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Marcinius Turelles
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

11 ABY (age 33)

Physical Description







195 lbs




Red, Orange, Brown

Personal Information
  • Sebz Janren
  • John Brown
Chronology & Political Information

Order of the Black Guard


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Clan Naga Sadow

Known masters:

Shirai Dupar



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Raised during a time of war on Tarthos, Marcinius shined through the Dlarit Military. During his time spent in the Dlarit Army he rose quickly through the ranks, eventually obtaining a field commission. After an encounter with the Dark Jedi, one by the name of Shirai Ryu Dupar sensed that he was force sensitive and sent him to Lyspair for his trails. Graduating through the academy Marcinius took the Sith name Daedric and joined the ranks of Clan Naga Sadow. A few years later, his connection to the force was severed by Grandmaster Muz Ashen. Daedric became known as Marcinius once again and still to this day serves Clan Naga Sadow.


Early Life

Born in 11 ABY on Tarthos and a son to a factory worker, Daedric knew only one thing from early on, work. His father and brother both worked in the Tarthosian factories making weapons and armor for the Dlarit Security Force. His mother, who had passed away during birth when they first arrived on Tarthos in 11 ABY, was nothing but an image in a picture to him. Daedric spent his childhood growing up surrounded by military personnel and learning the ways of metallurgy. While he was a child, he would play with toy stun grenades and stun rifles playing out the battles that the old grunts would tell from their day. He dreamed of the day that he could join the ranks of the Dlarit Security Force and actually take part in the battles he had heard about. The time would come quicker than he had thought, and he wouldn't have had it any other way.

A Defining Time

In 27 ABY the small Turelles family decided to move to the new city of Kar Alabrek. Miro, Daedric’s father, received a promotion in the Dlarit Corporation, he now over saw a small weapons manufacturing factory in the new built industrial sector of the now thriving military city. Daedric, who at the time was sixteen, and his brother, who was twenty four, walked past the Dlarit Military Academy every day on their way to the factory to work. When the siege of the True Brotherhood began, Daedric and his brother only knew one safe place they could retreat to, the Dlarit Military Academy. Once inside, the siege continued to destroy the city. This was the first time he saw them, the Dark Jedi of the Brotherhood. Fast, merciless and attacked with precision, the Clan of Force users carried out their tasks and fought off those who called themselves, the True Brotherhood. After the siege was lifted, Daedric found that his father was killed during the attacks, and that his brother would be the one taking the mantel as the manager for the half destroyed weapons factory. Daedric knew this wasn't the life for him.

At the age of sixteen, Daedric joined the Dlarit Army, under the command of Major General Kaylin Tyr. During his time in the Dlarit Military Academy, he excelled in combat, most notably heavy weapons combat. His superiors were pleased with him, and Daedric came out of the Academy and assigned to the Armored Division. The next two years Daedric assisted in the protection and rebuilding of Kar Alabrek. In 29 ABY, he assisted in the repelling of Imperial forces that launched an assault on the city’s eastern sectors. Daedric received numerous battle accommodations, and promoted to the rank of Sergeant.

Kar Alabrek
In 31 ABY, Sergeant Turelles was caught in yet another fateful battle, but this time against the dreadful Yuuzhan Vong. He namelessly fought beside the Dark Jedi of the Brotherhood and followed their command as they fought to save the city, but his efforts were in vain as the Vong pushed them from the city. With the evacuation of Kar Alabrek, Daedric assisted in moving hoards of civilians to the completed regions of Markosian City and it’s surrounding settlements. His company of armored vehicles were tasked to maintain the perimeter around the city and fend of any incoming threats. During this time, he assisted in protecting the populace from pirates and all those who thought it a good time to attack while the city and populace were weak. Major General Kaylin Tyr saw the efforts and command ability of the young Sergeant and granted him a field commission, thus giving him the rank of lieutenant and giving him command over his own armor element. It wasn't long after he gained command of his new armor element, he was put to the test. Through multiple skirmishes and different battles Daedric slowly rose through the ranks. By 33 ABY he had rose to the rank of Captain, and his prestige followed him. He wasn't known to the puppeteers of the Dlarit Corporation, but to the men of his battalion, he was a hero. Saving many squads of men during a renegade attack on Markosian City. During the riots of 35 ABY, Daedric made one of the first choices that would lead him down the path that would come to be. Many of the sectors of Markosian City were heavily damaged while other were completely destroyed. By the order of Executive Director Jeric Cyrin, martial law was declared over the city. Daedric’s company of armored vehicles were tasked with setting up the shield generators, isolating the populace of Markosian City from the rest of the planet. Leaving it to rot in its own filth. After the task was complete, Daedric was reassigned back to his old home of Kar Alabrek.
Markosian City

