Battle of Byfrost

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Battle of Byfrost
Conflict: The Crimson War
Date: Late-24 ABY
Location: Byfrost Orbit

Clan Plagueis

Crimson Tide


  • The Elysian
  • The Prodigy of Plagueis
  • Dark Jedi
  • Various staff
  • Capital Dreadnaught
  • Two assault transports
  • Hundreds of Headhunters, X-Wings, and TIEs
  • 700 troops

  • Around 48 staff
  • Capital Dreadnaught
  • Around 200 starfighters
  • 400 troops

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The Battle of Byfrost was a conflict in The Crimson War that occurred in late-24 ABY in orbit around Byfrost. While Clan Plagueis evacuated the Acarr System due to the unstable star, the Crimson Tide suddenly attacked from out of nowhere. They battled fiercely, but in the end Plagueis was able to gain the upper hand as the Tide forces started to retreat. In a final act, the top force users joined together to trap many of the Tide's forces into the system where they were destroyed.


Clan Plagueis was at a crucial stage in its history. Not only was the clan still less than a year old, but they were being forced to evacuate from their home in the Acarr System and relocate due to increasingly high levels of radiation from the slowly dying star. While they traveled back and forth between Acarr and their new home in the Jusadih System, their weaknesses became fully exposed as they transported supplies to and fro, as well as the fact that the new clan was still working to build up its fleet and army.

In the eyes of Calliban Crimson, this was just his moment to have his revenge. He was completely unaware of the fact that the clan was fleeing the star system, despite having Alonzo Bodelle captured after trying to set up an outpost on Eden, as well as setting up a small outpost on Ysgard. Instead, he was only impatient in striking back at the Dark Jedi, so as soon as his troops were ready, he attacked.

Surprise Attack

As Clan Plagueis was moving yet another set of supplies out of the Acarr System, the Crimson Tide suddenly jumped out of hyperspace around Byfrost. While Plagueis has been given a slight warning of the attack by computers, it was still completely unexpected, and they found themselves unequipped or ready to attack. All the same, they went to battle, taking to the air, and shortly thereafter to orbit around Byfrost.

The battle above Byfrost lasted for around three hours, during which several members went off on special missions to assist in the overall goal, while other Dark Jedi and Plagueis staff went straight to battle, attacking several hundred fighters, a dreadnought capital ship, as well as two assault transports. Despite reports, it is suspected that Calliban did not attack with his entire force.

Connected Paths

Jonaleth/Schisca’s Mission

As Plagueis defended themselves against the onslaught of the Tide's fleet, Dark Adept Jonaleth Isradia and Schisca were given the joint mission of infiltrating the dreadnaught capital ship and destroying it from the inside out.

Schisca and Jonaleth set off towards the hull of the dreadnought under the cover fire from Battle Team Kun’s Requiem and, through the expert flying of Schisca, managed to land inside the hangar bay. Once in they rushed off on their separate missions, for Schisca was to disable the engines while Jonaleth made his way to the bridge.

Both carved through resistance with ease, and Schisca made his way into the engine room, and after disabling them started to make his way back towards the hangar. When Jonaleth arrived on the bridge, he quickly took care of the guards before extracting the information he need, such as who they were and why they were there, from the captain. Here he learned that they were the Tide who had returned to seek revenge. Jonaleth fittingly slaughtered everyone before returning to the hangar.

After taking care of the remaining guards in the hangar, Schisca and Jonaleth left the dreadnought, confident it wouldn't be going anywhere. Jonaleth returned to the Elysian and oversaw the rest of the battle from there, while Schisca returned to his battle team and assisted them in taking care of the fighters.

Drodik’s Mission

Drodik al'Tor was assigned a special mission by the Proconsul to investigate a suspected Crimson Tide outpost on the planet of Ysgard. It was believed that the Tide had placed a small outpost there in order to monitor Plagueis actions, but before the attack the clan had found nothing save for a small group of miners. Nonetheless, it was suspected that this outpost was now being used by the Tide, and Drodik was sent to investigate.

Upon arriving, he immediately found an outpost filled with around fifty troops. He quickly cut his way through the forces there, and then called in a squad of TIE Bombers to level the outpost.


Turning the Tide

Despite the fact that Clan Plagueis had not been expecting the attack, after only three hours of fighting they were slowly starting to gain the upper hand. After disabling the dreadnought, the capital ship was useless, and the staff and command were forced to evacuate while Plageuis' own ships tore it apart. The Tide slowly started to realize that they were once again losing, and the ships started to retreat and jump to hyperspace.

Around this time, Plagueis managed to get the last of their supplies off Byfrost, and the entire clan gathered, at least those in the system at the time, and watched. Even though the Tide was retreating, Consul Kir decided that they were made an example of the Tide, mainly to show that Plagueis was not as weak as it seemed, but also to show the Tide just who they were messing with.

In an amazing show of strength and power, the clan's top force users joined together and seized a large number of the retreating Tide. They took control of their ships, primarily the fighters, and flung them back into the system. So close to the growing star, the ships were trapped as the intense radiation cooked through the hulls.

Imperial Bystander

Just as Plagueis trapped a large number of the Tide in the system and the remaining jumped to hyperspace, a lone Imperial Star Destroyer suddenly exited lightspeed right in the middle of the battle. Commanded by Jonah Kraul and holding Ravian Pulastra along with a large number of ships and troops, Captain Kraul had been looking for some action, but sadly found it too late.

He quickly honed in on the coordinates of the retreating ships, which happened to be the Tide, and followed them. When he finally caught up with the Tide, but Jonah and Ravian would join their cause.

Plagueis, on the other hand, had no idea what the ISD was doing, and let it go on its way. Later they discovered it was under the command of Jonah, as well as that Jonah had joined the Tide. They are still unaware at this time, however, of Ravian's involvement in the ordeal.


With the mass of the Tide's forces destroyed and the rest retreating, Clan Plagueis also jumped to hyperspace, and headed to the Jusadih System, their new home. Over the next few years they would keep close tabs on the Crimson Tide, as well as the Tide on them. Only a few months after the battle, Alonzo Bodelle would escape and return to the Tide.