Diadem Fortress

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Diadem Fortress
General information

18 ABY


21 ABY


Decaria, Aerun



Physical specifications

50 Meters


200 Meters


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


House Exar Kun

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Diadem Fortress was the home of House Exar Kun of Clan Plagueis, and was one of the strongest Dark Jedi bastions ever seen in the Jusadih System. Built by Scorpius when the clan first moved to Aerun, it was the center of the house's activity. In 19 ABY, Aerun Rebels led an assault against the fortress, although it ultimately failed. Two years later, during the Invasion of Jusadih, Diadem was destroyed by the alien fleet and replaced by their base, Si'Tilk.


The castle was designed to be a safe-haven for a clan plagued by the Crimson Tide pirates and other problems. Scorpius oversaw the construction of the fortress shortly before Clan Plagueis relocated to the Jusadih System and House Exar Kun made its home on Aerun. It was built to withstand assaults by natives, pirates, and rival clans, and to serve as a bastion where members of Clan Plagueis could retreat to in emergencies.

The castle also serves as a symbol of the power of Clan Plagueis and the Dark Jedi Brotherhood to the natives of Aerun. The menacing structure rises high above the trees of the Decarian Jungle, a standing tribute to the might of Plagueis. From Diadem, House Exar Kun exercises its control over the affairs of the planet.

The clan withstood a previous massive attack, the Assault on Diadem during the Seventh Great Jedi War. Following the assault, newly appointed Quaestor Aabsdu and Scorpius oversaw an update of Diadem's defenses to prevent such a breach of security from happening again. During the Eighth Great Jedi War though, Diadem was lost to the forces of the alien invaders. Despite valiant efforts to protect the great fortress, it was destroyed and left to little more than rubble, a depressing state of what once was one of Plagueis' greatest achievements.

After its destruction, the remains were transformed into the enemy base that came to be called Si'Tilk. While plans were originally to tear down the organic base and rebuild Diadem, the efforts to explore the jungle and locate it were brought to a halt and a new base, Demodia, was constructed on Shintera.


Set deep within the forests of the Decarian jungles rests Castle Diadem, the fortress home of the members of House Exar Kun of Clan Plagueis. Surrounded by the dangers of a jungle riddled with the influence and powers of the Dark Side of the Force, there was no more suitable home for Exar Kun on all Aerun.

Entrances to the Castle

The outside of the Castle is dark and menacing, yet revealing of House Exar Kun's power and glory. Stone and steel come together to create this large, sprawling fortress, somewhat reminiscent of the great Massassi Temples on Yavin IV that Exar Kun controlled so long ago. The Castle contains three public entrances and exits. The first entrance is located in the front of the Castle, facing east. To get through this entrance, one passes by the Pillars of Kun, two large stone statues of the great Lord Exar Kun. While they may seem mere decorations, they conceal laser turrets and a holorecorder.

One then passes down a cobbled pathway that contains the large, 20 meter high bronzium statues of the former Consuls of Clan Exar Kun, each with smaller busts of their proconsuls beside them. The first is Khan, towering over the pathway with the marble bust of Khalin beside him. Next, Khalin stands tall, the bust of Jonaleth Isradia beside the former consul. Thirdly is the tall statue of Jonaleth Isradia, a droid-operated watch tower behind the statue of the Dark Side Adept. Beside Isradia is the former proconsul Esca Teiko Isradia. Next, and last, in the line is Lord Chi-Long, Grand Master Emeritus. The former Dark Lord of the Sith glares down at the pathway, his eyes holding cameras that monitor all who pass through the pathway into the home of Exar Kun. Beside Chi is the bust of Braecen Triadus Isradia, the last proconsul of Clan Exar Kun.

