Nighthawk (Agave-class)

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Production information

Modified Agave-class Picket

Technical specifications

190 meters

Hyperdrive rating:
  • Class 1
  • Backup Class 10
Sensor systems:


Targeting systems:


Navigation system:


  • Turbolaser cannons (2)
Fire arc: forward
  • Laser cannons (4)
Fire arc: turret
  • crewmembers 28
  • gunners 8
Minimum crew:


Cargo capacity:

500 metric tons


3 months

Other systems:

Cloaking device


Dajorra Intelligence Agency

Known commander(s):

37 ABY

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Vessel Info

The Nighthawk is a heavily modified Agave-class Picket. It was commissioned by Clan Arcona in 37 ABY after the Dark Crusade to fill a very specific and unique role.


The Nighthawk was commissioned to act as a mobile base of operations for the Dajorra Intelligence Agency.

It connects and directs the various and far flung agents, moles and spies the Agency has at its command, whilst maintaining a low profile.

The ship is heavily modified from the original design to allow it to operate deep in hostile territories. Furthermore, the ship itself would be expected to operate independently of both the Arcona Expeditionary Force and the Dajorra Defence Force; only occasionally coming into contact with both task forces for joint operations.

The Nighthawk and her crew spend long periods operating away from home, acting as Arcona’s eyes and ears, alerting the Shadow Clan to potential threats long before they ever come to be in a position to actually harm the Clan.

In some cases of reported threat, once orders have been received, the crew of the Nighthawk are heavily trained in a vast manner of combat oriented skill sets to handle situations requiring immediate action, giving the Team the ability to respond swiftly and efficiently.


The ship is heavily modified from the original Agave-class design to give it a sleeker, more streamlined appearance. Ostensibly, the craft could pass as a large ‘pleasure yacht’, however the modular design was put in mind with a number of upgrades.

So far, in addition to the modified hull, the Nighthawk possesses a Cloaking Device, allowing it to move undetected through enemy space.

Additionally, a hangar has been built into the lower portion of the craft, allowing it to host a small complement of support craft. Thus far, there are two Nu-class attack shuttles to act as landing craft, as well as the Captain’s own Stealth-X fighter.

The ship has also been prepared to have an augmented Hyperdrive, a dedicated AI computer, a Long Range Turbolaser designed to be fitted on a Destroyer, and Lamaninium Hull plating, however, those modifications are still in the research phase.


The Nighthawk has been designed for extended operations in deep space without many layovers, so the interior has been optimised for both efficiency and the crew’s comfort, though space is at a premium.

Small nods to comfort have been fitted, such as leather chairs, a full kitchen and two observation lounges, though it is rumoured that Teroch wants to turn one of the lounges into a small gym.

Some members of the crew hope that if the rumour is true it will be a communal one.

Deck One

Captin's Cabin.

At the top of the ship, built directly next to the external bulkhead is a small captain’s cabin. It is modest in size, whilst still retaining a few privileged luxuries, such as a full double bed, its own en-suite refresher, and even a fish tank (though the current occupant has yet to get any fish for it).

Added to this is a desk and terminal, a small seating area, a weapons display rack and some shelving.

Deck Two

Command Station

The forward section of the second deck is dominated by the command and operations of the Nighthawk. At the nose of the craft is the cockpit proper, where the helm and navigation stations are placed. Just aft of the cockpit is the forward airlock.

Down from those is the control centre, which is far more advanced than one would require for a simple picket. In it is the command station facing a tactical holographic display of the sector of space the ship is occupying, as well as a full three dimensional display of the ship. Aft of the Command station is the turbo lift, which usually has a pair of marines standing guard either side of the doors.

In the rear portion of the craft is a small but fully equipped laboratory on the starboard side, and on the port side is an intelligence/communications salo for handling both the large volume of communications as well as housing the encryption department.

At the far rear is the holonet transceiver for secure communications with Arcona's top echelons.

Deck Three

Habitation Deck.

The habitation deck comprises the largest section of the craft. At the fore of the craft is the currently-empty housing for the LR turbolaser.

To the Port is the XO's office and quarters, and to the starboard is the Medical Bay. The rear section of the Medical Bay also provides access to the Computer Core.

In the centre of the deck is the dining and recreation area, with numerous tables, chairs and repeater displays.

The rear portion of the ship is taken up with the crew barrack, refreshers and the two observation decks, both port and starboard.

Deck Four

Nighthawk's Reactor on Engineering level.

Housing the oversized Reactor, Deck Four is dominated by 'Engineering.' A custom-designed Hypermatter Reactor was commissioned for the craft in order to simultaneously power it's many modifications, however, due to the immense amount of fuel needed to keep the reactor running, the Nighthawk can only go for about 3 months before needing to refuel.

A compact engineering room oversees the reactor and allows access to the Cloaking Device housing, as well as several other systems, such as Life Support and the Shield Generators.

Deck Five

Nighthawk's Hangar.

The lowest portion of the Nighthawk houses the Hangar and the Armoury. The hangar is large enough to house a squadron of fighters and a pair of shuttles, however at present only houses the Captain's Stealth-X and a pair of Nu-class shuttles.

The Armory looks directly onto the Hangar floor and offers several workbenches for the members of the crew to repair, maintain and modify their weapons and armor. It is around the armory where the ship's Quartermaster oversees all supplies coming in and out of the 'Nighthawk.

It is a regular occurrence that the crew use the hangar as a sparring ground and also a firing range when it's not otherwise in use.


The modifications are what truly set the Nighthawk apart from every other ship in the galaxy. It was designed to be modular with a reactor far exceeding its base needs.

Unfortunately, the prohibitive cost of most of the intended modifications necessitated the need to purchase and install them over time so as not to cripple Arcona's military expenditure.

Shotgun Hypertransciever

Installed upon all Agave-class pickets, the shotgun Hypertranciever allows instantaneous and secure communications.

The nature of the shotgun Hypertranciever means it is all but impossible to intercept or block, making it perfect for intelligence-based work.

Cloaking Device

The Nighthawks primary form of defense is remaining undetected and whilst all Agave-class picket's stealth systems are formidable, the addition of a Stygium Cloaking Device renders the 'Nighthawk' undetectable to anything not equipped with a Crystal Gravfield Trap.




Nighthawk Dark Jedi Contingent
Name Position
Captain Kordath Ship's Captain
Commander Rulvak Executive Officer
Vacant Quartermaster
Nami Dalros Communications Officer
Chief Zakath Security Chief
Vacant Chief Analyst
Operative Nath Voth Interrogations Officer
Helmsman Kalon Tsucyra Entar Helmsman
Co-Helmsman Karth Orsai Co-Helmsman
Ood Bnar Ship's Doctor
Chief Trevor Grinstro Chief Engineer

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