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Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

62 BBY

Physical Description

3/4 Human, 1/4 Firrereo




1.95 Meters




Dark Brown



Personal Information

Clan Plagueis


Crimson Tide, Aerunian Rebels

Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):
Fighting Style(s):
Chronology & Political Information
  • Former Jedi Knight
  • Former Dark Acolyte
  • Former Imperial officer
  • Dark Jedi

Imperial Remnant, House Exar Kun, Clan Plagueis, Shadow Academy, Prodigy of Plagueis

Personal Ship:

The Scorpion



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Scorpius (62 BBY-Present) is a leading Dark Jedi within Clan Plagueis of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. He is an Archpriest of the Krath Order. Formerly a Jedi Knight of the Old Republic, Scorpius was one of the many Jedi who fought in the Clone Wars. During the conflict however Scorpius was lost to the Dark Side of the Force while on a mission to Chandrila. He rose as a servant of the Dark Lords of the Sith and served faithfully in the Galactic Empire.

After the fall of the Empire, Scorpius took command of a small fleet of three Star Destroyers and fought on in the Imperial Remnant for many years, but his days were numbered as the New Jedi Order closed in on him. With all his struggles and victories in battle though, it was one of his own apprentices that finally bested him, stabbing him in the back and leaving him for dead. Scorpius would not be beaten so easily though, and despite dying his spirit survived, and many years later was able to trick a young Jedi into bringing him back into one of his many clones. Almost severed completely from the Force during the transformation, Scorpius had lost all of his power that he once had though, and ventured to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood where he was trained once more.

A natural politician and diplomat, he has served as one of the political movers-and-shakers in Clan Plagueis. Following his captivity during the Invasion of Jusadih, he went mad and exiled himself for months. Since his return, he has been rather different...

Character History

Aristocracy and Birth

The bloodline of the Scorpius Family can be traced as far back as 3997 BBY to Darth Scorpius, a participant in the Freedon Nadd Uprising. Since then, the Scorpii have been in records on Korriban, Ossus, Dantooine, Thyferra, Coruscant, and Chandrila. Various Scorpii were members of the Old Sith and Jedi Orders. The origin of the Scorpius Family can be traced to a small planet in the mid-rim that is not located on most standard galactic maps. The planet Risban has been politically and economically dominated by the Scorpius Family for centuries. The senior male member of the family was named the "Count" of Risban. The great-great grandfather of the present Scorpius, Lucius Myles Scorpius, founded ScorpCorp, a company of many different trades, and moved the family estate to Chandrila, all-the-while still maintaining control and influence over Risban. His grandfather, Count Finis Hadjus Scorpius, served one term as the senator of Chandrila.


Robel Antares Scorpius was born on Chandrila in 62 BBY to Magnus Scorpius and Sophia Antares. His parents were very influential in politics and business on Chandrila, his mother serving one term as mayor of Hanna City. Needless to say, the Scorpius Family had entered the political and economic aristocracy of Chandrila. It was expected that Robel would go on to become school in politics or business on Chandrila. One day he would inherit ScorpCorp. This all changed three years after his birth, however, when it was discovered that he was Force-sensitive.

A Jedi Knight on Chandrila named Joruun Kalp discovered that the young Scorpius was Force-sensitive. Robel was taken from his family and brought to Coruscant to train to be a Jedi.

Jedi Knight

Scorpius trained as a Jedi at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, showing great skill as a padawan in the areas of stategy, Force philosophy, and classical lightsaber dueling. He even received some training sessions as a padawan from the great Jedi Master Dooku, one of the best saberists in the Order. In 40 BBY, at the age of twenty-two, Scorpius became a young Jedi Knight.

Given his family's influence, throughout his training Scorpius managed to keep in contact with his parents and siblings. The Jedi Order heavily discouraged Scorpius from doing so but did not stop him. Throughout his time in the Jedi Order, Scorpius had developed a keen interest in politics and upon reaching Jedi Knight often served as a liaison between the Jedi Council and the Senate. Through this Scorpius made a name for himself as a shrewd political thinker and strategist, and also rose to become a master of Makashi lightsaber form. Indeed, he was set to do good things for the Jedi Order.

When a small anti-Republic movement on Chandrila began to form into a militia and threaten rebellion, the Jedi Council dispatched a team of Jedi and Republic security forces to help quell any militant actions. Given his ties with and knowledge of Chandrila, Jedi Knight Scorpius was placed on the team. This would turn out to be a major mistake.

Descent to Darkness and the Clone Wars


I killed them... The entire squad that attacked my family. That killed my family. The Jedi will regret letting this happen. I will make sure of it. ~From the Private Journals of R. Antares Scorpius, Entry 1.

