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DB vs Soren Leonis, #7722 was the sixty-fourth case tried by the Chamber of Justice. The sitting Justicar was Dacien Victae, the Left Hand of Justice was DarkHawk, and the Right Hand of Justice was Kalan Amak.

Basic Case Information



  • One Count: Violation of Covenant section 7.06(o) - Plagiarism
  • One Count: Violation of Covenant section 7.06(d) - Cheating and Exploitation


  • GUILTY as to all charges


  • Demotion to Journeyman 4;
  • Disqualification from "[GJW XIV Phase I] Fiction - The Old Tongue";
  • Loss of Medals and Credits earned from Great Jedi War XIV;
  • Letter of Reprimand permanently applied to the member’s dossier;
  • Strict Probation for 6 months (no promotions, no position appointments) followed by 6 months General Probation.

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The defendant was provided sufficient counsel from the Left Hand of Justice and was made aware of his rights under the Covenant. Due to the nature of the charges, the possible penalties exceeded a one-grade Equite demotion, a Letter of Reprimand, one year probation, or a combination of the above. Therefore, pursuant to Cov. 7.03(i), he was offered the choice between a Trial by Justicar and a Trial by Jury. The member was informed that he would be able to present evidence in his defense, and that the Justicar would consider and weigh the evidence before him without presumption of guilt. The member was further notified that he would have the right to see any evidence to be presented by the Right Hand of Justice, and that he would be able to submit written arguments to rebut the charges and evidence presented unless he failed to enter a plea.

The defendant entered a plea of GUILTY.

The sentence for the member is as follows:

  • DEMOTION to Journeyman 4;
  • DISQUALIFICATION from [GJW XIV Phase I] Fiction - The Old Tongue;
  • LOSS OF MEDALS AND CREDITS earned from Great Jedi War XIV;
  • LETTER OF REPRIMAND permanently applied to the member’s dossier;
  • PROBATION for one year upon the following terms:
    • Six months strict probation - ban on promotions and position appointments; merit medals are subject to review and approval by the Justicar;
    • Six months general probation - all promotions, merit medals and position appointments are subject to review and approval by the Justicar.


Signed and sealed in Justice,
Dacien Victae
Justicar of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Justicar's Opinion

While grading entries to [GJW XIV Phase I] Fiction - The Old Tongue, the competition organizer noticed that the entry submitted by Soren Leonis stood out from most other entries. Because it was somewhat unusual, she conducted a search for the text of the entry and discovered that it was a word-for-word copy of an ancient Chinese poem by Li Bai, available from multiple sources on the internet. Soren’s entry did not indicate that he had used any portion of another’s work.

This is Soren’s second conviction for plagiarism and cheating. In the prior case, DB v. Arvalis Raith, DB 058, Soren (then “Arvalis”), confessed to submitting unattributed images obtained from internet sources to two DB-wide art competitions. Because he confessed, and because it was the first offense of his long DB career, the Chamber was lenient in sentencing. Sadly, it seems that his experience in that case did not sufficiently impress upon him the importance of properly attributing sources in DB competitions. His recidivism is made all the worse because it came during a Great Jedi War, the Brotherhood’s premier annual event. If the ordinary rule is that cheating during DB-wide competitions is a more severe crime than cheating in unit-focused competitions, the severity is further amplified during a vendetta.

The sentence in this case is harsh, even for a cheating case. He avoided demotion for his first conviction, but as a repeat cheater Soren Leonis is now expelled from the ranks of the Equites and barred from rejoining them for at least six months, and perhaps longer. He is also disqualified from the competition in which he cheated, though to avoid unduly punishing his Clan, the Chamber will not bar him from placing in any remaining GJW competitions. However, he will have all medals and credits earned in Great Jedi War XIV -- including seals -- stripped from him.


/s/ Dacien Victae