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DB vs. Solus Gar was the thirty-ninth case tried by the Chamber of Justice. The sitting Justicar was Taigikori Aybara, the Left Hand of Justice was Teu, and the Right Hand of Justice was Alaris Jinn.

Basic Case Information

Defendant's Name


  • Cheating
  • Disreputable Behavior


  • Guilty


Related News Post

Posted by DA Taigikori Aybara - 10/02/2013
Chamber of Justice Communique #39a

Let it be known that on this the 2nd of October, 2013 of a free and united Brotherhood, I, the Justicar of the people, set forth the declaration of the Chamber of Justice and its punishment on Solus Gar. Upon the conclusion of fair and just proceedings, the Chamber reached the following verdicts.

i) Cheating - You did willingly and knowingly attempt to unfairly improve your unit’s participation score by falsifying a submission to include a member who did not participate in that event during a Brotherhood Vendetta. The Chamber finds you GUILTY, as charged.

ii) Disreputable Behavior - Through the manipulation of the submission, you have brought credible disrepute unto yourself, your House, and the Brotherhood, as well as tainting the integrity of the Brotherhood Vendetta. The Chamber finds you GUILTY, as charged.

Sentencing for the defendant is as follows:

  • DEMOTION from the rank of Sith Battlelord to Sith Battlemaster
  • PROBATION for one year as of the day of demotion
  • LETTER OF REPRIMAND permanently applied to your dossier

Justicar's Opinion

Posted by Taigikori Aybara - 10/02/2013
Chamber of Justice Communique #39b - Justicar's Opinion

This was the first time in Brotherhood history that an entire Summit was involved in a Vendetta cheating case, and required the entire Chamber of Justice to act swiftly in harmony with the Grand Master to ensure that our member base was both protected, and secured. The act of ordering a subordinate to cheat, is about the most serious offense one can do as leader of this club, and cannot go without the intervention of the Justicar, backed by the full support of the executive branch of this organization. Ronovi, Arden, and Solus all decided upon the importance of house participation points, over the responsibility of being a leader. Though Ronovi and Arden recognized their fault and attempted to make amends for their wrong doing, the Covenant requires an atmosphere of non oppression for our members, especially from the leaders they are serving. Solus Gar, who attempted to evade the decision of the Chamber by deleting his email account, was held just as responsible for his actions, as he was in a personal position within the House to command influence and respect from Ronovi. All three cases serve as a reminder, that we are not a perfect Unit, and we are not so far removed from leaders who would try to take advantage of those under them. We are here to serve the membership, to provide an enjoyable and free form of Star Wars entertainment, not to take those rights from them.

Signed and sealed in Justice,
Taigikori Aybara Justicar and High Protector of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Points of Interest

  • As noted in the Justicar’s Opinion, this case along with #40 and #41 was the first time an entire summit was tried by the Chamber simultaneously. As such, all news postings and the eventual judgement was made in the same Justicar’s Report. These cases had a severe impact on the internal and external stability of then House Plagueis and required the Dark Council to step in and assist in locating new top-level leadership.