Daedric returned to Kar Alabrek in 36 ABY, and with that began his search for his brother. It was to sad and yet angering news that he learned his brother had died during the Vong incursion in 31 ABY. Daedric took leave from the Dlarit Armor Division for a couple of weeks to find his brother’s unmarked grave site. Upon returning Daedric and his Company were assigned to Sector Five, a classified military zone. Here Daedric began his investigation of things he never had thought of before. He began to think back when he was sixteen watching the Dark Jedi of this so-called Brotherhood fight for his family and those surrounding him. He craved to know more, most importantly he wanted to know how they did it.

In 38 ABY, the true owners of the Dlarit Corporation showed themselves. Made noticeable for the first time to Captain Turelles, Clan Naga Sadow showed themselves. During this time, the Clan dissolved the Dlarit Corporation and moved all of its military holding over to what is now called the Warhost, under the Orian Assembly. Daedric had no problem with the switch, as he finally knew who he was grateful to and loyal to all those years ago in Kar Alabrek. With the consolidation of forces, Daedric’s company was moved to Aeotheran, under the responsibility of House Shar Dakhan. His mission was to protect Kel Rasha and The Gilded Archipelago. During this time he assisted in fighting off Dlarit dissident who lost their entire fortune since Clan Naga Sadow rose to power and stated their claim.

During one of the slight skirmishes off of borders, south of Kel Rasha, Daedric ran into a powerful Dark Jedi by the name of Caelian Ra. It was there at that moment that he found his true calling. Caelian Ra told Daedric of his Force sensitivity and explained to him this is how he rose to power and how he was so successful. With only a week or so of talking, and persuading, Caelian Ra persuaded Captain Turelles into potentially joining the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. He explained to him that once he accepts the invitation that he will have to go to the Shadow Academy, where if he fails, he will die.

Daedric didn’t hesitate in his acceptance, he wanted the chance to prove his loyalty and gain power as he did so. Within only a few hours of his acceptance the shuttle arrived and escorted the now rank-less twenty seven year old to Lyspair, where he will either succeed or fail and die.

Trials Of Lyspair

The trip to Lyspair seemed to take forever for the combat veteran. He looked around him and saw young faces, faces that looked frightened; but his determination couldn't be matched. He has seen many thing during his years back on Tarthos, and what he was about to face would make his past obsolete. He sat next to a slightly younger female human on the ride to Lyspair. The two nervously chatted and he found that she was also from Tarthos. Later he would find out that her name was Megan. The flight from Tarthos to Lyspair took about two days to complete.

When the shuttle arrived at the towering compound, known as the Shadow Academy, Daedric’s adrenaline soared. He didn’t know what was going to happen in inside those walls but he knew he couldn't fail. When the group of seven entered the Grand Hall, they were met by one of the head professors of the Academy. The group received their initial briefing, to Daedric is seemed like any other briefing from his days back in the Dlarit Army, but different. As the small group continued they were shown their quarters and told when they’re classes would start.

Daedric spent the next couple of week reading and studying multiple different texts, holocrons, and studied in the way that would increase his knowledge of the Force. He became obsessed with it, lived in it. Many trials came at the Apprentice and he quickly rose through the ranks while in the Shadow Academy. After he was elevated to the Acolyte, his fellow classmates became increasingly jealous of his new found power, and began to question how he was elevating so quickly.
Shadow Academy

One night, he was studying in the library, searching through data in a holocron that he had found, his friend of old approached him. He was elated to see Megan, his recent Acolyte trials had taken time away from them two studying together. She appeared to him angered and flustered that he rose so quickly and demanded to know his secrets. Refusing her interrogation, a small, but deadly, duel broke out, resulting in the death of Megan. Daedric quickly disposed of the lifeless body in a feudal attempt at a cover up. He was questioned by his professors who wanted to know what happened. Bound by his loyalty and held to his own standard of honesty and integrity, he confessed and explained to the professors what had taken place. Amused at the situation, Daedric was commended on the event, as these were the necessary steps that had to be taken to weed out the weak Novates and Apprentices.

