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Units Clan: Odan-UrrHouses: Satele Shan and HothBattleteams: Tython Squadron

Clan Summit: High Councilor: Aura Ta'varCouncilor of War: Celevon Edraven ErinosCouncilor of the Roll: Len Iode

House Hoth Summit: Quaestor: Creon SaldeanAedile: TBD

House Satele Shan Summit: Quaestor: Turel SorennAedile: Tistito Kingang

Battleteam Leaders: TBD

Possessions KiastJedi PraxeumOdanite Expeditionary ForceOrder of Battle
Lore FoundingInvasion of New TythonThe Pillars Of MenatBastions Of KnowledgeFall of New TythonRenewal of HopeReturn of the LightBetween Light and DarkBattle of Ancora
Misc Councillors of UrrOdanitesSentinel NetworkVatali Empire

This is a list of all titleholders in Clan Odan-Urr. The titleholders are named Councillors of Urr.

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