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Nesolat Platform
Production information

Space Station

Possession Item:


Technical specifications

2,000 meters

  • 40 Heavy Turbolaser Batteries
  • 10 Tractor Beam Projectors

Arx orbit

  • Mobile Training Facility
  • Acquisitions Checkpoint
  • Defense Platform

Vanguard support fleet:


2 TIE/FO Squadrons

Known commander(s):

Captain Aviana Starstrider

Current Status:

Under Siege


35 ABY

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The Nesolat is a military defense platform designed as a mobile training facility for the Shadow Academy and utilized by Shadow Academy Society operatives as a checkpoint for the cataloging and transport of valuable artifacts between the Clans and the Dark Council.

Station Info


The Nesolat is a 2,000-meter diameter, torus-shaped space station. Armed with 40 heavy turbolaser batteries and ten tractor beam projectors that allow it to lock onto and move other vessels or objects and equipped with the shielding and hull strength of modern Star Destroyer-class ships, it serves quite capably as both a training center and waypoint. Countless docking stations surround the spires of the administrative and observation facility, allowing ease of access for a variety of vessels and space for two squadrons of TIE/FO fighters to aid in the station's defense.

In an emergency, the Castle-like administrative and observation facility is designed to detach from the torus and navigate to the surface of Arx, passing through the planetary shield by way of a shield gate and ultimately docking with the stationary Shadow Academy headquarters on Uskil. This action is only initiated as a last resort, as it would leave the rest of the station in orbit at a full loss as it fell out of orbit.



In addition to serving as a primary hub of admissions and processing into the Academy itself, the Nesolat acts as a training center for Shadow Academy students, where it is particularly useful for flight training and instruction on space-based warfare.


While the Academy's most valuable artifacts are securely housed within the Master Archives on Uskil, many artifacts collected by the operatives of the Imperial Reclamation Society pass first through the Nesolat, where they are approved, catalogued and prepared for transport to their respective destinations.


Following a period adrift in the wake of the destruction of Antei, the Shadow Academy had the Nesolat constructed in orbit above Arx in 35 ABY as the Dark Council established its seat of power on the planet.

In 38 ABY, it came under siege by Collective forces.

The Vanguard

The Nesolat and the overall operations of the Shadow Academy are supported by the Vanguard, a small fleet of warships captained by Aviana Starstrider.

The Snekkja, a Raider II-class Corvette, and the Gullbrina, a Raider I-class Corvette, are frequently called upon to operate like raiding fleets where force may be required to achieve the Academy's ends.