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DB vs Xanos Zorrixor was the fifty-seventh case tried by the Chamber of Justice. The sitting Justicar was Jac Cotelin, the Left Hand of Justice was Turel Sorenn, and the Right Hand of Justice was Dacien Victae.

Basic Case Information

Defendants Name


  • Count 1 - Harassment - Plea of Not Guilty due to no response




  • Demotion to Equite 1
  • Letter of Reprimand
  • Strict Probation
  • Recommended Expulsion

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Members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood -

The Chamber of Justice has convened and issued a verdict in the pending case of DB v. Xanos Zorrixor. The case involved a single charge of harassment, which is the second such charge against Xanos. The Chamber has issued a detailed verdict and Justicar Opinion for the case which can be found in the PDF file linked below. Please note that the written opinion is generally found on the second page of the following documents, after announcement of the verdict.

The verdict was as follows:

Case #057 - DB v. Xanos Zorrixor - Opinion PDF

Count 1 - Harasssment - Plea of Not Guilty due to no response

Verdict - GUILTY

Punishment - Demotion to Equite 1; Letter of Reprimand; Strict Probation; Recommended Expulsion

An expulsion jury will be convened in the coming days.

Signed and sealed in Justice,

Jac Ae-Sequiera Cotelin

Justicar and High Protector of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Justicar's Opinion

For background information, please refer to the decision in DV v. Darth Vexatus, Case No. 55



On September 23, 2016, Xanos was convicted by the Chamber of Justice for harassment of Xia Long. He plead guilty to the complaint, and promised never to repeat his actions again. Of note, the complaint and proceedings came after repeated warnings from the Justicar and Grand Master not to contact Xia Long. Xia Long changed her email address in the hope to dissuade Xanos from contacting her.

On December 28, 2016, Xanos emailed Xia Long at her new email address, which it is believed he obtained through the Brotherhood website. His email indicated that he had purchased tickets to see a show in Xia Long’s city, could no longer make it, and was offering the tickets to her instead. The email further referenced the ongoing issues between Xanos and Xia Long and completely brushed aside the prior efforts she had made to stop him from contacting her.

In addition, on January 11, 2017, Xanos sent an additional email to Xia Long. Although this email contained his note to the Brotherhood that he was leaving the Brotherhood, it was still sent in violation of his prior promises not to contact Xia Long.

Xanos has since requested that his dossier be deactivated. However, Covenant does not allow for convicted members to remove their dossiers. Despite this request, it was still the duty of the Chamber of Justice to bring these charges.


In the prior case, the Chamber of Justice worked extensively with Xanos to ease the burden of the case, consider his position, and work with him on requests for privacy. In addition, given the promises Xanos made to the Chamber and his former trustworthiness, the Chamber did not place Xanos on probation. The leniency of the Chamber of Justice was repaid by Xanos blatantly violating the orders of the Court.

I will not mince words: Xanos has reached the point where we consider him to be an online stalker of Xia Long. He is using the Brotherhood website as a tool to gain her contact information and continue to send her messages. The messages contain remarks and innuendo that cross the line of reasonableness for a female that has asked a male to cease all communications.

We are extremely concerned about Xanos’s actions in real life as they affect Xia Long. His recent email indicated that he had purchased tickets to a show in her city, but that he couldn’t make it due to flight issues. There is no coincidence here that he purchased those tickets in Xia Long’s city just to see a show; none whatsoever. This was a premeditated attempt to contact her again through this excuse.

The Brotherhood will not allow either the blatant violation and rejection of its rules, nor the ongoing harassment of a member. The Brotherhood website is not a tool by which a member is permitted to gain access to another for the purposes of unwanted contact. Xanos has crossed a line that we hoped a member never would.

I have given Xanos an incredibly harsh punishment due to this being his second conviction in but a few months. In addition, I am recommending that Xanos be expelled. We will no longer tolerate this in the Brotherhood. I am hopeful the jury will agree.

I am deeply saddened by these events. Xanos was once my Deputy Grand Master, and outside of these events, I long considered him a friend. But he has betrayed one of the underlying principles of the Brotherhood--that it is to be a safe place for our members, especially our female ones--and that betrayal cannot stand. While we cannot help Xia Long with any issues in real life, we can stop the Brotherhood from being used as a tool for improper purposes. We have recommended real world authorities become involved in the event additional interactions occur.

Based on the foregoing, Xanos is GUILTY of harassment. The Right Hand of Justice and Master at Arms are directed to carry out the punishment as described above. I will convene the expulsion jury in the coming days.

Signed and sealed in Justice,

Jac Ae-Sequiera Cotelin

Justicar and High Protector of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Points of Interest

In the resulting jury deliberations, Xanos was permanently expelled from the DJB. The Grand Master's news post on the subject can be found here.