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DB vs Drake Starfire was the fifty-first case tried by the Chamber of Justice. The sitting Justicar was Jac Cotelin, the Left Hand of Justice was Montresor, and the Right Hand of Justice was Halcyon Taldrya.

Basic Case Information

Defendants Name


  • Count 1 - Falsifying Matches - Plea of not guilty by no response
  • Count 2 - Cloning - Plea of not guilty by no response


  • GUILTY as to both counts


  • Two grade demotion to PRT
  • Strict and General Probation
  • Loss of Medals
  • GMRG Disqualification

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Chamber of Justice - Case #0050, DB v. Calix Iberian & Case #0051 DB vs. Drake Starfire - Verdicts

Posted in DJB News by Grand Master Jac Cotelin on 05/25/2015 @ 3:25 PM

Members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood -

The Chamber of Justice has convened in two pending matters:

Case #0050 - DB vs. Calix Iberian of Scholae Palatinae; and Case #0051 - DB vs. Drake Starfire of Scholae Palatinae.

Each of these cases were for charges of falsifying matches and cloning. The Chamber has issued a detailed verdict and Justicar Opinion for the cases which can be found in the PDF files linked below (please see #0051 DB v. Drake Starfire for the full write-up). Please note that the written opinion is generally found on the second page of the following documents, after announcement of the verdict.

The verdicts were as follows:

Case #0051 - DB v. Drake Starfire - Opinion PDF

  • Count 1 - Falsifying Matches - Plea of not guilty by no response
  • Count 2 - Cloning - Plea of not guilty by no response
  • Verdict - GUILTY as to both counts
  • Punishment - Three grade demotion to PRT, Strict and General Probation, Loss of Medals, GMRG Disqualification

Justicar's Opinion


The Chamber of Justice takes active measures to guard against cloning in the Brotherhood, knowing that such activities lead to a degradation of our systems in short order. Upon notification to the Chamber that multiple members have joined with the same IP address, the Chamber invites an explanation of the activity from the members. In this instance, the Right Hand of Justice approached Calix when it was determined that he joined from the same IP address of Drake Starfire. At the time, independent e-mails from Drake and Calix indicated that they were real life friends. In fact, Calix later began using a different IP address from Drake, and the location of the two IP addresses were in the same area of Florida.

The evidence shows that Calix was initially active as a member, but eventually stopped activity. Around the beginning of March, 2015, all login activity from Calix ceased from his own IP.

At the end of March 2015 and beginning of April 2015, the Fist conducted an investigation of some suspicious activity in gaming between Drake and Calix. The Fist was alerted to the fact that there were gaming irregularities due to the lopsided wins by Drake in all manner of games. As an example, the following matches were submitted:

  • March 30 - 12 Pazaak. All wins to Drake.
  • March 30 - 12 Battlefront. All wins to Drake.
  • March 27 - 12 Pazaak. All wins to Drake.
  • March 25 - 12 JA. All wins to Drake.
  • March 25 - 12 Pazaak. All wins to Drake.
  • March 25 - 12 Battlefront. All wins to Drake.
  • March 24 - 12 JA. All wins to Drake.
  • March 24 - 12 Battlefront. All wins to Drake.
  • March 17 - 12 JA. All wins to Drake.
  • March 16 - 12 JA. All wins to Drake.
  • March 16 - 12 Pazaak. Nine wins to Drake. Three wins to Callix
  • March 16 - 6 Battlefront. All wins to Drake.
  • March 14 - 4 JA. All wins to Drake.
  • March 14 - 4 Pazaak. All wins to Drake.

The existence of these matches alone is not sufficient to form a verdict of cheating, but it was a valid reason to raise the suspicions of the Fist and CoJ. The lopsided manner of victory (especially in Pazaak) is evidence that something was going on that required additional investigation.

