In his absence, Ento looks after the building and its contents.

Falger Mining Company

Khryso is the owner of a small mining company on Aliso's main continent. As of right now, they have a relatively small output, owning only one facility for mining Doonium of the coast of the landmass. They also have a small office in downtown Aliso City from which the facilities can be managed and business can be made. They currently have contracts with some small production facilities around Aliso City, allowing for a meager income that is carefully managed. Currently, there is a mixture of the Willing, slaves, and droids working the mine while the more managerial tasks are delegated to members of the Willing. Khryso has removed much of the management of the company from his own person, electing an administrator to operate the company while Khryso maintains ownership.


The Administrator of Falger Mining Company is a male Skakoan by the name of Sallo Wur. An upstanding member of the Plagueis Willing, Sallo was selected after a somewhat brief but invasive search by Khryso and his associates. He was selected for his no-nonsense approach to the job, wanting only to keep the business running at peak efficiency without being overly ambitious or inventive. He also had some experience in the business sector that would be vital to keeping the company afloat, given Khryso's lack of experience in that area. Sallo also brought his own network of contacts and associates along with him to help get Falger Mining Company off the ground. Khryso leaves most of the day-to-day decision making to Sallo while the Administrator will contact the Sith should any major decisions or conflicts need to be dealt with.

Aliso City Office

A small office located in Aliso City in which the Administrator works alongside his support staff to run and maintain the business side of the company. It is here that any important business meetings, customer deals, or accounting would go down. This office is located in a central downtown area and is easily accessible to most if they know where to look. It is part of a larger office building that holds many other small units within it.

Aliso Doonium Mine 1

A doonium mine that is off the coast of Aliso's primary continent. Most of the mine is underwater and it is fully self-sufficient and capable of independent operation. A mixture of members of the Willing, mining droids, and some slaves work in the mine facility extracting and processing doonium which is then sold through Falger Mining Company. Direct management of the mine is left to the Supervisor, a Weequay named Kurrokk Glersi and his staff.