After one passes the mammoth statues, two magnificently large black doors lead to the Entrance Hall of Exar Kun. On the doors are intricate carvings depicting the entire life story of the great Sith Lord. Upon opening the doors, one enters into a circular entrance hall. A black marble floor graced the hall, with the enlarged symbol of Clan Plagueis in the center of the circle and the symbol of House Exar Kun gracing the middle of the Plagueis Crest. On the wall straight across from the entrance is a large statue of Lord Exar Kun, standing solemnly above one of seven doors in the room. This door leads to the Chambers of Diadem, one of the larger rooms in the building that is used to hold House meetings.

House Quarters

Starting from the right, the first door leads off to the House Quarters. This is where the members of House Exar Kun live. The rooms of the Journeymen are rather plain; they consisted of a cot, a single dresser, and a place to hold their medal case and other personal items. For those the rank of Dark Jedi Knight or higher, the rooms are slightly larger, holding an extra shelf for holocrons, manuscripts, and other items, as well as a shelf for lightsabers and other weapons they might possess. The rooms of the House Summit, including the battle team leaders, also hold their own personal HoloNet ports and communication consoles. The Quaestor’s and Aedile’s rooms are at the end of the hall. Guest quarters are also available, and are slightly more lavish and comfortable than the other rooms.

Training Annex and Vehicle Storage

The second door heads off to the Diadem Training Annex, which houses several vital rooms to House Exar Kun. It is in the Training Annex that the Exar Kun Armory is kept, holding an assortment of weapons and armor to be used in battle. There are four separate combat centers in the Annex: one for Exar's Shadow, one for the Blades of Kun, one for general use, and one for private sessions between members. There is also a flight simulation device in the Annex for those younger members who are just learning how to fly. It is the perfect place for masters to train their younger, inexperienced students.

The third leads outside to the Landing Platform and Hangar Bay. This is the entrance one would use if arriving by shuttle or starfighter, and is where guests are most often received. House ships and fighters are stored in the hangar bay, as well as the personal vessels of the members of Exar Kun. On the ground level rests a storage place for the House’s ground vehicles, holding everything from speeders to walkers. This garage leads off right into the forest.

Back Door and Library

The fifth door leads to the back entrance of Castle Diadem. Through this exit many members of House Exar Kun head off into the jungle to explore, or provides an access to the Ash Citadel, where members can mediate or train in the Dark Side of the Force. A path connects it to the vehicle garage, allowing the members of Exar Kun to retrieve speeders to go off on adventures. Oftentimes, masters send off their pupils from this exit to embark on rigorous missions and trials.

The sixth door goes off to the Library of Exar Kun. Here, copies of documents needed to study in the Shadow Academy are kept, along with the histories and lore of the Sith, Krath, and Obelisk orders. Likewise, a history of the life of Exar Kun is kept, written by members of the House. A guide to crafting lightsabers rests on the shelves of the library, available only to Jedi Hunters and above. Stories, poetry, works of art, and other documents created by the members of House Exar Kun are stored in this fantastic library. On the far wall of the library is a cabinet that holds all the trophies and awards won by the House.

Meeting Chambers

The seventh and final door in the Entrance Hall leads off to the smaller conference and meeting chambers of House Exar Kun. Here, the officers of the Quaestor, Aedile, Rollmaster, and Battle Team Leaders rest, available for members of Exar Kun to approach and ask questions. Small conference and briefing chambers holding all sorts of fantastic little computers and other bits of technology are positioned in various parts of this area. The war room also exists through this door, holding computers and such that track all things happening around the planet and monitoring the security of Castle Diadem.

Outside the Castle

Around Castle Diadem is a stone wall, reinforced by shields. Droid-operated laser turrets are positioned every thirteen meters, as well as holorecorders. Several small ion cannons and anti-air turrets rest on the taller towers of the castle to ward off any aerial attacks. The jungles of Decaria offer both natural protection and danger at the same time to the members of House Exar Kun. While a single, somewhat-protected path connects Castle Diadem to the Ash Citadel, much of the surrounding jungle remains unexplored and untamed, waiting for the Dark Jedi to venture forth and learn more about their new home, and the secrets of the Dark Side.