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Named after the Krath Lord Satal Keto, Clan Satal Keto was once one of seven clans in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood until it was merged with Clan Exar Kun to form Clan Plagueis. It was subsequently divided into houses Aleema, Kirleta, and Galthain.


As the Emperor's Hammer grew in size and strength, an increasing number of Krath followers started requesting their own Clan to live in where they could pursue their philosophical paths without interruption from the Obelisk or Sith. They were granted their request, and Clan Satal Keto was formed. The Clan existed for approximately eight years, growing until it was a dominant Clan in the Emperor's Hammer. When the Exodus occurred, Clan Satal Keto was severely weakened.

The Clan survived for another four years, though their remaining strength constantly ebbed. After one particular war, the Clan was irrevocably weakened. It was then that the Crimson Tide, having been hired by an unknown individual, attacked Clan Satal Keto. The two factions battled for four brutal days. Just as the Crimson Tide was beginning to gain the upper hand, Consul Selket requested aide from Keto's sister Clan, Clan Exar Kun.

Chi-Long answered the call, and for another three days the now allied clans fought against the Tide, until eventually victory was theirs. The battle had left them weakened, however, and they were now close to death. Intervening, the Star Chamber decided to merge the two into one Clan, and with the Dictum of Two Skies, Clan Satal Keto ended, and Clan Plagueis was formed.

Clan Summit

Roll of Consuls

  1. Gilkane
  2. Alastery
  3. Tronsta
  4. Kelvis Xavier
  5. Kessian Armus
  6. Corran Force
  7. Mejas Doto
  8. Unknown Number of People Due to Exodus
  9. Drako
  10. Gord Darkonian
  11. Selket

Roll of Proconsuls

  1. Unknown Number of People Due to Exodus
  2. Gord Darkonian