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DB vs DarkWarchief was the fourth case tried by the Chamber of Justice after the Brotherhood's split from the Emperor's Hammer. The sitting Justicar was Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor, and the Left Hand of Justice was Sith Bloodfyre.

Basic Case Information

Defendants Name

  • DarkWarchief


  • Discrimination (2 counts)


  • Guilty on both counts


Case Summary

Not many details have survived in the Chamber of Justice archive concerning this case. In summary, DarkWarchief insulted the religion and sexual orientation of another Brotherhood member. This was brought to the Justicar's attention and he charged DarkWarchief with discrimination. He was found guilty, demoted to Apprentice, forced to apologize, and given two months of Probation.

Related News Posts

  • No news posts were made regarding this case.

Justicar's Opinion

  • At this point in Chamber history, the Justicar did not issue opinions on cases.

Points of Interest

This trial marked the Chamber's first usage of the newly authored Dark Covenant. Unlike the Covenant of today, the original was basically a list of bylaws the club members had to abide by. Their creation directly lead to the "Articles of Conduct and Reprimand" listed in the current Dark Covenant. Therefore the use of this original set of rules by the Chamber is a direct precedent for the current Chamber's use of the updated Covenant. In addition, it can be said that this is the first time the Chamber of Justice prosecuted a member for insulting another member. This was one of the first times the Justicar was asked to decide whether the "banter" typical amongst members on IRC had gone too far - a situation that is very common today.