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New Order era.
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Battle Team Opress
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Instigator (Raider II-class)

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37 ABY

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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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"Aureole ir Midwan - Glory and Power."
―Opress's Motto

Opress Squadron, otherwise known as Battle Team Opress, is a renowned and infamous guild of warriors within Clan Plagueis. Working as both elite commando unit and privateer crew, Opress is feared across the Aliso system and Brotherhood space. Many know of their existence and choose to tolerate it, in fear of what the unit might do if left to their own devices.



During and following the events of the Thirteenth Great Jedi War, also known as GJWXIII: Discord, Sith Battlemaster Wrathus would bring together a collection of individuals who saw the conflict as a necessary thing and sought to always be ready for when the next conflict began, even if they have to manufacture that conflict.


In the later months of 37 ABY, Wrathus, then Aedile of House Ajunta Pall, received word from Consul Ronovi Tavisaen that the clan would be undergoing a period of reconstruction. This plan included the closure of House Ajunta Pall and no further need of his services as Aedile. It is unclear whether one of them was manipulating the other or not, but in the end, the pair of Epicanthix came to an arrangement; Wrathus would be allowed to found a team of warriors who shared his desire for conflict and violence, but the team would stay loyal and under the ultimate command of the Dread Throne.

The Zsoldos Incursion

Further information: The Zsoldos Incursion

When the Dread Lord unilaterally declared war against the Mandalorians of Clan Vizsla, she contacted Wrathus and ordered him to use Opress Squadron to deal the opening blow of the conflict.

Opress Squadron leaked information to Battleteam Deathwatch in order to draw them into a trap. On a space station within the Unknown Regions, the two units clashed. After either side was unable to gain the advantage, Appius Wight, Aedile of House Wren, realized the fight was a trap, at which point Wrathus revealed that they had successfully been distracting Deathwatch from Plagueis’ assault on Zsoldos.

As the two Battleteams fought, the Dread Lord’s forces, the Ascendant Fleet and Ascendant Legion, arrived at Zsoldos and began their attack. While the Fleet engaged Vizsla’s own fleet, the Ascendant Legion made their way to the ground, aiming to occupy or destroy several key locations on the planet, such as Saga Hall and the Roark-Cole-Tresor Research Station. Vizsla rushed to prepare their response to the attack as Deathwatch hurried back to Zsoldos and Opress joined in the attack.

A Changing of the Guard

Opress Squadron was dealt its first real blow when, while on mission for the Dark Council, the Dreadbringer Wrathus perished. The actual details of the mission have been locked away behind countless layers of confidentiality and red tape. But the facts are plain for all to see; Wrathus went to Tenixir and never came back.

Mericifully, Opress Squadron wasn't leaderless for long. Less than a week later, Ronovi arrived at the "Instigator" with a young man in tow. She introduced him as Aleister Mavros, an old student of hers, and apparently the man that Wrathus had been preparing in secret to succeed him. Unlike his predecessor, Wrathus, who aspired to see the galaxy burn and rebuild it as a new empire, Mavros is a dangerous madman who seems to seek chaos for chaos's sake. He delights in destruction and devastation. And finds true enjoyment in the suffering and misfortune of others.

With war looming on the horizon, only time will tell how this new entity will shape the future of the Savages.


"Savages, huh? Fitting."
Ronovi Tavisaen


Opress Squadron is an organization with the purpose of violence and sowing conflict. They are the harbingers of war and executors of explosive, public acts of destruction. Besides working in the field of war, the organization itself is a sanctioned privateer crew. Opress Squadron's operative purpose is to serve the Dread Lord and follow his or her desires, which they achieved through the word of the Dreadbringer.


Thanks to the existing reputations of is founding members, the mention of Opress Squadron will cause both Force users and Non-Force sensitives to shudder where they stand. Commander and foot soldier alike fear and loathe them.

With their mobile base of operations full of trained, hardened warriors, the Squadron has the ability to influence the course of a military engagement simply by dropping out of hyperspace.


The "religion" of Opress Squadron, if one can call it a religion, focused solely on strength and skill in combat. Nothing is given, everything must be earned through conflict.

Conflict is encouraged at all levels. Whether it be conflict with an enemy, another member of Plagueis, or even a fellow member or Opress Squadron. If a matter must be settled, it is to be settled in combat.


The members of Opress Squadron are colloquially known as Savages, or the Savages of Opress. Both as an homage to their namesake Savage Opress, and to reflect their violent or "savage" nature.



The Tenents are the rules and morals the Squadron follow. If a member broke or neglected to follow one of the Tenents, they are threatened with expulsion from the Squadron, or worse.

There are seven(7) tenents in all, and they are as follows:

  • Tenent 1: Never dishonor the Dreadthrone.
  • Tenent 2: Never betray Clan Plagueis or its secrets.
  • Tenent 3: Never disobey or refuse to carry out an order from the Dreadbringer or the Dreadthrone.
  • Tenent 4: Never steal the possessions of a Squadron-mate.
  • Tenent 5: Never kill a Squadron-mate.
  • Tenent 6: Never keep a grudge against a Squadron-mate, be frank and solve your issues in combat.
  • Tenent 7: Never allow yourself to become complacent. Always seek to hold a higher position, more respect, and more fear in battle.