In 34 BBY, a wealthy Chandrilan named Gaius Zorag convinced the governor of Copmol City on Chandrila, Julian Pole, do join him in an effort to free Chandrila from the 'bureuacratic tyranny' of the Republic. Together they formed the Chandrilan Liberation Society and attracted nearly two thousand militant supporters to the society. The Chandrilan government sent a plea of help to the Senate, who dispatched a small group of Jedi Knights with Republic Security Forces to quell the growing dissidents before they caused too much damage. Leading the mission was Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi, accompanid by Jedi Knights Scorpius and Joruun Kalp.

The Republic Security Forces were unseasoned, however, and the Chandrilan Security Forces were made up of mostly lower-class citizens who held a disdain for the aristocracy on Chandrila. Manor Scorpius, where the Scorpius Family made its home on Chandrila, was in the rebellious territory. As the security forces were moving through the land, they came upon the manor and opened fire on it as if it were an enemy stronghold, murdering Robel's parents, siblings, nieces, and nephews. Jedi Knight Joruun Kalp arrived right after the attack and rushed to try heal the dying people, but he could not. As he started to leave the burning home, Scorpius arrived, having felt the deaths.

In a fit of rage the Jedi Knight murdered his fellow knight Joruun Kalp. Then he chased down the group responsible for the attack and killed last member of the security squad, their bodies littering the Chandrilan countryside. While this was happening, Ki-Adi-Mundi was leading the assault on the rebel stronghold, and felt the death of Joruun Kalp. He was thus prepared when Scorpius arrived, blaming the Republic for the death of his family and the Jedi for being powerless to stop it. He and his master began to duel, but when it became apparent that Scorpius could not win, he left the planet with the retreating Gaius Zorag and the secessionists. The Chandrilan Uprising was quelled, but it had cost two Jedi Knights.

Scorpius left the Jedi Order and suddenly found himself, with the death of his father, as the heir to a multi-billion credt intergalactic company and a noble title on the planet of Risban. He spent the next few years of his life in private, maintaing ScorpCorp and working with an up-and-coming starship technology pioneer named Raith Sienar. By the end of the Battle of Naboo, Scorpius had already accumulated a vast fortune. However, Scorpius still wished for revenge against the Jedi. With rumors of a Sith reemergence at Naboo, stories of the Jedi 'Chosen One' being taught at the Jedi Temple, and a curious bounty posted by an old Jedi that Scorpius had trained under briefly, Count Dooku, a growing disturbance in the Force brought Scorpius' interests back to Coruscant.

Count Dooku

In 28 BBY, Count Dooku approached Scorpius and revealed that he was a Dark Lord of the Sith. He promised Scorpius power and vengeance, and after Scorpius had proved his worth and loyalty through a series of tasks, the ex-Jedi Knight was made a Dark Acolyte, an agent for this Darth Tyrannus. Scorpius served as an assassin for the Sith Lords, eliminating certain politicians and businessmen who stood in their way. When the Clone Wars broke out, Scorpius was served as an admiral in the Separatist forces. He fought in many battles throughout the Clone Wars, and more than once he faced and killed members of the Jedi Order. As the Clone Wars neared an explosive end, Scorpius was helping manage the Separatist forces on the InterGalactic Banking Clan's ice-covered planet of Mygeeto.

Just like the rest of them, though, he never caught whiff of what was really going on. Not until it was far too late. ~501st Legion on Ki-Adi-Mundi.

Mygeeto was one of the bastions of the Separatist Army. When General Grievous left the planet to deal with other campaigns and San Hill was transported to safety elsewhere, Scorpius was placed in charge of Separatist forces on the planet. He faced a squad of Galactic Marines led by Jedi General Ki-Adi-Mundi. Scorpius was also on the planet to allow elements of the 501st Legion to successfully maneuver around Separatist forces and acquire an ancinet Mygeetan crystal to serve as the power source for a top-secret laser-stream project that the Sith were creating, codenamed Operation Hammertong—this would eventually become the Death Star. Scorpius and the Jedi master dueled several times throughout the Mygeetan campaigns. As the Republic forces intensified a push to seize the Separatist base in the Mygeetan capital, Order 66 was issued. Scorpius watched in surprise as Mundi fought his way across a bridge before his troops stopped and trained their weapons on him. As Scorpius watched Mundi's betrayal, he felt the others around the galaxy as well. Across the stars, Jedi died. All of them at the same time. Darth Sidious was triumphant.

