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DB vs Tyron Kesh and Jedd Kunar was the fifty-second case tried by the Chamber of Justice. The sitting Justicar was Jac Cotelin, the Left Hand of Justice was Sith Bloodfyre, and the Right Hand of Justice was Montresor.

Basic Case Information

Defendants Name


  • Count 1 - Cloning - Plea of guilty
  • Count 2 - Plagiarism - Plea of guilty


  • GUILTY as to both counts


  • Two grade demotion to ACO
  • Deletion of clone from dossier
  • Strict and General Probation
  • Loss of Medals
  • Letter of Reprimand
  • Permanent ban of IP sharing
  • Society Disqualification

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Chamber of Justice - Verdicts for Cases 52-54 - Tyron Kesh, Corell Fedt, JCT Posted in DJB News by Grand Master Jac Cotelin on 1/29/2016 @ 4:12am

Members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood -

The Chamber of Justice has convened in three pending matters:

Case #0052 - DB vs. Tyron Kesh & Jedd Kunar (cloning & plagiarism);

Case #0053 - DB vs. Corell Fedt (disreputable behavior);

Case #0054 - DB vs. JCT (disreputable behavior)

The Chamber has issued a detailed verdict and Justicar Opinion for the cases which can be found in the PDF files linked below. Please note that the written opinion is generally found on the second page of the following documents, after announcement of the verdict.

The verdicts were as follows:

Case #0052 - DB v. Tyron Kesh & Jedd Kunar - [Opinion PDF]

  • Count 1 - Cloning - Plea of guilty
  • Count 2 - Plagiarism - Plea of guilty
  • Punishment - Letter of Reprimand, Two grade demotion to Acolyte, deletion of clone dossier, Strict and General Probation, Loss of Medals, Society Disqualification

Justicar's Opinion


The Chamber of Justice takes active measures to guard against cloning in the Brotherhood, knowing that such activities lead to a degradation of our systems in short order. Upon notification to the Chamber that multiple members have joined with the same IP address, the Chamber invites an explanation of the activity from the members. In this instance, the Right Hand of Justice approached Jedd Kunar when it was determined that he joined from the same IP address of Tyron Kesh. A response by the Defendant to the Right Hand’s inquiry was that Tyron and Jedd (as well as a third dossier) were real life friends, and that they joined on the same connection.

Certain irregularities were reported to the Chamber of Justice in relation to competitions that were run by both profiles to which the first place entries always matched the clone dossier. Without further information, the Chamber of Justice did not prosecute. However, upon Tyron accepting a leadership position in Plagueis, an email “exchange” was made between Tyron and Jedd, indicating a fight between the two and resulting in Jedd being transferred to rogue as an alleged attempt to cover the trail of the cloning endeavors. Thereafter, Tyron Kesh was informed by a non-CoJ member that he may be under an investigation for cloning, and he sent an e-mail to the Justicar admitting to the cloning.

During the investigation into the cloning, the Justicar discovered that one of the entries that was submitted by the Jedd Kunar dossier to a graphics competition run by Tyron Kesh was a copy of a Deviant Art image. No attribution was given, giving rise to the charge of plagiarism.

Upon receiving the charges, Tyron Kesh eventually pled guilty after discussions with the Left Hand of Justice about the charges. In the Justicar’s opinion, Tyron Kesh showed more remorse about having been caught than truly understanding that he had committed a wrong. However, the Justicar does take into account that Tyron Kesh has (1) admitted to cloning prior to charges being brought;(2) quickly pled guilty to all charges; and (3) has been an otherwise active member. These factors lead to some leniency from the Chamber of Justice. Specifically, but for those factors, the Justicar would have issued a three grade demotion and a longer strict probation term. As it stands, the demotion and other penalties serve to remove any untoward gains that the cloning may have given to Tyron Kesh. Strict probation against receiving a promotion is to ensure that the demotion carries effect (IE, that Tyron Kesh does not simply re-earn the easy lower ranks in quick order).

As a final note, my hope is that Tyron will continue as an active member of the Brotherhood from this point forward. While this is a large black mark on Tyron Kesh’s record, the Brotherhood is a forgiving and understanding place. I have been encouraged by the fact that prior recipients of CoJ action have remained members, and I hope that Tyron will too. Learning from this, rather than quitting because of this, is the better choice.

Based on the foregoing, I find the Defendant GUILTY. The Right Hand of Justice, Master at Arms, Voice and Fist are directed to carry out the punishment as described above.

Signed and sealed in Justice,
Jac Ae-Sequiera Cotelin
Justicar and High Protector of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood