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Exodus era.New Order era.
Hilgrif Hive
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

6 ABY (age 32)

Physical Description





1.8 m / 5'11"


120.0 kg / 265 lbs







Personal Information
  • Magna Alvear
  • Stella Pacis
Lightsaber Color(s):

dark green

Lightsaber Form(s):

Form 0

Fighting Style(s):

run and shoot

Chronology & Political Information

Tech Specialist

  • Student
  • Tech Specialist

Clan Naga Sadow

Personal Ship:

Favus 1

Known masters:

Warlord Bentre Kairn'tel Stahoes



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Though typical for a Verpine at birth on Parva, this Tech-obsessed alien has set out to blaze his own trail. Driven from his home planet due to his fixation, he has started to form a new hive within Clan Naga Sadow. His new hive, constructed primarily of what he calls “true life” has become a new obsession building upon the very thing that drove him from his home. He views the beauty of the worlds can only be seen for what it is through technology. The wonders of nature spark no interest or feeling any longer; on the other hands well-constructed circuitry and well-kept electronics stir him deeply.

This Verpine currently operates with the Battle Team Night Hawks.


Before the Brotherhood

Early Life and Adolescence

Hilgrif was born of the Magna Alvear hive upon the moon Parva. Parva orbited the planet Campi. The hive raised the Verpine from a clutch of eggs up through adulthood. As such, Hilgrif never knew who his parents were. This was a regular practice used by his former hive to instill loyalty to the hive only. There was never a really natural social connection of any sort for the young alien. His joy for technology was nurtured and fostered by his overseers in the hive, so his connection to technology grew as he did.

Hilgrif was selected when he came of age to join a small collective of Verpine responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the hive’s droids. It was during this time that he started to really garner the attention of the larger hive. As his peculiarities came to the attention of the hive, his actions began to be frowned upon. While the other technological adepts were seen as useful and necessary to the hive, Hilgrif’s obvious care for the droids themselves soon drove a rift between himself and the larger hive.


At what could be considered the “peak” of his career as a tech adept, Hilgrif found himself in a tough position. His eccentricities had driven the hive to conclude he was a weak link among them. With little warning, Hilgrif found himself cast out for dead, exiled from his hive to a scrap yard. At that time, something bubbled deep below the surface. The latent connection to the Force that this alien possessed gave him a sense of the life which existed on that moon. In that moment of anger, in that moment of hurt, Hilgrif despised that life. His first steps down the Dark Side, toward the path of the Sith, had begun.


Using his previously-acquired skills, the alien began constructing the first member of his new hive. Rather than populate it with other Verpine or other beings, he chose to fill his hive with droids. This first droid was designated “Shroud”. He built his new hive to share his own beliefs- namely to expand this new kind of hive. To this end, Shroud and Hilgrif worked together to gather and inventory parts from the scrap yard. Using his tools of trade and many parts, the second member of the hive, DUM-1 was constructed.

He also uncovered a beaten, old GX1 Civilian Short Hauler beneath a mound of refuse during the hunt for serviceable parts. Over time, he patched the damaged points of the hull. The systems for the ship required some tweaking, but it appeared that the hyperdrive was operational. This would prove a boon to the Verpine. He would fix up the ship, and fly off to another system in search of his fortune.

The Brotherhood

First Contact

His first jump would prove both disastrous and advantageous. His first hyperdrive jump would bring him into contact with Clan Naga Sadow. Coming out of hyperdrive, Hilgrif had to quickly pull up to prevent slamming headlong into the bulk of an unexpected ship. Though he prevented the complete destruction of his Hauler, he did not escape unscathed. His ship tore across the side of Clan Naga Sadow’s Perdition,. With this, the hive found itself stranded in space.

After being rescued by a squadron dispatched from the star destroyer, Hilgrif was treated to a chat by Tasha'Vel Versea. After meeting with the Twi’lek and then Bentre Stahoes, Hilgrif agreed to become an apprentice to nurture his latent abilities with the Force. He studied beneath Stahoes as an apprentice, before joining the Night Hawks of House Marka Ragnos.

Being inducted into the GMRG, Hilgrif trained as he slowly worked on bringing his ship up to fully operational status. With his new-found connections and a stream of income regularly at hand, the Verpine bough another droid, a pilot designated RX-1. With a newly-fixed ship and a droid to fly it, he would go on salvage runs for his Quaestor. This began with Kojiro Keibatsu, but continued when Muz Ashen took over the position of Quaestor.

Physical Description

Hilgrif is your typical bipedal insectoid. With dark green skin with black markings,and black eyes, he stands short for a being of his species. He is otherwise an unremarkable example of his people.