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DB vs Arack was the thirtieth case tried by the Chamber of Justice. The sitting Justicar was Kir Katarn, the Left Hand of Justice was Arion Sunrider, and the Right Hand of Justice was Chaosrain Taldrya.

Basic Case Information

Defendants Name

  • Arack Tavar


  • Cloning (two counts)
  • False Statements (two counts)


  • Guilty on all counts


Case Summary

A complaint was brought to the Justicar by a member who had information involving potential clones. An investigation was launched, and it was discovered that Arack (aka Umbra/Talos) had created two clones, "Vulcan" and "Angral". The Justicar obtained IP matches for all the dossiers, and email/chat logs were found in which Arack admitted to creating the clones. In addition, he had registered the "Angral" clone as his "brother", later admitting it was indeed a clone he had created. Arack was charged by the Chamber of Justice with two counts of cloning and two counts of false statements (for false registration). He plead guilty to the two counts concerning "Vulcan", and not guilty to the two counts concerning "Angral" - he then chose a Trial by Justicar. The Chamber convened and discussed the evidence, and unanimously determined Arack was guilty on all counts. The Justicar reviewed the charges, and determined that due to the creation of multiple clones, and because he has false registered them as family members, Arack would be demoted from DJK to APP, and given a Letter of Reprimand and six months probation.

Related News Posts

Posted By DP Kir Katarn - 7/8/2009
Chamber of Justice Communique #029a

On this day, July 8, 2009 of the Liberated Brotherhood, I the Justicar of the Brotherhood now announce the punishment that this Chamber lays upon Arack Tavar. Upon the conclusion of fair and just proceedings, this Chamber finds you:

i) Cloning (two counts) -
You knowingly and willfully created the Dark Jedi Brotherhood personas "Angral" and "Vulcan" and used these unauthorized clones for gain.
The Chamber finds you GUILTY.

ii) False Statements (two counts) -
You knowingly and willfully gave false testimony to the Justicar in regards to the fraudulent registration of "Angral" and the existence of "Vulcan".
The Chamber finds you GUILTY.

Sentencing for the party is as follows:
-Demotion from DJK to APP
-Letter of Reprimand
-Six Months Probation

The terms of probation are thus:
-The guilty party may not receive promotion, appointment to position, or any citation or honor of merit without the explicit permission of the Justicar

Justicar's Opinion

Posted By DP Kir Katarn - 7/8/2009
Justicar's Opinion - 030 DB vs. Arack

The original complaint was brought to the Justicar by a member with knowledge of potential cloning by Arack Tavar (aka Umbra/Talos). The member provided the Justicar with a series of emails and chat logs in which Arack admitted to having two clones, and named them both. Then in the later logs, Arack claimed that one of the clones had been taken over by his brother.

The Justicar started an investigation, and found numerous IP matches for Arack with the "Vulcan" and "Angral" dossiers. The Chamber archives held emails from Arack to the Justicar, in which Arack had claimed no knowledge of "Vulcan", and had registered "Angral" as his sibling. However, in one of the private emails provided to the Justicar, Arack admitted that "Vulcan" was a clone. In another email, Arack indicated that his other clone would be moving to a specific house - and the transfer records of "Angral" matched that house and exact date. The evidence indicated that Arack had created two clones, and given false testimony to the Chamber when previously questioned about them.

The Chamber then charged Arack with two counts of Cloning, and two counts of False Statements. The defendant plead guilty to the cloning and false statements charges stemming from the "Vulcan" dossier, and plead not guilty to the charges stemming from the "Angral" dossier (claiming it was his brother). As required by the Covenant, the defendant was given a choice of trial type, and Arack chose Trial by Justicar - and he provided a statement in his defense.

The Justicar convened the Chamber, and the case was discussed. In the provided statement, the defendant actually admitted creating the "Angral" clone, but claimed it was now used by his brother. This admission proved his guilt for the second cloning charge. As for the second false statements charge, the Chamber examined past inconsistencies ("Angral" was first claimed to be a clone, then a cousin, then a brother), and the fact that Arack had informed the Chamber he wished to have his dossier deleted, but not the "Angral" dossier - and determined it was more likely than not (the required preponderance of the evidence standard) that he was lying, and had thus fraudulently registered. Thus, the Chamber unanimously decided that the defendant was guilty on all counts.

Sentencing was decided by the Justicar, who took all aspects of the current case, and prior cases which set precedent into account. The defendant had not only cloned, but had fraudulently registered one of his clones in an attempt to escape prosecution. This was an extraordinary breach of the trust the entire registration system is built upon, and must be punished harshly. A precedent was established in 020 DB vs. Ricco for harsh punishment in unusual cloning cases (such as multiple clones), and the Justicar found it appropriate to extend this to false registrations as well. Therefore - for creating multiple clones and falsely registering them, Arack was demoted from Dark Jedi Knight to Apprentice, given an Official Letter of Reprimand and six months probation.

The Brotherhood's restrictions on clones exist to maintain a fair playing field for everyone in the organization. Clones can be used to easily manipulate competitions, thereby tarnishing the hard work done by honest, fair-minded members. This restriction is written in the Dark Covenant, posted on the join page, and the chamber of Justice repeatedly reminds members as well. We use a shared IP list as a way of separating clones from family members or friends from the same household - a list that functions on trust. Arack's actions were an offense against our cloning rules, and a flagrant violation of our collective trust. Given the online environment we function in, most aspects of our club are built on an underlying trust of each other. There is no greater Brotherhood crime than violating that trust - which is why harsh sentences are always given to those who do so.

Points of Interest

This was the eighth cloning case brought before the Chamber of Justice. The Chamber takes cloning seriously, and constantly monitors both new joins and existing members. Clones can be used to easily manipulate competitions by allowing multiple submissions from one actual member. The restriction on Clones is in the Dark Covenant [Article VIII, Section 8.06(i)], a warning is posted on the join page, and the Chamber of Justice makes an effort to repeatedly remind members.

This was only the second time a member convicted of a cloning offense had been demoted all the way to Apprentice (see 020 DB vs. Ricco), signifying it was a major offense.