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DB vs Tissaya is listed as the twelfth case tried by the Chamber of Justice, however it was actually tried much earlier. However there was no official documentation and it was not found again until much later, so it was assigned case number 012 upon discovery. The sitting Justicar was Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor, the Left Hand of Justice was Kir Katarn, and the Right Hand of Justice was Alanna Taldrya.

Basic Case Information

Defendants Name

  • Tissaya Argat


  • Plagiarism


  • Guilty


Case Summary

Tissaya submitted a graphic of a massive jedi battle to the Dark Voice. Sometime later, this exact graphic was discovered by another member on another, non-DB related website. They brought his discovery to the attention of the Deputy Grand Master, thinking that someone had stolen Tissaya's graphic. When the DGM and the Justicar investigated further, it was found that the graphic had actually been created by another artist and Tissaya had attempted to pass it off as her own. By the time this was discovered she had already left her clan for the Rogues. The Chamber debated on what to do, as no set policy had been set for this type of circumstance. In the end it was decided to give her an Official Letter of Reprimand and probation for her plagiarism.

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Justicar's Opinion

Written 3/19/2007 by Justicar Kir Taldrya Katarn

* Note: This is not actually a Justicar's Opinion, as such opinions did not exist at the time of this case. However when archiving old Chamber data, JST Kir Taldrya Katarn added this info to the file for preservation. Case should technically be #005. However since current numbering system was not in place during the time of the case, and because the case details were complied after cases #005-#011 were already completed and archived, it was assigned case #012.

Tissaya submitted a graphic to be posted in the Dark voice, and presented it as her own. It was soon discovered that the graphic was actually created by another artist, and Tiss merely c/p'd and submitted it to the DV. Because of odd circumstances at the time, and the fact that she had already gone rogue, Justicar Yacks skipped the trial and concluded the matter himself with the help of the HoJs and DGM.

Concluding she was guilty of plagiarism, Yacks removed her name from the graphic and got permission from the actual artist to post it in the DV (can be seen here: [1]). He then put a Letter of Reprimand in Tiss' file, and put her on probation as well. A demotion was discussed in on IRC, but was never delivered as punishment.

This case was not handled in the normal matter, and the Chamber of Justice does not recommend any future cases follow this course. The CoJ was still being built and a firm procedure had not been setup yet. This is maintained for historical record.

Points of Interest

This entire case originally occurred in the early part of 2005, when the Chamber of Justice was still very young. At this point there was no standard response to plagiarism, so had this gone through a normal trial process it would have been the landmark case. However the set of circumstances surrounding this case led to its unorthodox conclusion. Basically, the plagiarism was not discovered immediately, and by the time it was discovered Tissaya had already entered the rogues. The Justicar had no precedent for a trial in which the member was rogue, and didn't want to prosecute someone who was already gone. Instead the Chamber discussed the entire situation and determined it would be easier to issue Tissaya a Letter of Reprimand for her violation and take credit away from her for the graphic in the Dark Voice.