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Alonzo Bodelle
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13 BBY

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28 ABY (age 41)

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Dark Brown

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Crimson Tide

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Lead Assassin for Crimson Tide


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Crimson Tide

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Alonzo Bodelle is a commander within the Crimson Tide, former right-hand man to Calliban Crimson himself and also was leader of the Tide Assassins. The sly Devaronian has proven his worth in over two decades of service to the Crimson Tide, surviving by “hook and crook” when others have not. His apparent “nine lives” and special hatred for Exar's Shadow made him a “being of interest” to Clan Plagueis, which had placed a fifteen thousand credit (15,000 cr) bounty on his head. His “ninth life” was ended at the Battle of Teryfin in 28 ABY.


Early Life

Alonzo Bodelle, whose real name has faded to obscurity, was born to a middle-class Devaronian family in 13 BBY. His father was a mercenary whose exploits provided for his family but left the young Devoronian home alone with his mother, who found herself unable to remain faithful to her husband in his absence. The youngster suffered from the conflict within himself over feelings for a mother who cared more for satisfying herself than for providing an example of loyalty. At one point, when the young Devaronian stood on the brink of manhood at the turbulent age of thirteen, his mother and father fought terribly over her disloyalty. The young man, already disgusted with his mother’s mettle and ashamed he had not told his father, left home before the conflict had ended. He changed his name and never saw his parents again.

The next five years would see him wandering his home planet, never staying in one place for too long. The eager Alonzo was no slacker. He worked a variety of low-paying jobs and in the process gained many a skill, especially how to read beings of all kinds.

Alonzo found love in the form a Devaronian woman named Yzmira. The two wed though their relationship would be anything but smooth. She was from a rich family and the young Bodelle’s hand-to-mouth existence bred many fights between the two. Her demands for what she considered ordinary from a young man who had nothing resulted in Alonzo leaving her after two years of trying to please his love. The young man was twenty years old.


Desiring to leave the planet, he joined the crew of the freighter Apocalypse. The captain of the Apocalypse was both competent and lucky, leading Bodelle to learn much over the course of many an adventure running from, and sometimes confronting, the Imperial vessels of the Galactic Empire.

The Apocalypse and her crew fell upon hard times after the Galactic Civil War. While en route to Naboo, a squadron of space priates known as the Crimson Tide attacked and heavily damaged the Apocalypse. The pirates killed the captain and most of the crew, leaving Bodelle and a few others badly wounded. Despite this, Bodelle managed to wrest control of the Apocalypse from the pirates and jump the ship to hyperspace.

The Tide followed the Apocalypse to the remote location of its jump and mounted their attack again. Bodelle and the crew were taken prisoner while their ship was disassembled and taken for spare parts. The prisoners were taken to the Tide’s base on Shola and extensively tortured. Impressed at their tenacity, Bodelle and three survivors were offered and accepted membership in the Crimson Tide.

Bodelle’s knack for survival and ability to think on his feet saw him rise through the ranks of the Crimson Tide, eventually becoming the right hand of Crimson himself. His approximately two decade career with the Crimson Tide saw him gain success, especially for one of humble beginnings. This would soon change upon a fateful encounter with the Dark Jedi of the Dark Brotherhood.


Bodelle "disappeared" while on what should have been a patrol in the Acarr system. In truth, he was captured by Dark Jedi of Exar's Shadow led by Commander Aabsdu Dupar. While in the tender mercies of Dupar, Bodelle was extensively interrogated but revealed nothing. While still captive he managed to escape in the confusion caused by a raid conducted by rogue pirates upon the castle in which he was held. He left with the fleeing pirates who had been repelled, but only after stealing blueprints of the Plagueis Temple.


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Battleteams Exar's Shadow and Blades of Kun pursued Bodelle and the thieves, tracking them doggedly until finally the pirates’ craft had been disabled. Little did the thieves, or for that matter, the Dark Jedi, know that Bodelle had led them all in a merry chase to re-unite himself with the Crimson Tide. In a boarding action in orbit above the planet Dathomir, Alonzo Bodelle once again escaped, this time with the Diadem Fortress blueprints, to the surface of Dathomir where his Crimson Tide companions had taken up a base of operations.

The leader of the Crimson Tide graciously accepted the prize of the blueprints but did not return the resourceful Bodelle to his position as right hand. In Bodelle’s absence in captivity at the hands of Aabsdu Dupar, he had been replaced by Raxor Kidd, a young and ambitious pirate who had coveted Bodelle’s position and then seized the advantage left by Bodelle’s capture by the Dark Jedi.


While Alonzo Bodelle was offered command of the Crimson Tide Assassins, he has much resentment over being denied his position that he had earned with some twenty years of service as right hand. The assassins consist of five elite beings whose sole duty is to terminate without questions. He would prefer his position as right hand but sees the position as assassin master as an opportunity to strike at the Exar’s Shadow, Blades of Kun and especially Aabsdu Dupar for the ruin they have done, from his point of view, to his career with the Crimson Tide. He has informed his team that he, and no one else, will personally kill Aabsdu Dupar.


After successfully capturing Callus Bo'Amar in 27 ABY and torturing him for nearly a year, Bodelle decided to move the Dark Jedi to a high security political prison. At one of the transfer points, the Tide, being led by Bodelle and his colleague, Nemo Dupar, were ambushed by a small task force of Clan Plagueis. During this ambush, Callus was freed and got his hands on a lightsaber. Callus cut down the Tidesman with all of his anger, ending the Devaronian's life.


  • Bodelle usually wears a crimson uniform with cloak. Though he appears and carries himself with the confidence of a Dark Jedi, or perhaps a Jedi, he is not capable of channeling the Force. His many exploits and “luck” have caused some to speculate, however, that while he cannot channel the Force, he would seem to have a sensitivity to it and it’s current.
  • Bodelle has several scars of all sizes from combat with enemies, torture by captors and punishment by the Crimson Tide.