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Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

14 BBY

Physical Description







158 pounds


Dark Blue


Dark Blue

Personal Information

Clan Plagueis

Lightsaber Color(s):

Light blue

Lightsaber Form(s):


Fighting Style(s):

Force Warrior

Chronology & Political Information

Bounty Hunter/Spy


Aedile of House Exar Kun



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Jagan is a Human Dark Jedi and a veteran of both the Galactic civil war and the Seventh Great Jedi War. Famously a nomad, Jagan has yet to settle down in any one place for too long since he left his home on Onderon, and while he is quick to form friendships, he is just as quick to leave them behind. It was once true that Jagan's only goal in life was the pursuit of war, and the rush that it gave him in the heat of battle surrounded by thousands, yet more recently he has grown tired of the constant conflict within the galaxy.

The one place that he could call his home though is Clan Plagueis. He joined the brotherhood at its formation and rose through the ranks to Knight under its guidance, and while brief stints as Aedile and Quaestor of Exar Kun gave him a new found purpose, he knew that he had to leave again.

Character History

Early Life (14BBY - 0BBY)

The streets of Onderon where Jagan regularly visited

Jagan was born just outside of Isis in the jungles of Onderon. He did not know his mother as she had died soon after his birth, but his father tried his best to support him. Jagan spent most of his days in the jungle and by age 8 was already highly adept at survival techniques and had the agility of any jungle animal. Without any formal training he already possessed a great skill in the force, if a somewhat primitive form. He was able to run at speeds just outreaching any Human and could camoflague himself fairly well. He did not know that he was harnessing the force, but the power he possessed thrilled him greatly.

Soon after his 14th birthday Jagan's father was killed in a swoop bike accident while crossing the street. The sorrow Jagan felt fueled his power, and the force surged through his body upon hearing the news. He could not stay on Onderon anymore, there was nothing left for him there. He snuck himself into the starport and onto a small ship which took him to a large freighter docked above.

It soon appeared that this ship was indeed a rebel starship, and the ship came under attack from a grroup of imperials. Jagan could do nothing else but fight, he tried to hide but after the invading imperials came on he knew he had to fight. He found the call of battle incredibly strong and his instincts and reflexes were perfectly honed for such fights. He tore through a whole regiment of imperials and pushed them back to their ship. He was then faced with a Dark Side User, seemingly one of Vader's underlings. A fight against a saber was not easy for him, but something inside him was too overwhelming for him and he managed to slay the Dark Side User with a shot to the heart. Looking down at the saber Jagan picked it up and put it inside his tunic.

Fall of the Empire (0BBY - 5ABY)

Jagan was soon called up to fight for the rebels and was sent for training. He missed the battle of Yavin, instead deciding to return home to Onderon in secret and train himself with his newly found saber. He was drawn to a small clearing in the woods where the animals were living in total harmony and at peace. He honed himself in to the force here and meditated for days, infusing himself with the light force here. It was also here that Jagan experimented with the artificial dying of lightsaber crystals, eventually altering his current red saber to a pure silver glow.

It was odd for a Jedi to train himself in the ways of the force and in the art of the saber, yet Jagan had developed a slight skill in both. Still nowhere the grandeur that fell upon those formally trained, Jagan could use the force to benefit himself in most situations. Despite his skill though, Jagan wanted much more. He wanted to be as good as those that he had read about, being able to move things with their minds and look into other's souls. He wanted to be a master with his saber and be able to slice blaster fire from the air with ease. Jagan knew though that he would never be able to possess such power, at least he wouldn't be able to if he didn't find a Jedi to train him.

Jagan failed to return to the rebel training compound, and instead "commandeered" a local nobleman's Z-95 Headhunter, heading off in search of the answers that he needed.

Jagan was gone for a year on his quest, venturing across the whole universe and visiting many planets on his way. It is not known fully of what he saw while he was on his journey, nor where he went specifically, though it is believed that he came across an old Jedi of the Old Republic. His name was Quinlan Vos and apparently it was he that taught Jagan even more of the force and of the art of the saber.

