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DB vs Jalek was the twenty-ninth case tried by the Chamber of Justice. The sitting Justicar was Kir Katarn, the Left Hand of Justice was Alexander Anderson, and the Right Hand of Justice was Chaosrain Taldrya.

Basic Case Information

Defendants Name

  • Jalek Rya


  • Cloning (two counts)
  • Violation of Probation


  • Guilty


Case Summary

The initial complaint was brought to the Justicar by a concerned member, and the Justicar launched an investigation. It was quickly discovered that the IRC hostmasks of Ts'ao Eth Tenshi matched those of another member, "Androc." Ts'ao was asked about this match, and he admitted he was Androc (now going by the name Jalek Rya). This indicated that Ts'ao was a clone created by Androc. The Brotherhood's database was checked, and multiple IP matches were found. In addition, another clone, "Ghostwolf4" was found. Jalek was charged with cloning and violating his probation (see 026 DB vs. Androc). He failed to respond to the Chamber of Justice, so an automatic plea of not guilty was entered, and a jury trial was begun. The jury was unanimous, and decided that Jalek was guilty of all charges. After reviewing his extensive Chamber record, the Justicar recommended that Jalek be expelled from the Brotherhood. A sentencing jury unanimously approved the expulsion, and Jalek was cast out of the Brotherhood.

Related News Posts

Posted By DP Kir Katarn - 6/29/2009

Chamber of Justice Communique #028a

On this day, June 27, 2009 of the Liberated Brotherhood, I the Justicar of the Brotherhood now announce the punishment that this Chamber lays upon Jalek Rya. Upon the conclusion of fair and just proceedings, this Chamber finds you:

On the Charge of Cloning - You knowingly and willfully created the Dark Jedi Brotherhood personas "Ts'ao Eth Tenshi" and "Ghostwolf4" and used these unauthorized clones for gain.

The Chamber finds you GUILTY.

On the Charge of Violation of Probation - You knowingly and willfully violated your probationary term by acting against the Articles of Conduct and Reprimand set forth by the Dark Covenant.

The Chamber finds you GUILTY.

Sentencing for the party is as follows:

As approved by a sentencing jury, you will be stripped of all medals and awards, demoted to the rank of initiate, and expelled from the Dark Jedi Brotherhood roll permanently, never to return.

Justicar's Opinion

Posted By DP Kir Katarn - 6/27/2009

Justicar's Opinion - 029 DB vs. Jalek

The initial complaint was brought to the Justicar by a concerned member after he noticed a suspicious hostmask on IRC. The Justicar initiated an investigation, which turned up several pieces of information. First, multiple IRC hostmasks of Ts'ao Eth Tenshi matched those of "Androc", another member of the Brotherhood who had been previously prosecuted by the Chamber (and was on probation). When Ts'ao was approached about this, he admitted that he indeed was Androc (now going by the name Jalek Rya). This indicated that Ts'ao was a clone created by Androc. This was confirmed via multiple IP matches logged by the Brotherhood website. During the investigation, another clone, "Ghostwolf4" was found via IP matches as well.

The Chamber charged Jalek with two counts of cloning, and with violating his probation. Jalek did not espond to the charge notification, so an automatic plea of not guilty was entered. To determine the trial type, the Chamber considered the maximum punishment that could be sought in this case. To this point, Jalek had already been separately warned, given an Letter of Reprimand, and charged (and found guilty) by the Chamber of Justice. This demonstrated a clear pattern of recidivism and complete disregard for the rules of our organization. It was determined that expulsion would be the maximum penalty sought, so Jalek would face a trial by jury.

The jury was selected under the supervision of the Grand Master, who verified that the jury was selected at random, as required by the Covenant. The prosecution and defense submitted their arguments, and the jury deliberated. Their decision was unanimous, they found Jalek guilty of cloning and violating his probation. After the guilty verdict, the Justicar reviewed the defendants history and recommended expulsion. A second jury was randomly selected, again under the Grand Masters supervision, to determine whether expulsion was warranted. The Justicar provided the arguments for expulsion - including warnings for poor behavior, a Letter of Reprimand for using another members administrative access to recommend a promotion for himself, and being found guilty in two Chamber trials of Attempted Hacking, Attempted Cloning, Cloning, and Violating his Probation. The sentencing jury agreed with the Justicar's recommendation, unanimously approving the expulsion.

During his time here, Jalek demonstrated a complete disregard for the rules of the Dark Brotherhood. From the moment he joined, he repeatedly violated the Dark Covenant. He was instructed on multiple occasions that his behavior was unacceptable – yet he continued. After being given his first Letter of Reprimand, he immediately came up with a scheme to gain inappropriate access to other dossiers. After he was found guilty of attempted cloning and hacking and put on probation, he immediately created two new clones in direct violation of his probation.

The Dark Covenant exists to create a fun and fair environment for all of our members. However, when a member repeatedly demonstrates complete and utter disregard for the Covenant and his fellow members, he forfeits the right to membership in our organization.

Points of Interest

This was the first case in which a member was expelled due to recidivism - in the past, expulsions had come from a single, very serious event. However, Jalek had consistently violated the Dark Covenant since joining the club, and it was determined he simply could not function within the rules of the organization. The closest any case had come before this was 002 DB vs. Mirei, in which the defendant was permitted to rejoin the Brotherhood after being previously kicked out for a series of violations - only to later violate her terms of rejoining and be permanently expelled.

This case marked the fourth Chamber of Justice case resulting in an expulsion, and the second expulsion case after the implementation of the "sentencing jury".