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General information
General information

Teu Pepoi


Teu Pepoi


Orian system

Historical information
Formed from:

House Naga Sadow


33 ABY


33 ABY

Other information

Naga Sadow

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Battleteam Primus Goluud opened after the downsizing from a Clan to a House. The frist Battleteam Leader was Teu Pepoi.


Those that call themselvs Warriors of Goluud have placed unwavering loyalty in to House Naga Sadow and the Overlord Tron Sadow. They have over come the barriers that face those who are loyal to the former Houses Ludo Kressh and Naga Sadow. The current Sergeant is Teu Pepoi.


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Rank System

Within the BT there is a rank system. It is a way to reward for activy and help promote it. Each activity within the DB has a point value and is added to the persons current score. As they rank up more and more items are unlocked.

Most activities are one point except for the ones listed below.

  • Earning Merit awards: 2 Points
  • Dark Mavens: 2 Points
  • Dark Savent: 3 Points
  • Every 5 BT level comp: 1 Point

Each rank has certain number of points to achieve that title below are the titles and the points needed.


  • Ascended-95
  • Sentinel-70
  • Disciple-40


  • Risen-20
  • Chosen-10
  • Pawn-0


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