Another month passed and Daedric was now graduating the Academy. Granted the rank of Protector, Daedric chose, at that time, to follow the path of Krath. Finding that gaining knowledge would lead to his enemies demise. He was then assigned to Clan Naga Sadow, and then to House Shar Dakhan. Daedric couldn't help but to think that this wasn't a mere coincidence.

A New House, A New Master

Black Guard.JPG
Once Daedric made it back to Aeotheran, he was tasked with reporting directly to his new Quaestor. He arrived at the large rectangular shaped office of Caelian Ra. After a brief introduction the two began to talk. Caelian decided to take Daedric in as his new Apprentice, but told him not to tell anyone until he could unveil his new student to the Clan at whole during the upcoming invasion, a few weeks out. Daedric stuck by his master’s side, learning off of every word, action, thought and mannerism.

A week or so after his return to Kel Rasha, he sought out his old unit, wondering how they had fared in the months he was absent. After a days worth of searching he found his old company of men and armor. Now known as, Besh Battery, 1st Armor Battalion of the 1st Brigade Combat Team, still doing the same mission they were on prior to his departure to join the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. He stayed with them for a day or two, telling them the stories of the Shadow Academy, and meeting the new recruits just out of the Warhost Academy. After, he returned to his master and awaited further orders.

After he returned, he was summoned to his Master’s house in the Gilded Isles for some briefings on the upcoming events on the invasion of Seng Karash. During his time their, Dlarit dissidents attacked his homestead. Fighting them off with the help of the sentries, Daedric was chosen to go to the Temple of Blood. He was to become a Black Guardsman to his Master. He excelled in his rapid training as a Guardsman and quickly returned to Kel Rasha, just in time to be diverted to the Seng Karash, where his Apprenticeship was announced as the invasion began. It was surprising to him, how at home he felt in the battle field. All the years in the Dlarit Army had hardened him, forged a type of pleasure from battles.

Invasion of Seng Karash - Rise Of A Sith

After the announcement of his Apprenticeship, Daedric was order to the Residential District by Master Caelian. The push north was met with no resistance, but his time as a soldier told him that the threat was everywhere. Several hours after his initial advancement, Daedric and his platoon of infantryman arrived on the outskirts of the district. Flash traffic was received from Dragoon and Sebaz stating for him to wait for reinforcements prior to a further advancement. An hour later, the duo finally arrived and Daedric was updated on the situation. Under the order of the Quaestor, Daedric was attached to the battle team known as Devil's Shroud.

The uneventful advancement north came to a quick end when the group ran into the droid army of Erik Snowburn. The three and their troops fought their way through the onslaught of droids as they came in waves. Daedric's prior knowledge of battle tactics aided in their survival. He lacked skills of commanding infantryman, thus resulting in many troopers deaths. With an impressive show and control of the Force, Dragoon halted the droid advancement allowing them to out flank finish off the droid army.
Seng Karash

Daedric could feel a strong pulse in the force from the compound north, and knew that’s where the enemy commander was stationed. He met up with Sebaz and the local Emergency Response Team that Sith Warlord Jeric Cyrin sent, and was airlifted to the north. They quickly arrived at what would eventually be known as Outpost Dakhan. Immediately after landing, the small task force began their assault. Within thirty minutes, the perimeter of the compound was secured by the Emergency Response Team. Daedric and his new found alley quickly ascended over the walls and landed on the rooftop, to their amazement, they found the Gomorag Seeker, Erik.

The two young Journeymen battled the superior Gomorag Jedi with tireless aggression. While the three battled, Erik got the upper-hand. He began choking the life force from the young Apprentice Sebaz who followed the Protector into the battle. Appearing from the shadows, Dragoon placed himself into the battle. Beating and battering the Seeker, Dragoon came in to even the odds. As quickly as he appeared, Dragoon disappeared, returning to another battle on another rooftop.