To fail to follow these tenents is to invoke the Wrath of the Dreadbringer.


As a small, tightly-knit guild of warriors, Opress Squadron adhered to a simple hierarchy. The Dreadbringer as the leader and the remaining members organized by strength and prowess in combat.

Performance Point System

In order to encourage competition and conflict between the members of the Squadron, Dreadbringer Wrathus conceived a system to reward the members of Opress, above and beyond the normal rewards of the Brotherhood.

Members are awarded points based on activity and successes. Points will be assessed and totaled from the first Monday of the month to the first Sunday of the following month.

The Tuesday following the end of the assessment period, an updated roster for the Team will be sent out to each member and be updated on the Team’s wiki page.

Activity Points Awarded
Earn any Sacramental Award 20 Points per Awards
Earn any Dark Sage Degree 20 Points per Degree
Placing First in a Competition 10 Points per Placement
Earn any Merit Medal 10 Points per Awards
Have an Approved Character (Main, Alt, or NPC) Wiki Article on Record 10 Points per Article
Earn any Dark Savant Degree 10 Points per Degree
Placing Second in a Competition 5 Points per Placement
Earn any Other Medal 5 Points per Medal
Complete a Project assigned by the Battle Team Leader or the Clan Summit 5 Points per Project
Earn any Dark Maven Degree 5 Points per Degree
Placing Third in a Competition 2 Points per Placement
Successfully Take any Shadow Academy Course 2 Points per Course
Successfully Participating in a Competition 1 Point per Placement
Earn any Dark Pundit Degree 1 Point per Degree
Earn any amount of Clusters of Earth, Fire, Graphite, or Ice 1 Point per 5 Clusters

! These rankings hold no functional benefit within the Brotherhood, and will not affect a member’s ability to participate in events or competitions. They are purely for fictional rewards and to encourage activity and competition within the Team.

Blood Totems

Members who show themselves to be the best of the best are granted what is known as a Blood Totem. This is much like a Mandolorian's sigil in that it marks the member as someone to take notice of. A member may earn through many different ways, but the easiest is to be the Top Ranked member of the team multiple months in a row.

Awarded Totems
  • The Snake Totem - Furios Morega di Plagia - Granted for being the Top Ranked member for the months of January through May of the year 2020.
  • The Monkey Totem - Teebu Nyrrire - Granted for being the Top Ranked member for the months of June and July of the year 2020. And their performance during the fourteenth Great Jedi War.

Other Internal Rewards

  • Top Ranked members will receive a spotlight in the following month's Battleteam Leader Report.
  • Top Ranked members will receive "preferential" treatment by the Dreadbringer.
  • Top Ranked members will receive a spotlight position on the Battleteam's Wiki page.
  • Top Ranked members may request a special reward of the Dreadbringer.


As Opress Squadron is an elite, highly trained guild of warriors lead by the will of a small group of individuals, the identities of its members are generally well known by the Brotherhood as a whole. The Squadron's methods of recruiting are fairly unknown and have been shown to change. However, it is known that the Squadron does not just blindly accept new recruits and members; a person wishing to join Opress Squadron must first be noticed by the Dreadbringer and demonstrate his or her skills in combat and violence.

Opress Squadron is known to recruit serial killers and warmongers. When a continuous string of murders is committed in cold blood with no arrest, or a conflict is started with no discernible reason, the Dreadbringer will initiate an investigation to discover what happened, find the perpetrator, and potentially recruit him or her.

Known Sanctuaries


Opress Squadron's primary base of operations is the Raider II-class corvette known as the Instigator. While the ship is officially a part of the Ascendant Fleet, the squadron has been given permission from the Dread Throne to operate and reside aboard it.


When not on deployment, or their ship, the members of the Opress Squadron can be found on Clan Plagueis's homeworld Aliso; predominately within Aliso City.


Killed in Action

Rogue Members


Insanity at its finest, the personification of violence, fire starter, riot maker, moon stricken, animal need, bad seed, untamable beast. The leader of the Opress Squadron is known by many names, but within the Plaguian hierarchy they are officially known as the Dreadbringer.

The first Dreadbringer was Sith Battlemaster Wrathus. He was known as the Warmonger.

The current Dreadbringer is Sith Battlemaster Aleister Mavros.

Internal Ranking

  • Next assessment period begins Aug. 3rd 2020, and will conclude Sept. 6th 2020.
Rank Member
1st Furios Morega di Plagia
2nd Teebu Nyrrire
3rd TuQ'uan Varick
4th Azmodius Equesinfernum
5th Taranae Rhode
6th Blackhawk
7th Zuser Whuloc
8th x
9th x

Record of Top Ranked Members

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