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The Chamber of Justice is made up of the Justicar, his two Hands of Justice, and three members who serve on the Appeals Panel. The Chamber serves to protect the fun and safe environment the Brotherhood has established, and is run by the Justicar - who is second to no one with authority in the execution of justice. It is recommended everyone familiarize themselves with the basic description of the Chamber and its relevant members by reading the main pages - Chamber of Justice and Justicar.

All trials completed by the Chamber and individual case descriptions can be found in the Chamber Case History subcategory. Once you have a grasp of the main information, you should move on to more specific Chamber areas, including Chamber of Justice Policies, IRC Guidelines, and the Covenant pages.

Chamber of Justice Members
Member Position Term
Kamjin "Maverick" Lap'lamiz Justicar 3/22/2021 - current
Ood Bnar Right Hand of Justice 2/26/2023 - current
Qormus Aquila Left Hand of Justice 2/26/2023 - current
Halcyon Taldrya Appeals Panel 2/26/2023 - current
Pel Appeals Panel 2/26/2023 - current
Shimrah Appeals Panel 2/26/2023 - current


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