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DB vs Jaymz was the added to the Chamber archives as the sixteenth case tried by the Chamber of Justice, however it was actually completed during the time of Justicar Firefox. The archive information was lost until it was later discovered by Justicar Kir Katarn, who added it to the archives as case number sixteen. During the case, the Left Hand of Justice was Korras, and the Right Hand of Justice was Halcyon Rokir.

Basic Case Information

Defendants Name

  • Bla'Shire (aka Jaymz)


  • Cloning


  • Guilty


Case Summary

It was discovered by the Chamber of Justice that Bla'Shire had created a clone named "Krayn Cotelin". After finishing it's investigation and gathering enough IP evidence to warrant a conviction, Right Hand of Justice Halcyon Rokir brought forth the charge of cloning against Bla'Shire. The defendant claimed he was innocent in several emails, however after more extensive talks the Justicar was able to mediate a solution. Bla'Shire was found guilty of cloning and demoted to Novice, given an Official Letter of Reprimand, and three months probation.

Related News Posts

  • No news posts were made regarding this case.

Justicar's Opinion

  • No opinion was issued by the Justicar that is on record.

Points of Interest

The way this case was handled, though direct mediation by the Justicar, was a precursor of the current Dark Covenant Article VIII, Section 8.03(e), concerning mediation. This section says:

"The Justicar, the Grand Master or a Hand of Justice, upon receiving a formal complaint, may attempt to mediate the dispute to arrive at a settlement. Attempted mediation does not bar the member from continuing the adjudication under their complaint if mediation fails. At the end of a successful mediation, the Justicar may ask for a withdrawal of the complaint or, if three months have passed since the end of mediation without any further inquiries by the complaining member, the Justicar may dismiss the complaint himself."