Realizing that the Clone Wars were over, and somewhat distraught by the lack of nobility in the deaths of the Jedi, Scorpius abandoned Mygeeto as the Republic forces onquered it. The Dark Acolyte quickly traveled to Coruscant as Palpatine gave a speech to the Senate outling a plot by the Jedi to assassinate him, and proclaimed himself emperor of the new Galactic Empire. Scorpius traveled to the Jedi Temple shortly after the new Darth Vader and the 501st Legion murdered every master, knight, and padawan in the temple; they had been betrated by their Chosen One. Scorpius took advantage of the time of chaos to slip into the Jedi Library, stepping over the bodies of Jocastu Nu and some young padawans to remove certain records for his own use.

The Clone Wars ended, the Jedi Order was wiped out, and a New Order had risen in its place.

Empire, Remnant, and Death

For his service to the Sith, Scorpius was given a position in Palpatine's Secret Order as one of his Dark Adepts, like other Force-sensitive individuals corrupted by the Dark Side. He was given the position of vice-admiral in the Imperial Starfleet, occasionally watching over ambitious admirals and moffs on behalf of the Emperor. He fought in many battles throughout the Galactic Civil War, and often he would work with those living in the shadows of the Empire, chiefly the Black Sun Crime Syndicate, to fulfill any wishes the Emperor asked of him. During this time, Scorpius also used cloning technology to create several clones of himself at a facility in Risban in case his own body should suffer physical distress. Scorpius was patrolling the Chandrila system when news of the deaths of Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader at Endor reached him. Realizing that the Rebel Alliance was now on the verge of toppling the Empire and that the Jedi were reemerging with this new Luke Skywalker fellow, Scorpius took a small fleet consisting of three Star Destroyers and fled to the Risban system.

Eventually, Coruscant fell to the Rebellion, and the New Republic was established. Scorpius rose through the ranks of respect in the Imperial Remnant, and was briefly involved in Grand Admiral Thrawn's attempt to reestablish the Empire. His loyalty to Thrawn was chiefly because Scorpius knew little of an extra-galactic threat the Emperor had once warned of, and he knew that a strong Empire would be needed to repel this threat. When Thrawn was defeated and the New Republic, with its New Jedi Order, started eliminating Imperial warlords, Scorpius grew desperate. Scorpius had attracted his own small cadre of loyal followers and apprentices. Famosus Aspicio, James Bellador, and Syrus Korodin were all Force-sensitive and working with Scorpius to try to establish an order of Dark Jedi. Now having attained the full rank of Admiral and control of six Star Destroyers and two Corellian Blockade Runners, in 17 ABY Scorpius launched an attack on his home planet of Chandrila, hoping to hold the planet hostage and use it as a bargaining chip with the New Republic.

Grand Admiral Thrawn

He nearly succeeded with his surprise attack, seizing control of Hanna City. Luke Skywalker dispatched several Jedi to deal with the Dark Jedi, and had even planted a mole inside of Scorpius' little group of followers. After a gruesome duel with a Jedi Knight named Fritz, Scorpius was attacked from behind by a Jedi apprentice named Alex Wiederspiel, who had been tricking Scorpius all this time and acting as one of his followers. Stabbed through the back, Scorpius suddenly felt how the Jedi must have felt when their own troops betrayed them. He stumbled back into a pit filled with snakes and died. The New Republic seized his fleet, and his followers fled.

But his spirit lingered, mustering all he could with the Dark Side of the Force to stay in this life....

Rebirth and Brotherhood

In 19 ABY, a young Jedi apprentice named Clover Eu'odea came across the spirit of Scorpius trapped in a holocron. Scorpius manipulated and tricked the young girl, convincing her to travel to Risban and resurrect Scorpius into once of his clone bodies. She did, and Scorpius emerged in a twenty-two-year-old version of himself. However, he was drastically cut off from the Force and severely weakened by his death and resurrection, the power he once had all-but-gone. He disposed of Clover with a blaster, and then decided to flee Risban before Republic forces discovered him. He entered his personal StarViper, The Scorpion, and made a dangerous blind jump into hyperspace.

By the sheer will of the Force, he exited hyperspace over the planet Byfrost, where he was picked up by members of Clan Exar Kun of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. He joined the Brotherhood and began to retrain in the ways of the Dark Side, attaining the rank of Dark Jedi Knight under his master Braecen Triadus Isradia, later to be known as Braecen Kaeth Kunar. While in the Brotherhood he called upon his former allies—Famosus Aspicio, James Bellador, and Syrus Korodin—to join him, which they did.

