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DB vs Raidoner was the thirty-second case tried by the Chamber of Justice. The sitting Justicar was Kir Katarn, the Left Hand of Justice was Solus Gar, and the Right Hand of Justice was Angelo Dante.

Basic Case Information

Defendants Name

  • Maximus Raidoner


  • Crude Behavior
  • Disreputable Behavior
  • Hacking


  • Guilty on all counts


  • Stripped of all Medals and Awards
  • Demoted to rank of Initiate
  • Permanently expelled from the Brotherhood

Case Summary

In progress.

Related News Posts

Posted By DP Kir Katarn - 8/27/2010
Chamber of Justice Communique #031a

On this day, August 27, 2010 of the Liberated Brotherhood, I the Justicar of the Brotherhood now announce the punishment that this Chamber lays upon Maximus Raidoner.

Upon the conclusion of fair and just proceedings, this Chamber finds you:

  • On the Charge of Crude Behavior -
    • You did knowingly and willfully submit a link to an inappropriate and explicit image in an official Dark Brotherhood IRC channel and via private message in an attempt to cause disruption.
    • The Chamber finds you GUILTY.
  • On the Charge of Disreputable Behavior -
    • You did knowingly and willfully submit a malicious link which contained malware in both an official Dark Brotherhood IRC channel and via private message in an attempt to cause harm.
    • The Chamber finds you GUILTY.
  • On the Charge of Hacking -
    • You did knowingly and willfully misappropriate the dossier information of Brotherhood members, using this information to generate spam, and then threatened further harm.
    • The Chamber finds you GUILTY.

Sentencing for the party is as follows:

As approved by a sentencing jury, you will be stripped of all medals and awards, demoted to the rank of initiate, and expelled from the Dark Jedi Brotherhood roll permanently, never to return.

Justicar's Opinion

Posted By DP Kir Katarn - 8/27/2010
Justicar's Opinion - 032 DB vs. Raidoner

On July 23, a complaint was brought to the Justicar that the defendant had sent a long recruitment email to numerous members of the organization. In the email, he claimed he new Clan to House transition was “proof” that the Brotherhood was disintegrating, and then attempted to convince the recipients to join his alternate online Star Wars club. The Justicar issued Raidoner an official warning for inappropriately using his access to member's email addresses to send spam.

On August 1, the Justicar received several complaints after the defendant entered #dbgaming and posted a malicious link into the channel. If followed, the link would display an explicit image, begin an endless pop-up loop, and expose users to malware. Raidoner was quickly banned by a channel operator, who reported the incident to the Chamber of Justice. On the same day, Raidoner sent a private message to a Dark Council member, in which he posted the same malicious link. This was also reported to the Chamber.

The Chamber convened and determined that Raidoner had violated the terms and spirit of his official warning, and had violated the Dark Covenant. An Order of Advanced Incarceration was put into place to block Raidoner's access to the website, IRC, and the forums to prevent further violations. This Order was approved by the Chamber Appeals Panel as required by the Dark Covenant, Section 8.08(c). Raidoner was notified of the charges, which included Crude Behavior and Disreputable conduct. The defendant refused to enter a plea, instead using the Notification of Charges email thread as an opportunity to insult and threaten the Chamber of Justice, the Dark Council, and the Dark Brotherhood.

Several days later, the defendant violated his trial-term probation and his official warning by again using acquired email addresses to send out more spam recruitment attempts. The defendant was notified that the Hacking violation had been added to the charges against him, and responded by threatening that the Brotherhood had not, "not seen the start of it yet." After the plea-waiting period ended, a trial was held, and Raidoner was unanimously found guilty on all counts.

After the verdict was decided, the Chamber of Justice determined that expulsion would be the most appropriate sentencing option, as the defendant clearly intended further harm to the Brotherhood. The Covenant requires that all expulsions be approved by a jury, so a sentencing jury was composed to review the material and whether expulsion was appropriate. The sentencing jury came to a unanimous decision that expulsion was appropriate in this case.

During his time in the Brotherhood, Maximus Raidoner has been charged by the Chamber of Justice with Abuse of Power, Crude Behavior, Hacking, and Disreputable Behavior (twice). In addition to this, he has been given numerous official warnings, countless IRC bans, and executive reprimands. While his past misconduct could be seen as a series of bad decisions, his newest violations were purposeful and premeditated. His clearly enunciated threats indicated he intended to continue his misconduct and do as much as possible to disrupt and damage the entire club. This type of behavior cannot be, and has not been, permitted in our organization.

Points of Interest

In progress.