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DB vs Robin Hawk was the thirty-third case tried by the Chamber of Justice. The sitting Justicar was Kir Katarn, the Left Hand of Justice was Brujah, and the Right Hand of Justice was Angelo Dante. However, RHoJ Angelo Dante recused himself from this case due a prior relationship with the defendant, and was therefore replaced by former Hand of Justice and Dark Councilor Halcyon Taldrya.

Basic Case Information

Defendants Name

  • Robin Hawk


  • Harassment
  • Disreputable Behavior


  • Guilty on all counts


Case Summary

Several members of the Brotherhood, having become frustrated with Robin's behavior, had asked her to cease contacting them in the future. Unfortunately, Robin refused to abide by these requests, and continued to contact these members, in one case even attempting to extend contact to their spouse. These events generated complaints which were brought to the Justicar, leading to Robin receiving several warnings, followed by an Official Letter of Reprimand, serving as an official warning to cease all contact and inappropriate behavior. Soon thereafter, Robin attempted to contact the spouse of a Brotherhood member again, violating these warnings. The Chamber of Justice then charged her with Harassment and Disreputable Behavior. Robin plead not guilty, and her case was taken to a trial by jury. The prosecution and defense authored their respective arguments, which were then sent to the jury. The jury deliberated, and then unanimously decided that Robin was guilty of all the charges against her. Due to the seriousness of her offenses, and her past history of ignoring reprimand and punishment, she was given a harsh sentence to act as a deterrent to future misbehavior.

Related News Posts

Posted By DP Kir Katarn - 12/1/2010
Chamber of Justice Communique #032a

On this day, December 1, 2010 of the Liberated Brotherhood, I the Justicar of the Brotherhood now announce the punishment that this Chamber lays upon Robin Hawk d'Tana. Upon the conclusion of fair and just proceedings, a jury of your peers finds you:

  • On the Charge of Harassment -
    • You did willfully and knowingly harass several members of the Brotherhood, and the spouse of a member, who is not a Brotherhood member. Your persistent torment continued after requests to cease contact by these members, after official warnings, and even after you received a final warning and Official Letter of Reprimand from the Chamber of Justice.
    • The jury finds you GUILTY.
  • On the Charge of Disreputable Behavior -
    • You did willfully and knowingly bring onto yourself and the Brotherhood disrepute, by using a relationship established within the Brotherhood to inappropriately gain access to, and persistently harass, a non-club member.
    • The jury finds you GUILTY.

Sentencing for the party is as follows:

  • Demotion from Sith Battlemaster to Dark Jedi Knight
  • Official Letter of Reprimand
  • One year of Probation
    • The terms of probation are thus:
      • The guilty party may not receive promotion, appointment to position, or any citation or honor of merit without the explicit permission of the Justicar
      • The guily party may not have any further contact with the members she has been found guilty of harassing without the explicit permission of the Justicar

Justicar's Opinion

Posted By DP Kir Katarn - 12/1/2010
Justicar's Opinion - 032 DB vs. Robin Hawk

This case was an extension of behavioral issues with the defendant reaching back more than a year. Before this case had even begun, the defendant had already been warned multiple times both executively and judicially, and removed from multiple leadership positions as reprimands by leaders all the way up to the Grand Master.

Over the past several months, the Justicar had received multiple complaints regarding unwanted contact between the defendant and several Brotherhood members. These members had requested the defendant cease contacting them, but she had ignored these requests. The Chamber of Justice warned the defendant to stop, yet she did not desist. Finally, after the defendant attempted to contact the spouse of a Brotherhood member with the intent to cause marital difficulties, the Chamber of Justice issued the defendant an Official Letter of Reprimand. This reprimand and final warning instructed the defendant to cease her grossly inappropriate behavior, and notified her that further issues would result in prosecution.

Soon thereafter, the Justicar was brought another complaint, indicating the defendant had attempted to contact the spouse of a Brotherhood member yet again. This was a clear violation of the final warning she received in the Official Letter of Reprimand. The Chamber determined that charges must now be brought against the defendant. The defendant was notified of the charges against her, being Harassment and Disreputable Behavior, and she plead not guilty. A jury of six members was then randomly assembled as required by the Dark Covenant, and the prosecution and defense both submitted their arguments. These arguments were examined by the jury, and they deliberated the merits of the arguments before voting unanimously that the defendant was guilty of all charges.

The sentencing phase then began and the Justicar had to determine the most appropriate punishment for the defendant. The defendant's full record of inappropriate behavior was taken into account, as was the fact that prior punishments and reprimands had not had the desired effect, as the defendant continued to violate the Covenant. In addition, a serious matter in this case was the fact that the defendant had gone beyond the Brotherhood to persistently harass the spouse of a member (who is not herself involved with the organization). This is a very serious concern, as our members have a right privacy for themselves and their family members, and do not expect their membership in the Brotherhood to be a threat to those rights. Therefore, the Justicar determined the sentence must be appropriately harsh. Thus the defendant was demoted two ranks from Battlemaster to Dark Jedi Knight, given another Letter of Reprimand, and put on probation for an entire year.

All members of the Brotherhood join our organization with the expectation they will be provided with a fun and safe environment. While all of our members are granted a right to free speech, the Dark Covenant specifically stipulates that they must exercise that freedom while “...having respect for and protecting the rights of other members.” Persistent harassment destroys the safety of the environment we have created for our members, and the Chamber of Justice must act in all of these cases.

Points of Interest

This was only the second case in the history of the Chamber of Justice to have a Hand of Justice recuse himself. The first was 009 DB vs. Halc, the case which prompted the Chamber to create a recusal rule.