The Fist approached Drake regarding the server used for the gaming in JA. Drake indicated that he and Calix used Turel’s server for matches. Yet, for each of the JA matches (March 14, 16, 17, 24, and 25) there is no evidence that any match was completed between Drake and Calix on the server logs. Logs of additional servers were checked, and no evidence exists that the matches actually occurred.

In addition, in one instance, Valhavoc noticed in #dbgaming that a Pazaak match had just finished between Drake and Calix. Suspicious, he logged onto the Pazaak cantina and scrolled back in the chat logs and saw no mention of any match between Drake and Calix. His screenshots of both IRC and the Pazaak logs are strong evidence that no such match occurred. The above evidence was sufficient to indicate to the Fist and CoJ that matches were being falsified. However, our suspicion went beyond the falsification due to the share IPs of the members. Additional investigation was completed to determine if there were any cloning issues.

Indeed, there were cloning issues. Portions of #dbgaming logs showing that both Calix and Drake were joining IRC under the same IP and even the same IDENTD. It also shows “Calix” stating that he is being yelled at by his parents, yet the IP is one common to Drake and not to Calix. In another instance, a log from #dbgaming shows that Calix joins the channel, followed soon after by Drake. Both have logged in from the same IP, which has been shown to be Drake’s regular IP. Then, Calix makes mention that Drake is coming over to his house so that they can go out after. However, both of them are logged in from the same location. In all, the logs show that Drake went far to try and convince others of the facade.

Calix was unresponsive to CoJ inquiries either prior to a charge notification or after. As to Drake, his only defense was a series of continual statements indicating that he and Calix were different individuals. He submitted a link to a Youtube video showing both Drake and Calix playing WoW, with statements from both on Teamspeak. The video pre-dated the incidents in question, and was not good evidence to bypass the charges. At multiple points, the Left Hand of Justice attempted to focus Drake’s response on the actual charges, but Drake refused any further defense, and waived the right to written arguments and rebuttal.

The shortcomings of Drake’s defense are clear: there has never been a dispute that the Drake and Calix accounts were at one time used by separate people. However, cloning is not limited to the moment a member joins. Rather, cloning is the unauthorized use of two separate accounts by one member. An account that is taken over by another member is considered a clone account. Here, while Drake did not completely take over the use of Calix’s account (that we know of), it is clear that Drake used Calix’s account and identify to further his career.

The falsification of matches is just as clear. The lopsided nature of the matches would have been questionable, but likely was not conclusive enough to warrant punishment. However, there was the evidence submitted by the Fist that no matches were played on the servers that Drake insisted he used; which evidence was very convincing. Based on the extensive server logs, e-mails, IRC logs, site security logs, and other evidence, the Justicar finds it beyond doubt that Drake is Guilty of the charges. In terms of punishment for the charges, the Chamber has previously indicated that it has a standard punishment for falsification of matches, consisting of loss of medals, probation with a gaming ban, and GMRG disqualification. However, the falsification here goes beyond the standard falsification due to the cloning issues. As a result, the Chamber finds it necessary to issue a demotion, both as punishment and as a deterrent against future conduct.

The terms of Drake’s probation are designed to accomplish three goals: (1) to institute the standard gaming ban for match falsification; (2) to ensure that the demotion carries effect (IE, that Drake does not simply re-earn the easy lower ranks in quick order); and (3) to ensure that Drake and Calix no longer have an opportunity to cheat.

As a final note, Drake has indicated to others that he will quit the Brotherhood if a guilty verdict is issued. I hope that is not the case. While this is a large black mark on Drake’s record, the Brotherhood is a forgiving and understanding place. I have been encouraged by the fact that prior recipients of CoJ action have remained members, and I hope that Drake will too. Learning from this, rather than quitting because of this, is the better choice.

Based on the foregoing, I find the Defendant GUILTY. The Master at Arms and Fist are directed to carry out the punishment as described above.

Signed and sealed in Justice,
Jac Ae-Sequiera Cotelin
Justicar and High Protector of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood

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