Erik Snowburn

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Erik Snowburn
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Muscular toned arms, but tender abdomen. Chest is slightly toned from his moderate workout regimen. Hair is black in color and closely shaved on the sides and moderate length on top. On the left side of his head, a scar. Approximately 2 inches in width, and 4 inches in length, it follows the side of his head the corner of his left eye. Stopping short of the crease. His left eyes is greyed, proving to be blind in it. Obviously from the previous trauma. His right eye a hue of green with blue mixed in. The outside of the iris has turned a red tint, caused by his fall to Sith. Tattoos cover both of his arms, all in various shapes and sizes, and all black and grey in color. He is a cold, and calculating individual that does not think twice about striking at an ally. He doesn’t speak much but when he does it is because the words that he speaks has meaning and purpose. He wears a hardened chest that covers both his abdomen and breast, but not so hard that it constricts his movement. He wears the standard Dark Jedi cloak and trousers. All black in color, except for a smeared, scratched off symbol on the breastplate. On his cloak there’s a symbol, but it has since been destroyed by his hand. His primary weapon of choice his a dual lightsaber stance, with a crimson red blade, of which he has named Death. His other blade, a solid blue blade, whom he has named Life.


Erik Snowburn’s past isn’t as clear cut as most would think. His fall to the way of Anaxela, and ultimately the way of the Gomorag comes from a deep hatred for the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. To be more exact, hatred of Clan Naga Sadow. Erik served as a Troop Officer in the Sadowan Army for roughly four years. During his time there he went through many skirmishes in the name of Naga Sadow. Most of which were included in the records that has since been destroyed. It is not known if they were intentionally destroyed, or accidentally.

In 36 ABY, some of the Force users in the Clan sensed that Erik was Force sensitive. While it is custom for any Force user aspiring to join the Brotherhood as a Dark Jedi, to go through the Shadow Academy, they sent Erik into the trails of the Shadow Academy. During these trials he failed, not showing the promise that the Headmaster wanted to see. The Headmaster at the time ordered an attack on Erik. An attack that was meant to kill him. During the attack, Erik’s previous knowledge of combat assisted him in escaping with his life, and taking a life of a fellow student along with it. During the altercations, one of the young initiates was able to injure Erik. Scarring his head and blinding him in his left eye.

Erik fled the Shadow Academy, and eventually Lyspair. He made his way in secret across the galaxy, searching for answers on what he was now becoming. He spent a couple of months traveling the stars. He eventually made his way to Aeotheran and from there Seng Karash. He decided that it was best to hide from the Shadow Academy on a planet that he was most comfortable on. He didn’t know if his previous clan knew of the events that happened on Lyspair.

One night, while Erik was sitting by himself in a corner of a backwater Cantina, a shadowy figure approached him. He immediately reached for his dagger, hiding it under the table. He wasn’t sure what was about to happen. The figure raised his hand, remaining calm and assured him that he wasn’t going to harm him, that he only wanted to speak with him. After several brief exchanges of words, the hooded man introduced himself as Rex Drayfus, apprentice to Anaxela.

The two discussed many things that night and after a couple of hours they left together. Drayfus had convinced Erik to meet his master, Anaxela. He was unsure about the series of events that was about to take place, as such, he remained on a state of high alert. He was taken to a building in the northern part of Seng Karash, a part he had never been too. Once they entered the building, Erik could sense a huge pulse of energy through the Force. The signature was large but, since he was never properly trained in the Force he couldn’t tell exactly what it was.

Erik was introduced to Anaxela, who stated Drayfus and her could train him in the way of the force. He was subjective to the idea at first, questing why they were members of the Brotherhood. Anaxela scolded at the sound of the Brotherhood, claiming that she was part of the True Brotherhood. They continued to speak for many hours, when finally Erik gave in. It isn’t known if he gave in willingly or by will of the Force from Anaxela.

Over the next year he trained and studied from another nameless Gomorag Dark Jedi. He learned of their plan to attack Seng Karash, learned of their plan to destroy Clan Naga Sadow. At first he couldn’t stomach the idea. The idea of destroying those that he fought alongside so many years ago. He soon afterwards found out that the Brotherhood had marked him for death, and even his own Clan marked him for death. Betrayal. The hatred for them swelled inside of him, fueling his power.

He trained hard, long, and grueling hours. He rose through the Gomorag ranks to that of, what they call a Seeker. He thought of that rank the same as the Brotherhood’s Protector rank. In the initial days of the attack on Seng Karash, he was ordered to the Residential District to inflict as much damage as possible. He was given a battle group of Assault Droids and ordered to destroy as much as possible. He was joined by a couple other Seekers and their Assault Droids in the offensive. He knew that it was only a matter of time until he ran into, what used to be, an old comrade from Clan Naga Sadow.

As of 34 ABY, Erik Snowburn has been MIA. It seems that whatever had happened during his encounter with his old comrade, things didn't go as expected.