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DB vs. Fremoc Pepoi was the thirty-eighth case tried by the Chamber of Justice. The sitting Justicar was Taigikori Aybara, the Left Hand of Justice Teu recused herself and was replaced in the interim by Headmaster Solari, the Right Hand of Justice was Alaris Jinn.

Basic Case Information

Defendant's Name

  • Fremoc Pepoi


  • Abuse of Power


  • Guilty


Related News Post

Posted by SWL Taigikori Aybara - 08/12/2013
Chamber of Justice Communique #38a

Let it be known that on this the 12th of August, 2013 of a free and united Brotherhood, I, the Justicar of the people, set forth the declaration of the Chamber of Justice and its punishment on Fremoc Pepoi. Upon the conclusion of fair and just proceedings, the Chamber finds you:

i) Abuse of Power - You did knowingly and willingly participate in and help organize a mass withdrawal from the TOR Guild while maintaining the appearance of Fist of the Brotherhood and Guild Master of the TOR Guilds. The Chamber finds you GUILTY, as charged.

Sentencing for the party is as follows:

  • DEMOTION from the rank of Dark Adept to Obelisk Primarch
  • LETTER OF REPRIMAND permanently applied to your dossier.
  • PROBATION for one year as of the day of demotion.
    • The accused may not participate in any club gaming during this probation.
    • The accused must maintain a period of good behavior during probation.

Justicar's Opinion

Posted by Taigikori Aybara - 08/12/2013
Chamber of Justice Communique #38b - Justicar's Opinion

On June 22nd, 2013, it came to the attention of Archangel, Praetor to the Fist, that several members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood’s TOR guild were in another guild. His first thought was that this was not a problem as these were Alternate Characters of members. He first saw one of Fremoc’s “Alts” and thought nothing of it.

In his duty, however, Archangel approached Fremoc using a Whatsapp conversation. It was at this point that Archangel came to understand the scope of what was occurring, specifically that Fremoc, and several other members, were planning to up and leave the Brotherhood’s TOR Guild with very little warning. In the Whatsapp, Fremoc expresses his explicit disassociation with the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and that it is his intention to leave it. He expresses his annoyance at the politics in the Brotherhood and his desire to escape from it.

On June 23rd, Archangel sent an e-mail to the Grand Master and his Deputy informing them that several members were leaving the Brotherhood Guild. He requested immediate action.

By the evening of the 23rd, Fremoc had transferred control of the Light Side Guild to Archangel and by 2 AM on the 24th, Archangel was in control of both Guilds. Archangel reported that he and Oberst had taken several of the rarer items out of both Guild Banks for safe keeping and that only one rare item had been taken from the bank by someone who had left. It should be noted that Fremoc promptly retrieved that item and sent it back to Archangel via in-game mail transfer.

Upon notification of these accusations, I began my investigation and questioned the members involved and determined the case had merit to continue. Fremoc's official resignation from FIST then came several days after these "exodus" events, prompting the charge of Abuse of Power to become appropriate for the Chamber to consider.

The Chamber convened, and Fremoc was notified of the charges. Shortly after, he had his personal email account disabled, in an attempt to keep the proceedings from happening. The news page was then used to keep him informed of his rights and his ability to enter his own plea. The required four days passed, and Fremoc still had not entered a plea. The Chamber then continued with the automatic Trial by Justicar and entered a plea of not guilty on his behalf, as per the Covenant. Due to Teu's personal relationship with Fremoc in the past, Solari was chosen to serve as interim Left Hand of Justice. Evidence was presented by both Hands and was reviewed for final judgement. After an extensive overview, Fremoc was found guilty of abuse of power, and the sentencing phase began. Taking into account the act of power abuse, along with Fremoc's position as a trusted Dark Council member, a one grade elder demotion was deemed appropriate for his crime.

The TOR Guild treads on precedent breaking grounds, though we are constantly challenged with new situations on an increasingly frequent basis. Fremoc chose to ignore his duties as FIST when he facilitated such an exodus while still holding the mantle of power he was entrusted with. We as a club place our trust and understanding in our respected Dark Councilors, that they will act in the best interest of the membership, and to handle Brotherhood property as we would want it handled. Unfortunately, we are not so far removed from Dark Council members who abuse this power, and they are not above the Covenant. Fremoc's actions are not what we stand for as an organization, and won't be tolerated.

Signed and sealed,
Warlord Taigikori Aybara Justicar and High Protector of the Dark Brotherhood

Points of Interest

This was the third time the leader of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood branch of a Star Wars MMORPG was charged in the Chamber of Justice. This was the third time a member was charged in the Chamber due to actions taken while serving on the Dark Council. The accused did not respond with a plea of guilty or not-guilty so Section 8.03g of the Dark Covenant was invoked which automatically entered a plea of not-guilty on behalf of the accused and the case proceeded immediately to a Trial by Justicar. This was the first time an elder was demoted as a part of the sentencing, and the second time an elder was found guilty in the Chamber.