With renewed anger and new found power through hatred, Daedric began his onslaught of attacks. He quickly found that his battered opponent was still quite powerful. Moments later, he found himself laying on his back, being straddled by Erik. Using the Force, Erik began pressing his blade towards Daedric’s face, eventually meeting skin. As the blade of the lightsaber began searing off parts of Daedric’s flesh, Sebaz regained enough consciousness to summon the Force. With as much as he could, he sent one final blast towards Erik, making him stumble to his feet. The slight set back, gave Daedric just enough of a space to attack once more. With volley after volley, he finally got the upper hand. Daedric used the Force to pull Erik towards him, cutting off his hands. As Erik fell to his knees Daedric slowly inserted his blade into the chest of his now defeated enemy. With a wave of his blade, he ended Erik’s life by splitting him vertically in half.

Daedric knew at that moment that he didn’t belong to the Krath, he was more Sith than ever. He longed for battle, craved it, dreamed of it. Nothing brought him more happiness than carnage and destruction of those who oppose his House and Clan. Daedric still knew he needed to study his enemies to learn them, but felt as if the teachings of the Sith would bring him the power he craved.

Dathomir Excursion - A New Disciple

After the events on Aeotheran the need for more information had arisen. The clan was detached and sent to Dathomir to capture a powerful shaman in the hopes that she will have a way to capture Anaxela. Daedric set off with his Master, Shirai Ryu Dupar and others as they were tasked out to destroy the communication relay. The group set off, landing in a small forest out side of a compound. Daedric and the newly promoted Guardian John Brown set off to capture a local farmer. Their efforts would prove to be useless as it came to their attention from Ashia that the men of the Nightsisters knew nothing of plans and layouts that they were nothing but mere slaves. Moving forwards the group, which contained, Shirai Ryu Dupar, John "Dragoon" Witwalker, Ashia, John Brown, Zetnom and Daedric, moved towards their objective. Once reaching the Communications Relay, Dragoon, John and Daedric moved to destroy the relay. The sound of combat had already erupted from the other team as they encountered the Shaman's undead warriors that charged forwards at them.

Seal of Daedric
Once the relay was down, the team quickly moved forward into the deeper parts of the compound, with the assistance of Ashia's Rancor the charge into the interior parts of the compound came with ease. At the order of Shirai, the Black Guardsman and John were ordered to hold the entrance. The two fought as the rest of the group ventured inside of the compound in hunt for the Shaman. Mandeo and Daedric fought with a certain, Lust for power as the two slaughtered countless enemies. As the group subdued the Shaman, the undead fell. With out the Force travelling to them to power them, their bodies returned back to the earth. To Shirai's surprise, Mandeo and Daedric still stood as they exited the Temple. Feeling the now stronger connection to the force, Shirai felt that the time had come to make Daedric his Disciple. Daedric's connection had come to grow through battle and Shirai could only sense it from him. Daedric was accepted into Knighthood, and became the first Disciple of Shirai Ryu Dupar.

Daedric grew proud of his linage of Masters, pride and honor began to flow through him. He was a Disciple of Shirai Dupar, of Xia Long of Darth Vexatus of Trevarus Caerick. He took pride in knowing that he could trace his linage back to the foundations of the Exodus. When Daedric and Shirai Ryu Dupar returned back to their base on Aeotheran, Dupar knew it was time for Daedric to create his seal. After laboring and pondering the seal was born. The Seal of Daedric Turelles can be found on all of his official work and reports. Daedric wears his Seal proudly showing that he is grateful and proud of his linage.

With his new Seal in place and his Lightsaber built, Daedric took off for the Shadow Academy. He elected to go the VSD-II Paladin as he wanted to travel and find new ways to learn.

Torments of Korriban

As much as he wanted to, Daedric wasn't able to assist in the main invasion fleet along side his former subordinates of the Warhost. Instead he was tasked to a small task force that would go under ground and through the catacombs of Korriban to reach the stones that Grandmaster Muz Ashen demanded.

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"In order to defeat your enemy, you must first know your enemy."
―Daedric Turelles

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Positions Held

Positions Held
Before Position After
N/A Black Guard
37 ABY - 38 ABY


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