Silas Manx

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Exodus era.New Order era.
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Silas Manx
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16 ABY (age 23)

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Silas Manx is a Privateer in the employ of House Ajunta Pall of Clan Plagueis. A spacer since he stowed away on the Estella Ward at twelve, he has spent his life trying to prove that he belongs in this galaxy despite being given up as a newborn.

Character History

Early Life

"Silas Manx, remember your place in life. Your parents never wanted you. You will die in these slums never seeing offworld!"
―Tresi Duppin, Ward Supervisor

Silas was abandoned as a newborn in a Hanna City hospital. He spent his early years in an orphan ward in relative peace a decade after the signing of the Galactic Concordance and the rebuilding of the Republic. Chandrilla was a major hub of traffic with visitors from every corner of the known universe conducting business. At the orphan ward, from a young age, Silas frequently would climb the walls to seek the world around him, finding small jobs to complete, before being brought back to the ward by authorities. Known on sight by the authorities and to the juvenile court for being a runner, Silas understood that the walls were closing around him and that the judge would send him to a more secured and structured placement.


"Silas, what I'm about to tell you may be the most important advise you ever receive. It's not what you see that matters, it's what you don't."
―Everrett Tain, Estella Ward

He went to space as a stowaway at the age of twelve on the GR-75 Estella Ward, commanded by the venerable Captain Everrett Tain. After being discovered by the ship's company during a minor containment failure, he proved his worth by being able to get into inaccessible places. The Estella Ward made shipping runs throughout the Republic, specializing in moving exotic, fragile cargo that required controlled environments and constant monitoring. Those qualities also provided the Estella Ward a cover for her true purpose, smuggling illicit cargo. As a crew member, he received a stellar on the job education from managing complex environmental systems to practicing subterfuge under the noses of port authorities.

With six years of cargo runs under his belt, Silas was yearning to command his own freighter. Things could not be better for shipping, the economy was still growing thirty years after the Concordance. Everrett Tain was looking to take on a partner to accommodate the boom in their demand. Silas returned to where it all began, in the Hanna City spaceport, to buy his own freighter.


"Kid, when you get to assigned to your first and last ship--What's the!?"
―Lieutenant Klax Fariday, 2nd Militia Company

The background check for the freighter was flagged due to the old warrant he had for running six years prior. The local authorities were alerted and Silas was taken into their custody. He argued that they no longer had jurisdiction as he had reached the age of majority, however it would be up to a judge to decide at a hearing in three days. The following day, the Republic capital was destroyed and the fleet crippled in the Hosnian system.

Due to his experience as a spacer, Silas found himself pressed into service that night. He argued with the militia officer that he could not be drafted as he was still a ward of the court. The officer promptly laughed and stated that the court's jurisdiction was terminated, that the government had asserted their jurisdiction to impress him, and that he would either come willingly or by force. The officer further chuckled and stated that since he was under military jurisdiction, he could also spend his career in a military brig for striking an officer should he feel strongly about not serving.

Silas agreed to come willingly. As the unsuspecting militia officer escorted Silas to the garrison, Silas pulled out a syringe of spice and swiftly injected it under the officer’s jaw. He finished the job with the man’s service blaster, leaving the authorities an open-and-shut case of an soldier being distraught with the impending capitulation of Chandrila and taking his life.

The streets were filled and the atmosphere was tense. People were unsure whether to stay on Chandrilla and how the government would view their property rights in dire times. Silas made his way back to the spaceport to his locker, where he armed himself and went in search of the reputable Twi’lek who ran the background check and effectuated his arrest. He found the hard-pressed Twi'lek in an office adjacent to the hanger gathering data pads filled with electronic credits, details of illicit transactions, and locations of valuable caches. Silas stared in amusement before he shot the surprised businessman. Staring at the monitors on the workstation, he noticed that the Twi'lek didn't have cameras on a lone back exit. Silas launched the Twilek's personal ship on autopilot, dumped the deceased Twi'lek and data pads into a cargo container, and pushed it through the unmonitored back exit to an adjacent hanger where Everrett Tain and the Estella Ward were ready to go. Hopefully, the authorities would not look too closely into the Twi'lek's disappearance.


"...Mayday, we've lost engines. OH SH-----"
―Rok Zevvu, Vela Alsephina

In the first week, the Estella Ward maintained communications with fellow spacers and smugglers in the region, gathering information regarding combat between the Resistance and the First Order, locations where authorities were set up to confiscate ships and press crews into service, and rumors of safe regions of space, including rumors that safe havens could be located in the Unknown Regions.

Everrett Tain was willing to take the chance. After being commissioned an Ensign in the last Judicial Forces academy class, Tain's first assignment was to scout the Unknown Regions for signs of CIS occupation during the Clone Wars. The Estella Ward's tech specialist was also able to crack in the Twi'lek's data pads and find information on stolen arms and military tech caches that the Estella Ward was able to retrieve from barren patches of space, slowly transforming the ship into a surveillance craft with upgraded shields in preparations to it's next voyage.

Dozens of freighters were lost in Unknown Regions due to bad maps and hasty captains. The Estella Ward was able to pick up the last transmissions of some of these captains. After securing a scouting report from a reliable contact who followed a First Order transport through the Unknown Regions, at a cost of a significant sum of the Twi'lek's credits, Everrett Tain was satisfied that he had the appropriate data to proceed. With a cargo hold full of munitions and supplies, the Estella Ward made the trip through the perilous maze successfully.

Spaceports were located, jobs were completed, and credits were made in the Unknown Regions. Years passed. The work wasn't as abundant in comparison to the Republic. Silas grew restless. In a spaceport one day, he heard a rumor about a distant system known as Aliso, of plenty of work being offered at a high price for experienced spacers. However, in advanced age, Everrett Tain was content with his shipping service and unwilling to go. The two parted as friends with Silas purchasing a shuttle to pursue the opportunity to stake a claim in the further into the Unknown Regions.


"I hear you're looking for work. Tell me why I shouldn't throw you out of this window."
―Arden Karn di Plagia, Dread Lord