Clan Plagueis

When the Dictum of the Two Skies was issued and Clan Plagueis was formed, Scorpius was placed in House Bane to command the battle team Heretics of Bane. The Heretics of Bane went on many successful missions under Scorpius before House Bane was shut down. Scorpius joined House Exar Kun. During missions against organizations like the Crimson Tide, Scorpius made close bonds and alliances with individuals like Aabsdu, Galaphile, Jonaleth Isradia, Ashura Isradia, and others. He also obtained the title Prodigy of Plagueis, and held the active title longer than any other in Plagueis history.

When the home system of Clan Plagueis began to go supernova, Scorpius personally oversaw the construction of Diadem Fortress in the new system that Clan Plagueis would move to. As Prodigy of Plagueis at the time, Scorpius helped oversee defeating Crimson Tide pirates during the evacuation of the system. Once settled in the new Jusadih System, Scorpius became more involved with Plagueis politics. He served as the Tetrarch of Exar's Shadow and later Blades of Kun before become Quaestor of House Exar Kun. During his tenure as Quaestor, the Sixth Great Jedi War broke out and came all too close to House Exar Kun during the Assault on Diadem. During the assault, there was an assassination attempt on Scorpius' life as Aerunian Rebels and forces of Clan Naga Sadow attempted to destroy the bastion of House Exar Kun. With assistance from his aedile, Aabsdu, and Dark Adept Jonaleth Isradia, the enemy were finally defeated and driven back. As the war continued, Scorpius relinquished his role as Quaestor to serve Plagueis on a secret mission as the fleets of the Brotherhood moved to fight one another. Scarred and tired, when the war was over Scorpius oversaw the reconstruction of Diadem Fortress and then served as the Kunian Ambassador to the Aerunian Senate.

After this time, Scorpius became a prominent member of Clan Plagueis once more. He was assigned to the position of Proconsul of the clan and served for several months before the time had come for him to relinquish his power. He was adopted into the Dupar family.

Seventh Great Jedi War

One of the Archpriest's greatest battles took place during the Seventh Great Jedi War, where he was forced into action, defending Aerun and the Diadem Fortress. It was early on in the war that Scorpius, and his former apprentice Dismal, were called upon to protect the Diadem Fortress from the Alien invaders. They fought valiantly and with great honor, but ultimately the might of the alien force overcame them and they were forced into fleeing into space.

It was not long though before the Force-devoid Aliens caught up with Scorpius' and Dismal's ship, and with their cloaking device disabled, they were an easy target for their opponents. They were captured by the Aliens and brought back to the waiting Miid Ro'ik starship. Despite early attempts to fight their captors off, they were disabled and trapped inside the Embrace of Pain.

Luckily for Scorpius and Dismal, a well-trained Jedi strikeforce consisting of Plagueis' finest, Jaden Kyrath, Anochiir and Galaphile, came to their allies aid. Despite the brave rescue though, Scorpius was left severely wounded from the Embrace of Pain, and was left without his saber.

Following the invasion, Scorpius went into forced exile, spending his time dealing with the scars he had gained from the Alien incursion and meditating on the Force. Since that time much has changed in Clan Plagueis, and it looks like the Krath Archpriest may be ready to jump back into things....


Scorpius is a reserved, deliberate, and logical individual. He is protective of those who are under his charge or are loyal to him, and deadly to his enemies. He is a shred politician and strategist, very good with oratory and planning things out. His charisma has been of use to Clan Plagueis before as he gives stirring speeches to motivate Plagueis for battle.

He usually prefers to avoid official positions of leadership, oftentimes serving like a true Krath from the shadows. Many Consuls, Proconsuls, and Quaestors in Plagueis have used Scorpius as a close advisor and confidant, turning to him to assist with problems and often including him as a de facto leader within Clan Plagueis. Apart from skills in the art of ruling and strategy, he enjoys practicing history and Force philosophy, as well as perfecting his master of Makashi form lightsaber dueling.

Following his captivity by the Alien invaders during the Invasion of Jusadih, some people think that he has gone a bit mad.

Positions Held

Preceded by:


Proconsul of Clan Plagueis

27 ABY

Succeeded by:

Kharon Daragon

Preceded by:

Braecen Kunar

Quaestor of House Exar Kun

25 ABY

Succeeded by:


Preceded by:


Tetrarch of Exar's Shadow

24 ABY

Succeeded by:


Preceded by:


Tetrarch of Heretics of Bane

23 ABY

Succeeded by:



  • Second Prodigy of Plagueis
  • Second Heir of Kun
  • Co-Creator of the Jusadih System, chiefly creating Diadem Fortress
  • Co-Creator of the Prodigy of Plagueis Guidelines
  • Author of the Exalted Lord of Kun Guidelines
  • Author of many historical articles for Clan Plagueis
  • Served as Eclectic Pedagogue of the Leadership Applications Exam for one year and three months.