Assault on Diadem

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Exodus era.

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Assault on Diadem Fortress
Conflict: Seventh Great Jedi War
Date: 19 ABY
Location: Diadem Fortress, Aerun

House Exar Kun

Aerunians/Clan Naga Sadow

  • Tib Aaron
  • CNS Battlelord

  • Fifty-seven Staff
  • Thirty-four Kunians
  • Diadem Fortress defenses
  • Thirty-six Aerunians
  • Fourteen Dark Jedi
  • One Battlelord

  • Eight Journeymen
  • 29 Staff
  • Moderate damage to Diadem Fortress
  • Thirty-six Aerunians
  • Fourteen Dark Jedi
  • One Sith Battlelord

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"We will go to the front and stop this petty rebellion. The people of Aerun shall learn not to defy the will of Plagueis!"
Dark Adept Jonaleth di Plagia Isradia

The Assault on Diadem was a major assault against House Exar Kun of Clan Plagueis during the Seventh Great Jedi War. The rebel forces of Aerun, led by Tib Aaron, and Clan Naga Sadow coordinated a strike of Diadem Fortress, home of House Exar Kun, and an assassination attempt on the Quaestor at that time, Scorpius.


Diadem Fortress was widely regarded as one of the most well-defended locations in all of Clan Plagueis. Designed by Scorpius, it was thought to be impenetrable. What the Quaestor of House Exar Kun did not anticipate when he designed the castle, however, was an enemy within the ranks of House Exar Kun.

The leaders of House Exar Kun were out when the attack began; Aedile Aabsdu Dupar al’Tor had gone to chase after a former friend who had gone AWOL, and Quaestor Scorpius was on a ship with Dark Adept Khan, heading to the capital of Aerun to put a chaotic Aerunian Senate back in line. As the Quaestor’s yacht flew over the Decarian Jungles, a squad of Z-95 Headhunters emerged from the sky and opened fire on the TIEs escorting the yacht. Then, a bomb exploded on board the ship, sending it crashing into the jungle. Dark Adept Khan managed to wield the Force and protect both himself and Scorpius from the fiery crash. Dumbfounded, the two began to limp back to Diadem Fortress.

Meanwhile, a traitor within House Exar Kun cut off the power and generators in Diadem Fortress, effectively disabling the great defenses of the castle. Then, a great shout was heard followed by a hoard of Aerunian rebel breaching the walls all around Diadem, firing upon the Dark Jedi within. Several transports appeared in the sky, starfighters escorting them, and landed right in the courtyard. The doors open and out stepped a strike force of Dark Jedi wearing the emblems and seals of Clan Naga Sadow.


The battle teams Exar’s Shadow and Blades of Kun stood up to defend the fortress, fighting valiantly against the invading forces. Dark Adept Jonaleth Isradia arrived from space and flew towards Diadem Fortress, surprised to see smoke rising from its tall towers. The Adept quickly took command, sending a distress signal to the Dark Tower and to Aedile Aabsdu, who was on the edge of the Jusadih System.

Battle Team Blades of Kun was patrolling the fortress when it was first attacked. Two members were killed when the wall was originally breached, and the others were killed in the siege of the front gates. Exar’s Shadow came to assist, but by the time it got there Blades of Kun was no more.

A small group of Kunians quickly rushed to the control room and power generator where workers were already trying to get the power, including the defenses, back online, they succeeded, and the defenses returned to power. The battle outside started to turn back in favor of Exar Kun, despite the attacks having gained control of the courtyard.

Then, the small group of jedi located the traitor, a young Acolyte who had been bribed to cut off the power supply. They tried to reason with him, but he only laughed and fired three shots at a nearby barrel of highly flammable gas. The explosion killed him instantly along with the crew members standing nearby, but the jedi were able to shield themselves, and they set to work helping to clear out the rest of the invaders.

While fighting, they came across a Battlelord who appeared to be the commander of the Naga Sadow forces. They fought him fiercely, but he was still able to hold them off. Then, out of the shadows, Adept Jonaleth sent waves of lightning towards him, frying him to death.


With the commander of the Dark Jedi forces dead, it took only thirty minutes to kill the rest of them and capture Tib Aaron. By the time Aedile Aabsdu arrived, the crew had already gotten to work cleaning up the mess. When Scorpius and Khan arrived at the fortress, the Quaestor quickly got the rest of the castle working again. Then, he personally removed Tib’s head from his body as a message to all others thinking of rebelling. The battle was over, and House Exar Kun had been able to hold off the invaders, although at a great cost. Greater questions revealed themselves, though, such as why the group of locals rebelled, and better yet why Clan Naga Sadow had assisted them.