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Blasters are probably the most common weapons in the galaxy, and come in a variety of forms from single-handed pistols to two-handed rifles. The following is a list of blasters that may be used as weapons in the ACC.


Merr-Sonn 434 "Death Hammer"

Merr-Sonn 434 "Death Hammer"

Modeled on the Merr-Sonn blaster pistol, the 434 earned its nickname among the bounty hunters who preferred its solid construction and incredible stopping power. The 434 was plated with durasteel, making it heavy to carry, but capable of sustaining heavy fire. Many bounty hunters notched or decorated their 434 after each kill, making nearly every single 434 unique. The weapon's accuracy is low, although it's shooting range is quite wide, meaning that a sizeable force could be taken down easily.


Relby-K23 Blaster Pistol

This blaster pistol shot a bolt which caused intense pain shortly before targets died from the blast. The safety on this weapon was prone to failure, and so it was restricted to military use. The Relby-K23, however, was used by ISB agents because of its quick stopping power and that it could be fitted with a sound compressor, if needed.


Westar-34 Blaster Pistol

This Dallorian alloy weapon was a favored blaster of bounty hunters and other beings who relied upon surprise to attack their enemies. The Westar-34 was designed for sustained, close-range use, utilizing its Dallorian construction to absorb more heat than a standard blaster. In melee situations, the Westar-34 was near unstoppable in the hands of an experienced owner. Jango Fett, for example, used two of these pistols.


DL-18 Blaster Pistol

A sleek, hand-held blaster built by Blas-Tech. They were quite plentiful during the later years of the Empire, and often found their way into the hands of the Alliance. One of the many places that saw a flood of DL-18s was the planet Tatooine, and the weapon earned the nickname "Mos Eisley Special."

BlasTech DL-44

DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol

The BlasTech DL-44 was one of the most popular weapons BlasTech ever produced. While its design gave it a short range, the DL-44 was extremely powerful for a hand-held weapon. Among its distinguishing features was its "cautionary pulser" grip, which provided a slight vibration to the user's gun-hand when the powerpack was getting low. The weapon, which was copied by Merr-Sonn's Flash 4 pistol and by Imperial Munitions, gained its popularity due to the fact that Han Solo used a modified version of this type of blaster.

Tenloss DX-2

DX-2 Disruptor Pistol

This was the designation of a disruptor pistol produced by the Tenloss Syndicate during the New Order. Like other disruptor weapons, the DX-2 fired an energy blast that caused the target's molecules to become excited and lose cohesion, leading to the utter annihilation of the target. This disintegrative effect made them illegal in most parts of the galaxy, but Tenloss managed to continue to produce them for many decades.

Merr-Sonn IR-5 "Intimidator"

This was the brand name of the Merr-Sonn Munitions' IR-5 blaster pistol. The fully-automatic Intimidator lacked a strong punch, but could fire off an incredible amount of blasts in a short period of time. It was a bulky weapon which was quite expensive for its features, so it found acceptance only in certain wealthy circles.

MWC Enforcer

This projectile pistol was produced by the Morellian Weapons Conglomerate. It is larger than a slugthrower and has a heavy recoil action, which made rapid fire extremely erratic. MWC produced armament for the Morellian Enforcers during the Old Republic. As Morellian technology was far behind that of the modern galaxy, MWC produced a variety of slugthrowers and projectile pistols and rifles.

SoroSuub ELG-3A

ELG-3A Blaster Pistol

Known as the "Diplomat's Blaster", the SoroSuub ELG-3A was part of a line of weapons produced for bodyguards and political operatives. Sleek and easily hidden, the ELG-3A provided the power of a pistol with the size of a hold-out blaster. It was primarily marketed as a defensive weapon, capable of stunning an attacker with limited collateral damage. Like the Relby K-23, ISB agents used this pistol in field operations.

Merr-Sonn J1 "Happy Surprise"

Produced by Merr-Sonn Munitions, the J1 was a holdout blaster known to many as the Happy Surprise. The weapon's name in Rodian was Kheth-saw, and it was named for the weapon's unusual configuration, which made it incredibly easy to hide. Unlike most blaster weapons which had a hand grip and a trigger, the J1 fit entirely within the palm of the hand. The barrel stuck out from between the second and third fingers, making it easy to carry in a clenched hand without arousing suspicion. The trigger was mounted at the top of the weapon, and was depressed with the thumb.

B22 Imperial

This hold-out blaster, produced by Merr-Sonn during the height of the Galactic Civil War, was generally considered the smallest such weapon ever produced. It was a powerful weapon, despite its size. Known as the Imperial or, in some circles, the 'Little Emperor', the B22 was originally produced for Imperial agents who needed an easily concealed weapon.


BlasTech 500 ESPO "Riot Gun"

This is BlasTech's version of the riot gun, produced for use by the Corporate Sector Authority during the early years of the New Order. A short-barreled rifle with an open-frame stock, the BlasTech 500 was designed to be powerful, but not necessarily accurate. Developed to help CSA Security officers control large mobs, the 500 came to epitomize "Corporate Sector logic" in the minds of many beings: when in doubt, shoot into a crowd.

