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DB vs Ashura was the fourteenth case tried by the Chamber of Justice. The sitting Justicar was Kir Katarn, the Left Hand of Justice was Raken, and the Right Hand of Justice was Dacien "BubbaX" Victae.

Basic Case Information

Defendants Name


  • Plagiarism


  • Guilty


Case Summary

The Justicar was forwarded an email from an outside party, a man who operated a website which contained information about gnomes. His complaint was that he had stumbled upon several pages on the DJBWiki which contained information plagiarized from his Gnomes webpage. The Justicar launched an investigation into the offending articles, which were descriptions of Clan Plagueis' planets, which had been authored by Ashura. Enough of the articles matched word-for-word that the Chamber of Justice charged Ashura with plagiarism. The defendant plead not guilty to the charges, and a Trial by Justicar was started. After reviewing the information, Justicar Kir Taldrya Katarn determined that the defendant was guilty. He was delayed in making the announcement however, and during the delay Ashura took the initiative and apologized to the original author, accepted responsibility for his actions, and was very cooperative in general. Due to this, the Chamber was more lenient during sentencing, deciding not to demote him. Instead the medal given for the work was removed, he was given an Official Letter of Reprimand and three months Probation.

Related News Posts

Posted By Kir Katarn - 5/31/2007

Chamber of Justice Communique #017a

On this day, May 31, 2007 of the Liberated Brotherhood, I the Justicar of the Brotherhood now announce the punishment that this Chamber lays upon Ashura Isradia.

Upon the conclusion of fair and just proceedings, this Chamber finds you:

On the Charge of Plagiarism -

You did willingly and knowingly copy the majority of your article on "Aerunians" directly from another authors work and tried to pass it off as your own. You did not give proper credit to the original author, and you were rewarded for completing this task.

You have been found GUILTY.

Sentencing for the party is as follows:

  • Removal of Medals given for plagiarized work
  • Letter of Reprimand
  • Three Months Probation

The terms of probation are thus:

  • The guilty party may not receive promotion, appointment to position, or any citation or honor of merit without the explicit permission of the Justicar

Signed and Sealed in Justice,

Dark Side Adept Kir Taldrya Katarn

Justicar and High Protector of the Dark Brotherhood

Justicar's Opinion

Posted By Kir Katarn - 5/31/2007

Justicar's Opinion

The Chamber received a complaint from an outside party, a man who authors a website dedicated to Gnomes. His complaint was that he had stumbled upon the DB Wiki and found quite a bit of a specific article plagiarized from his own material. The wiki article in question was about the "Aerunian's", who were the native race on one of Clan Plagueis' planets. The author had posted his original information years before, and was upset that his information was being used inappropriately and without credit.

The Chamber initiated an investigation, and determined that Ashura Isradia had been the author of the article. In the wiki article Ashura had merely taken portions of the Gnomes information, and replaced "Gnomes" with "Aerunian's". Upon closer examination it was revealed that approximately 60% of the article was copied word-for-word from the Gnomes website. Ashura was also given a medal for his work writing the information.

After the investigation was complete, the Chamber charged Ashura with plagiarism, for copying the majority of the "Aerunians" article directly from another authors work and passing it off as his own. Ashura plead not guilty to the charges, and the Chamber proceeded to a Trial by Justicar. The Justicar determined that the defendant was guilty of plagiarism, however he was delayed in making the sentencing announcement. During the delay, Ashura independently made contact with the original author and apologized for his mistake. In addition he was extremely cooperative with the Chamber and accepted responsibility for his actions. Due to these circumstances, the Chamber removed the intended demotion from his sentence, thus leaving the final sentence as removal of medals given for the article and six months probation.

Points of Interest

No major precedents or points of interest originated from this case. It was the second time that a defendant had taken it upon themselves to apologize for wrongdoing and accept responsibility, and this led to leniency by the Chamber of Justice.