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Chamber of Justice

The Chamber of Justice conducts trials following the rules of judicial procedure set forth by the Covenant. These cases are run by the Justicar with the assistance of the Hands of Justice. All case information since the beginning of the Chamber has been archived.

Cases are given a sequential, three-digit number along with a name to designate each case. For example, the first case ever prosecuted was number "001", and the case's name is always "DB vs Defendant". These case numbers, however, do not always match up with the Chamber of Justice Communique which announces the case verdicts.

The full details of any specific case are kept secret to protect the privacy of prosecuted members; only Dark Council members may view the full case files. However, the Justicar does post case announcements and basic summaries for all cases.

Each of the individual case pages contain a basic case summary, any officially posted news items, and a discussion of important legal issues or precedents brought into play or originating from the case (if applicable or known). The archive processes the Chamber currently uses for every case were not always in effect, therefore many early cases do not contain detailed information. Should you need more details about a specific case, please contact the Justicar.