BlasTech E-11

BlasTech military laser weapon used by Imperial stormtroopers, it has a quarter-centimeter aperture. It can be fired continuously, but only at low-power settings. In the height of the Galactic Civil War, BlasTech E-11's were so heavily produced that, between stolen shipments and weapons scavenged from battlefields, the Alliance had almost as many of these rifles as the Empire. The weapon was cloned by SoroSuub as the Stormtrooper One rifle. The E-11's reliability and heavy production means that it is now perhaps the most commonly used rifle in the galaxy.

Prax-Arms AXM-50

A rapid-fire weapon capable of both deadly accuracy and incredible stopping power. The AXM-50 was designed for Special Operations units during the Civil War and are still produced. The Rebel Alliance often added a Locris Syndicates MGL-1 micro-grenade launcher to the AXM-50, creating a formidable weapon capable of breaking through a barrier with its grenades, then allowing the user to lay down suppression fire to any enemies who emerged. Soldiers commonly referred to these kinds of weapons as "blast and smash" rifles.

SoroSuub GLX "Firelance"

This is a SoroSuub blaster rifle. It is unmarked, lacking any form of corporate or governmental markings, which allowed the weapon to be untraceable if lost. It was also a very effective weapon when used in stun mode, which was something of a rarity among blaster rifles. While the Firelance was marketed as "the most effective weapon available for freelance enforcement officials", it was specifically built for use by bounty hunters.

Imperial "StarAnvil" Heavy Rifle

Produced by Imperial Munitions, the Imperial Army's in-house weaponsmiths, the StarAnvil heavy blaster rifle was developed to cause large amounts of damage. However, this ability drained the weapon's power packs quickly, making the StarAnvil a weapon of fear more than firepower. Many weapons experts considered this weapon in the same vein as the BlasTech Longblasters, although the StarAnvil was considered much more accurate and powerful. The original StarAnvil production plant on Cuthbern was quickly annexed by the Empire because of its high quality.

Repeater 3Z Rifle

Used by Stormtrooper sergeants in battle and Imperial Commando units, the Repeater rifle was a mainstay in almost any Imperial facility and starship. The Repeater had two rates of fire; a rapid-fire action and three-salvo, triangular rate off fire. However, the Repeater did drain energy cells quickly with its rapid-fire action.


DC-15A Blaster Rifle

Now an antique, the DC-15 was the standard-issue blaster weapon provided by the Old Republic to the cloned troopers developed on Kamino. The DC-15 could be configured as a simpler blaster, or outfitted with a longer stock and an accelerating barrel to create a blaster rifle. These weapons were first used during the Battle of Geonosis.

BlasTech DL-87 "Firespray"

This was the model number of BlasTech's Firespray blaster, a deck-clearing weapon known for its ability to deliver a wide fire arc with sustained power. The weapon, originally rejected by the Imperial Navy because of its perceived short range and low rate of fire, was not so much aimed as it was swept across its target.

BlasTech A280

Blastech A280 Blaster Rifle

One of the best armor-piercing blasters produced during the Galactic Civil War, the Blas-Tech A280 rifle was reputed to be able to cut a fully-armored stormtrooper in half. Several of these rifles were stolen by one of the Rebel Alliance's agents and brought to the Alliance shortly before the Battle of Endor. This weapon, along with its predecessor the DLT-20A, was marketed as Longblasters. The A280 was different from the DLT-20A in that its galvanic circuits were clustered near the focusing crystal, giving the weapon a slight bulge at the midsection. This also provided the A280 with more power over a longer range.

Merr-Sonn Concussion Rifle

Used primarily by the Trandoshan bounty hunters of the Fringe, the Concussion Rifle is one of the heaviest troop-minded weapons in the galaxy. Developed by Merr-Sonn, the Concussion Rifle, or the "Conker", as it was sometimes referred to, would fire a large projectile and explode in a wide radius upon impact. Only those with a strong, physical capability should attempt to use this.

SoroSuub X-45

X-45 Sniper Rifle

This was the designation of SoroSuub's military sniper rifle, produced during the New Order. The X-45 was an attempt to have a powerful weapon which also had greater accuracy over longer distances. The energy beam it produced was over-focused in the barrel, making it thinner but also more lethal. The X-45 was originally marketed as a civilian weapon known as the Riflette, but most of its sales came from assassins and bounty hunters. Thus, it was re-classified as a military weapon and designated the X-45.

Xerrol Nightstinger

Produced by Xerrol, the Nightstinger was a first-rate sniper rifle. It was well-known among weapons experts for the fact that it fires an invisible bolt. Despite this advantage, the weapon had several drawbacks. First, a canister of the special blaster gas it required cost well over 1,000 credits. Second, each canister had only enough gas for up to five shots before it had to be replaced. Lastly, the canisters were specially designed, and only fit in certain weapons. It was created by the Empire for use in taking out specific targets.