The fabled Jedi Quinlan Vos who trained Jagan in the ways of the force

On returning from his training, Jagan's persona had changed though. He had become more serious, less of the joker that he used to be, and he had a darker side to his personality also. Despite these changes, Jagan still wanted to help the rebels fight off the Empire, his quest only increasing his hatred of the Empire's ways.

Jagan finally returned to training and easily passed through all of the tasks assigned to him. It took only a matter of weeks for him to be sent out and stationed on one of the many rebel outposts. During the rest of the war Jagan became infamous throughout his troop for being the most dedicated fighter. Rarely defeated in battle, Jagan would face off against waves of opponents using his assigned rebel weaponry. He did not look upon it wisely to draw his saber in battle as he knew what fate befell the remaining Jedi in the Universe.

He fought valiantly till the end of the war, receiving praise from many of his superiors, yet never accepting the promotions or accolades that they offered him. Many thought this strange, yet Jagan had his own reasons, he wasn't doing this for the awards or the status, he had even doubted that he was doing it for the good of the Rebel Alliance. All he craved for was the call of battle, and once the war had ended it seemed that it was all over. He knew that he had to leave this life once more, for something deep inside him forebade him to stay. He removed the records of his victorys, removed all traces of himself from the academy, he did not want to be followed, then set a course as far away as he could reach.

The Outer Rim Missions (5ABY - 25ABY)

The Brotherhood (25ABY - 27ABY)

During his time in self-declared exile, Jagan came across a mysterious organization known as the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. The place intrigued him, and he needed to know more about it. He scouted out many of the planets that had rumored Dark Side activity on them and asked questions of the organization. He came across many accounts of powerful Jedi, hundreds in number and far stronger than those trained by Skywalker. Jagan had forgotten the feeling that he once got from using the force, and had lost his passion for battle and believed that this place could help him.

Another year passed and finally Jagan got himself into the training programme of the Brotherhood, and then after many more grueling months, successfully integrated himself into Clan Plagueis of the Brotherhood.

It was around 2 years until Jagan found that lust for battle again, and once he did he began to show the characteristics of the Jagan of old. He became Aedile of House Exar Kun, and won competition after competition, being rewarded with numerous awards. Jagan was happy again, the power of the Dark Side had made him stronger than ever and he liked it.

The Seventh Great Jedi War (27ABY)

Jagan had found himself taking part in the Rite of Supremacy award ceremony, an event that he was obliged to attend being a leader. It was not the greatest of days for Jagan, finding it incredibly boring to be stood in one place for so long. Suddenly, it seemed as if Jagan's wish for action had come true, with reports coming in that the Yuuzhan Vong were attacking the Brotherhood and the Plagueis fleet.

Jagan leapt into action and took his place on the Vengeance where he was forced to fight off the Yuuzhan invaders as they fled into the shroud. Jagan did not sleep for 6 days during the war, and by the final day he was exhausted. He was kept awake by the need of constant repairs, the manning of gunning turrets and the battles against the Yuuzhan Vong boarding parties.

The war finally ended after the Yuuzhan Vong decided to leave the Jusadih system and the brotherhood alone while they focused on other matters. Jagan was thankful of the end. Despite his former lust for war, he had seen horrors that no man should have been forced to endure, it had changed him.

Upon returning to the Jusadih system he was shocked at the carnage that had occurred, all of the brotherhoods defenses, including the almost impenetrable Diadem Fortress, had been wiped out. He should have stopped this, he had failed his House and his Clan. The one place he could have called home, gone. With it many of his clanmates, his friends. He did not disturb the others as they toiled away at the recovery mission, simply slipping back off into the shadows once more. It was time to go.

Return to the Brotherhood (29ABY)

It had been nearly two years to the day that Jagan left behind the ruins of Clan Plagueis. Yet it had felt like a hundred. He did not know why, but something had called him back.

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Aedile of House Exar Kun

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